Roger "Lord Percy"

a man too large for the empire


occupation: aristocrat
birthplace saxcross abbeyfordshire mancoise england
5’11" 190lbs, brown hair grey eyes
str: 16
dex: 17
con: 14
int: 14
wis: 15
cha: 20
beauty 16
wealth 20

breastplate (martian) dr 1d5 -4 skill 20’ move

1)Heroic Surge; Distinctive; Brawl
2)Power Attack; ch2) renown
3) Quick Reload
4)Heavy Armor; str2) Archaic Wpn
5) Social Dominance

1) Disarm/Coordinate
3) Strengthened Body/Inspiration
5) Charm (males)/Intimidating Presence
speaks martian and english, and french


Roger “Lord Percy” has always been to large for his surroundings. he was born in percy castle near the village of Saxcross Abbeyfordshire, in the lands of mancoise. he went to college and often boxed with his college archrival Samuel covington. after settling their differences as men do, with their bare fists, they realized they had much in common. after graduation he took a commission in the royal artillery in support of his family friend lord paul brian warrington who had become an officer in the queens own 69th royal marines, a.k.a. the martian “red wings”. eventually Percys’ family paid for his tour of europe and the empire…he found it seriously wanting. it was just too small for a man of such large aspirations. now he travels the ether in search of adventure. Percy is a good and true English noble living up to a higher standard of conduct…most of the time…the rest of then time he is engaged in carousing debauchery and schoolyard pranks. He has a high potential for becoming evil as he can be completely merciless but fortunately he has a strong moral compass he likes to refer to as Covington. His Spock to Percy’s kirk.

Roger "Lord Percy"

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