The Aether Travellers of Down Cthulhu

The Trek to Meepsor

Next Day

Morning called before the Prince of Thoth. He is sending a diplomat, Thyratis, to Syrtis Major via caravan. Umatek et al ask to go along, as that is their destination as well. The caravan will go straight west to Meepsor, then south to Syrtis Major. 40 day trek to Meepsor. Travel 4 hrs, break for 4 hrs midday, travel 4 hrs, then 12 hour camp.
Sergai stays with us too. Percy likes him because he’s a noble, hates him for being a socialist, and ambivalence toward him wanting to everthrow the tzar.

Pennyworth and Gilhooly stay with us.
4 Rhoomit Breers with drivers and connected wagons.
All our soldiers.
Commander Wiiso of Thoth royal guard accompanies Thyratis with 10 troops under him.
Plus 20 assorted servants, drivers for the breers, the caravan master Iliisor, teenage errand runner Quumbobpa Diliascophus Iknaradomuus (who is great great great grandchild of the overthrown former king of Thoth supposedly) whom LP hence we take to calling Quimbi, etc.
We buy 4 gashaunts, for LP, Covey, Brutus and an extra that Martin, Gerald, Gilhooly, and Pennyworth will rotate. Covey will spend a lot of time on the wagons so he can research. LP rides upon the Rumit breer a lot for the high vangage point.
We also buy a camp’s worth of the cheapest crap tents we can find. LP has an idea to set up a faux camp many nights to draw in ambuscades.

Next Day

Off we go. 2 or 3 scouts will be about a mile ahead, a few half mile. Flanks only half a mile. Brutus will be from 1 to 2 miles ahead of the forward scouts.
LP spends a lot of time with the Martians on the trip, going native.

1st thru 5th days: nothing happens.
Day 6: a scream from a martian attendant, running off into the desert screaming.
Covey “What’s going on back there!”
He reaches the top of a dune, throws his arms up and topples over. LP rushes back, the doc goes for the downed Martian with Martin and Gerald.
He’s stone cold dead.
Doc finds that is leg is massively swollen.
Martin “Bit by something?”
Fang marks in ankle.
Couple natives who followed start dancing, but actually avoiding biting “Sand viper nest!”
Everyone on the ground frantically starts to try to mount or get on wagons!
The diplomat is beatiing them down with his cane.
The Brits with boots “thank god we have boots” and start jabbing at any they see.
LP “Fast ahead! Move now! As many w/o boots, on animals or wagons!”
We make it through. Looking back, we see the things writhing all over the body.

Next night: LP wakes up with feeling something is wrong, his tea cup rattled next to his bed, he swears. Its pitch dark, draws his revolver from under his pillow.
One of the sand vipers is in his bed!
It bites, but its at his hand and hits the pistol instead breaking a fang!! He hammer it with his pistol grip. Donning his boots he calls out for all to stay in beds, do not move! Snakes abound!
Finally, a search reveals there is only that one.
LP “Assassination attempt. Broadstone, kill all the martians.”
Covey calms LP down, but, the attempt was made. Someone who knew how to handle them grabbed a snake and brought it back.
Asking around reveals no information.
LP “Martin, how do you feel about sleeping under my bed?”
Martin “In the sand? Not good.”
Covey says that is essence is a good idea. After sleep, one of us should sneak into his tent to keep watch and rotate. We can put a carpet under the bed. LP wants to rotate the Celts. Martin and Gerald are convinced its a good idea. Covey adds number 1 to the rotation.

Day 12: Brutus spots bodies lying in the sand ahead. He carefully approaches. 1 is a man wearing safari garb, vest and frock coat over it, and top hat. Other is a blonde blue eyed girl in tattered skirt and blouse.
They are alive! but near death. He waters their lips, trying to revive one. They need out of the hot sun. He positions the mounte tween them and the sun and keeps slowly hydrating them.

The scouts catch up then the caravan. The doc gets them on stretchers and to his medical wagon and begins working on them.

Brutus follows the tracks from where they came, finding a dropped canteen, machete, rifle, etc. Comes to a massacre sight where a small caravan was wiped out. Desert raiders are the culprit, he’s sure. They rode off away from our line of march. He follows their trail, and they are just ahead, only a few dunes away. It’s only about a dozen, small fire, white man staked to the ground fire tween his legs. They are going to burn him up slowly.
Brutus lies down and starts firing. He drops the first one nearest to the white. 5 of them start looking around as another drops from Brutus’s new rifle. All of them drop to the ground. 5 fire muskets in return. More musket and bowfire as Brutus wounds another.
Another falls dead.
Last 2 musket men fire, the rest but 2 who stay to guard the prisoner mount up to charge. Brutus ducks, sets his top hat on his spear to bluff them and moves down and around.
By the time they get up top, Brutus arrives at the 2 guards below! He kills both in consecutive rounds. The mounted are charging down, and Brutus readies to defend.
It’s now 1 on 7!
Once they are down to 4, they break and run for their mounts. He picks up his rifle and drops a wounded. The other 3 take off across the flat desert. He starts firing as they flee. He drops 2, then its the mount of the last and he is thrown! The gashaunt continues fleeing and Brutus catches the downed desert dog taking him prisoner. Dragging him back, the tell the dog how he’s going to eat him from the feet up unless he has something interesting to tell.
“I know nothing!”
“Well, better think of something.”
He says they were just as looked, only raiders who hit an opportunity.
Brutus sets the man free. In Venusian he says to Brutus “Hail and well met traveller, far from your home.”
He takes his pistol off of one of the dead and puts a bullet in the captives head.
“Mighty white of you to save me.”
He sent away the 2 whites that Brutus recently found.
THey return to the caravan with 7 gashaunts, including the one Harry rides. Cpt Harry Towers. Of his majestey’s fusilliers.
Percy is happy to outrank him, as a major.
Stationed on India, fort on Venus, commanded the guard to archaeological expedition into the swamps there where he learned the lizard man language. Harry has a stiff leg, stabbed in a skirmish there severely. He was mustered out for the injury. Bored living onpension in ENgland so came to Mars. Became guide, bodyguard, whatever here on Mars. He was hired to this dead caravan by professor and his daughter into the desert looking for the lost temple of gold.
Pennyworth “Gold?”
Gilhooly “Did you say gold?”
Martin “Temple to what?” He says the prof. will tell us about it when they are revovered enough.
We camp here.
By nightfall the professor is up. He is an old professor of Rathbone’s? His daughter (picture Susan George) also was close to Richard as well (ahem).
Percy “Does this have anything to do with Seldan?”
He has a piece of pottery with a map to the lost tomb of Seldan 25th.
Covey “How close are we, by your reckoning?”
He already thought he knew but he was off. He needs an expert to look at the data and correct his mistakes. He will accompany us to use the heliograph to contact Rathbone on earth in hope that he can come to Mars.
LP is very excited by this prospect.
Covey and Amanda strike up conversation, and as the caravan goes on soon feel as kindred spirits.

Midnight: piercing scream rips through the camp. Covey charges out, seeing a tale just going into the tent. He charges in finding a steppe tiger stalking, Amanda screaming in fear.
“Good god, man!” He kicks sand up at its ass so it turns its attention on him, then backs out, it following.
As it is about to pounce on Covey and rip him apart, a drunken Martin and Gerald who were passing nearby come from tween the tent. Martin gives it a swift kick. It turns on him now.
Martin “A giant cat!” It bites and rakes the Irishman
Covey runs into his tent for his saw sword. LP and No. 1 arrive next. Then Broadstone! in quick succession!!
Drunk Gerald almost falls over missing do drunkenly.
Covey returns saw sword in hand and we cut it down together.

Covey goes in and checks on Amanda, none the worse for ware but for frightened.

We find 2 guards dead, waterskin poisoned. One throat cut, must not have drank.
Martin and Gerals says some of the scouts were up drinking. We search but find no bloody knife.

Day 15: reach oasis!!
Large pond, we rest the day and night here. Amanda goes to take a bath out of sight w/o telling anyone. Soon, we hear her screaming. We rush to her again finding a Green Coco wrapped around her, in the water. Its like a python!
We jump in the water. Martin grabs it just under its head, keeping the bite at bay. It starts wrapping around him. It releases her, and she drags herself out into the mud. They grapple back and forth as Covey cuts at it with his blade. Brutus arrives soon after and leaps into the fray. They finish it off. Covey rushes to check on Amanda, again. She’s ok, again. He accompanies her back to her tent and stays with her for a while, again.
He remains the gentleman, though. She tries to get him to ‘punish’ her. Covey is a bit perplexed at first until he finally catches her implication.
He excuses himself “Well, we’ll talk about things tomorrow.”

Day 18: midmorning.
Noise like a rifle shot in the distance, then a thundering coming closer toward us.
Brutus ahead hears a shot behind him. Rides back to see a huge herd of Eegaar, like Martian antelope going right toward the caravan.
Soldiers line up at front to fire into them. It turns the herd away.
LP “Free food.”
A scream of fright from behind. Ont of the Breers bolted, throwing its driver. It then stepped on him, running from the shots as fast as it can go. In the haudau is Amanda, wailing for help.
Covey and Percy charge after it, mounted. LP is able to get onto the gashaunt and pull it to a stop just short of a dropoff. A Covey looks up, LP gives the ride a quick jerk to the left so that she drops off right into Covey’s arms.
Covey is starting to get exhausted of this.
She is simply a danger magnet.

Once back, we have to find who started the stampede. Again, no answers, no one saw anything.


Day 19: night.
On Sergai’s and No. 1’s duty:
No. 1 catches a funny but familiar odor on the wind: high martians!
He warns the others quickly. Suddenly they drop out of the sky, spears in their feet, going for all awake in gangs.
Frederick and O’Bannion go down at B post. It was a ferocious initial strike by the enemy on them. Frederick was put down fast. O’Bannion put up a valiant fight with multiple crits in defense, but was finally brought low and bled out.
One other private just in neg.

Around this are is our closest point to Shastapsh.

Day 20


Day 21

To the SW, LP sees a dust trail in the distance coming in our general direction.
LP “Brutus, end that scout.”
Cpt Tower accompanies him.
They see 3 mounted men in Shapshapsh garb. Brutus lines up on one with his new sniper rifle and hits. Tower chases on his mount and catcvhes one, engaging
Brutus mounts up and chases the other an cathes up quickly to the other 2. One turns to fight him but the other continues on. Brutus breezes past him, who then continues on to double on Tower, for the runner and catches him!
Cpt Tower finishes off his first opponent then his 2nd as well!
Brutus is having a devil of at time fighting mounted but kills him.
They return to camp.

Back at the camp, we know the enemy regiment may be around somewhere if those men are a patrol. A decision is made that we can’t sneak the caravan through. An idea is to drag up a large swath of dust to stir up a dust cloud that will draw the enemy that way.
O’ Malley volunteers. Hung as well, and half a dozen soldiers with a Sgt. Brutus goes as well, and Cpt Towerm who is in command.

We make north with the dust cloud. Brutus lags behind to watch for the enemy so we can stop the ruse and flee as soon as necessary.

Brutus sees 2 dust clouds, of about the same size. They may have split up. Both is coming for us in 2 different columns, SE and SW. He estimates about 150 per group. Brutus rides to report but over a sand dune ahead, an enemy cavalry squad appears blocking his path.
Brutus lets forth a mighty whoop and charges! They are so shocked to see a lizardman riding a martian mount and charging them unabashedly they break and scatter.
He cathes up to us and reports the 2 columns. We continue leading them away until nightfall, covering about 15 miles. Using the cover of night, we circle back, Brutus accurately leading us to the caravan.

Day 22

Still on our way. From high ground in the early afternoon, we see the 4 regiments of the company searching in different directions. One has picked up our trail and is about an hour behind us. A few small patrols scattered about the area as well.
Brutus needs to cover our trail!! To start next session.

We race ahead, the Cpt moving us tactically. We gain at least a half hour on them. We gain another hour and half from Brutus’ wilderness skill, then we make fast for the caravan and make it without incident.

We are in Meepsor’s patrol area at this point.

Covey says we need to travel enough to let them catch us at night. Set up our fake camp to draw them in, and then ambush them within.
Prof “Good show, general Covington!”
We set up in a rocky path, line the sides, set Martin, Gerald, No. 1, and Phat in the camp to make it look good.
They wait for dawn to attack, we have started cooking to make it look like we are preparing for everyone else to wake up.

3 volleys, our melee masters in the camp with a gattling gun, and the unexpected amount of dead makes them panic and flee!

Back on the road and we run into a Meepsor patrol!

12 days travel there including today.

We wire to Sirtis Major for a pick up by the British!

Back to Sirtis Major.

Grant is there to meet us with our ships!!

The Prof sends a message via heliograph to Rick about the lost tomb.

We start working on logistical deals for the future rail line, working on ship, etc. Lots of late night partying over our recent victories.

Few days later:
Prof receives note from a Martian scholar friend Teegok Quuglaani asking the Prof to meet him in the silk merchant square, bazaar district, at noon.
The prof brings the Cpt along, Martin and Gerald and Gawain are bored so they go along too.
Prof says Teegok is an eccentric old martian, white unkempt hair, spends all his time indoors.
The bazaar is hopping. Prof sees the old martian wave from across the square, who waves then hobbles over with his cane. He orders us some sour Martian beer at a tavern.
He says:
Found very old book in an abandoned building, with references to tomb of Haataneethra I. Anc king ruled over area combinign Parhoon and Gorovaan pre Seldan. No tomb has been discovered pre Seldan before! From it and clues he feels he knows where the tomb is and made a map. Tried to get funding but its half way tween the 2 cities north of canal in Astusapi highland. A land of the High Martians, very dangerous. He wants to know if the Prof wants to sneak there with a small expedition.
The captain does not like this idea of trying to sneak through such territory.
It’s a dangerous proposition. Martin thinks we should ask LP to find some local Brits who have operated there and ask them if this is feasible given its dangerous.
Martin requests the Prof and the Cpt. stay with this guy, see the books and other info on his own and keep a general eye on this old guy, make sure he doesn’t do anything rash.

Across the bazaar, a man with a basket on his head runs into Minsk, basket falling on Minsk. He apologizes. Teegok starts talking about how we are going to be rich beyond our …..Gasp! then he falls dead. People are looking down horrified.
The prof tells Minsk get the guy who ran into him, they start grappling.
The rude canal Martian puts his fist up to fight. A bystander has reached down to try to help the prof. He slips his hand into the prof’s pocket and takes off down the road!
The prof draws apistol and another man smackshis arm down!!

Back at the bar, we hear a commotion. Martin gets on the bar and sees the man running away, and the whole scene at the murder.

Prof yells for Mink “Get the one with the map. It means everything!” as he gets grappled.
Martin moves to cut the same man off.
Gawain Martin, Gerald makes for the Prof.
The runner kicks a fruit cart over but the Cpt leaps over the entire cart, clearing it.
The runner cuts quickly out of the square as Martin and Gawain clear a cart of their own.
Gerald is met by the man formerly on Minsk. Gerald stops, draws his revolver, and shoots him dead.
The runner is chased down a side street, the Cpt ahead of Martin and Gawain.
The professor breaks the grapple, Gerald fires and hits. The attackers pulls out a flintlock and fires at Gerald. The weapon breaks as he fires. Gerald hits him again. Prof grabs his gun from the ground and hits as well DEAD.
Stupid old flintlocks.
Searching the body, Gerald finds the map! The guy grabbed something else!
Prof “Great, but where’s the f&$^$*$ map!?”
Gerald “Is this it?”

The chase continues.
Minsk “You can’t outrun Justice!”
Minsk almost gets him, but he just barely pulls away into another square where he cuts a Roomit Breer as he passes. It turns and sees Minsk, attacking! But Minsk dodges! He stops to try to calm the Breer, yelling for Martin and Gawain to continue!
He leaps atop the animal at the exact spot and calms it down expertly.
On Martin and Gawain go, the latter deftly sliding under a wagon that Martin rushes around. Out of the bazaar they follow, Minsk now behind.
Martin finally cathes up and the guy turns with a knife!
Martin and Minsk knock him out.
We drag his arse back.“You’ll never get that map, I swallowed it.”
Martin pulls his knife and licks the blade.

Back at the bazaar, Gerald shows us we still have the map. Martin does not have to cut him open.
Authorities are there. They want to arrest him for murder and take Gerald and Prof in for questioning since they used firearms.
Gerald and the Prof get off easy.
Minsk gets extra recognition for saving people from the Breer in the bazaar.

Next Day

All is settled.
Prisoner says they were hired by a man in a black cowl, canal Martian.
A gold coin was on each attacker. They date back to time of Seldan! Prof’s eyes light up!
Pennybaker “You know how much these are worth!?”

We look at map more closely see page 11 adventure.
Teegok has died, he never woke up.
Pennybaker and Gilhooly are in. Serai are in too. All for the thought of treasure.
Hung agrees too. Prof’s daughter and Grant’s niece insist on going too, much to Grant’s chagrin.
The professor starts makes a detailed list of supplies we need, while he studies Teegok’s tome and other notes.
Martin is going too. As will Gerald.
We search Teegok’s house, the book is in Parhooni.
End day 3, Professor has figured out the info in the book.

Gerald will fly us to Parhoon, where we will store the ship.

Few days into all this, an arrow flies out of no where adn hits a woman next to the Cpt. Minsk leaps behind a barrel, and sees the assassin who meant to him on a balcony nearby.
2nd shot crits a martian running by DEAD.
Cpt fires back with his revovler crit DEAD! Falling off balcony to the ground.
Minsk inspects the body. Nearby British soldiers gather, Minsk explains the situation.
This assailant has he same gold coins the other attackers had. The authorities kept the others, Minsk keeps this one.

About 2 weeks to get even this small group organized and funded and hired. Rick and Fritz we are not. They could do this in a few days.

Goodbye dinner, all PC’s.
We make fun of the Prof and Minsk who don’t like the spicy food.
A martian at the bar loudly orders a bottle of his favorite wine, which he specifically ordered. Glasses are poured for us, too. We refuse to drink.
The guy raises his glass “To the Queen!”
Only Gerald drinks as did the guy and his buds.
Prof “No offense I just don’t drink” with his other glass in front of him.
Martin drinks “My gut can take anything.”
He pours another round to his success, he just closed a big contract.
Both who drank feel feverish and dizzy.
The martians who drank start grasping at their throats and dropping dead, including bartender and the orderer. The British in the place who had some are doing the same we are.
Covey “Start gagging them so they vomit it up!”
Minsk takes off for medical help.
Martin and Gerald hurl, and it passes soon after.
Its a couple blocks to nearest doctor who he returns with.
Some Martians are saved, the group at bar drinking fastest all die.

Authorities come and are horrified. We are delayed another day for an inquest.

Next Day

Makava root was the poison, grows in west hills of mt range where we are going! Fatal to Martians, only makes humans ill. Its rare, so that knowledge is rarely known.
Also, they can’t figure out where the inkeeper purchased it in town, but shipping company records show that while transported here it was found that the seal was broken on the cask. Innkeeper took it in anyway, figured it was just jostled off.
Lastly, found 2 antique gold coins in pocket of the teamster who offered the wine to everyone.
He probably was only hired to make sure the humans drank the wine.
They killers probably thought it would kill us.

Next Day

Martian boy comes to Prof’s door with a message, given to him by a very tall martian is a cloak, paid him in one of the coins.
The prof tells the boy to open it, and hold it up as Prof reads it. See pg 21 adventure.
He goes to see the rest of the group.

Next Day

Fly to Parhoon.
There, we hire diggers and look for a boatman to hire boats.
Nicolai Wolfhausen owns a boat, Captained by a Matian who helped design it. Unusually, this boat is loaded with oars as well as sails. Called “Liara”, one of this Nicolai’s ex wives. He’s not sure if she’s living or dead, or won’t say.
He won the boat in a high stakes bet. Averages 40 miles per day rather than normal 35, consistently regardless of winds. Small enough for even the small canals.
Rowers are paid, but his prices can be higher to offset because of speed and canal size capability.
The boat has a contract with the British for lots of mail and such.
Nicolai came to Mars for the thirst for adventure and loot. He wants to become rich first and foremost. 6 oars per side, 2 men per oar.
It has only 2 small quarters in the cabin, one for the captain, one for the ladies.

Nicolai takes us on a tour of the boat. A merchant offers double passage in order to leave now, wanting to overtake another boat heading the same way. Mynosi and his servante Sef, Canal Martians.

Ship has 4 deckhands as well.

As boat leaves shore, another canal martian comes racing out with local canal martian watch on his tail. He leaps into the water and swims to the boat, climbs on board “I would like to book passage.”
He claims that as an innocent bystander, they tried to arrest him for something he didn’t do. His name is Baraak.
The cops wave their fists as we go.
Finally he “Ok, its like this” last night someone tried to steal valuable items from the mayor’s house. He was caught in the midst w/o any loot and ran. They caught me thinking I was him. Figures better to move on.
“I’m a gunsmith, yeah!” Sure he is. Claims his skills at ‘gunsmithing’ is very high.
In essence, he did it.
All he has is 4 British sovereigns to pay his way, cares not where.
LP asks him to smith guns for us.
“How many floors up do you expect me to gunsmith?”
Martin “This is more of an on retainer position.”
“Ok. I’m very good at climbing towers.”
Prof “Interesting skill for a gunsmith.”
His pack is full of rope, grapple, pitons, etc.
LP pays his passage so he can keep his L4.
Minsk “Just don’t be climbing on the women.”

LP talks with Mynosi, who seems ininterested in investing in railroad. He recently brought in some spice wine to Sirtis Major. Same as almost poisoned us in Sirtis Major.

We see some High Martians around, they may be tailing us.

LP has us keep an eye on Mynosi, carries a leather velise with brass lock everywhere he goes.
Sef does some drinking with Gerald and Martin.

Mid4th day we reach unloading spot.
Martin and Sef are splitting a bottle of booze.
Sef “Marty, I think we should get off the ship, I don’t like it here anymore.” Just worried, instinct.
He tells Covey immediately.
Covey starts looking for sabotage as everyone gets off the boat.
Mynosi runs over, asking what’s going ton. He beats on Sef, which Martin aggresively stops.
Wang doesn’t get further than 10’ from Mynosi.
Martin hears a distinct low ticking sound from his velise!
Martin “His velise, its a bomb!”
LP “Get it overboard!”
Hung pulls the velise off him as Martin tries to get him over, and hurls it into the canal as far as he can.
Nothing happens.
“YOu threw away my grandfather’s clock!”
Hung “Don’t bring ticking clock on ship enclosed in bag.”

He stomps to teh other side of the ship, pulls open box, grabs at a lanyard. Oriental man overboard, Irish behind him with Covey.
Into the water they go to a fabulous explosion! Downriver the velise explodes.
The boat is an unrecoverable wreck.
Nicolai “My boat!”
Covington “Cult of the Worm.”
Nicolai “Well the ship went much as my wife did, only a little more quietly.”
Shamus “Why did he wait until we were mostly off the boat?”
Covey “They want us to find the tomb, but not return from it.”

The first thing Nightengale got off the boat was ammo. Next food, then digging which he was halfway through.
Covington "No Tea!! We have to go back.
Covington personally got his lab equipment off.
We gather some floating bottles of alcohol.

We dive for the camp gear, find silverware. All the china is broken. Get 3 lamps as well not broken. We have enough for a good camp. Sef is hysterical! Nightengale approaches him. He says his master was bad to him, but still he is sad. He saw the boomsticks in the velise. Covey recommends Nightengale takes him on as the same he was to Mynosi.
Nightengale does so, having taken a pitiful liking to him. Sef noticably perks up at Nightengale asking for his assistance. He is immediately absolutely loyal to Nightengale, he obviously needs someone to latch onto.
Nightengale “Looks like we’ll have to hoof it back unless we come across another boat.”
Nic “Unless I can steal another ship.”
Martin “Steal?”
Nic “uhhhhhh.”

Covey “Wish we had Rathbone here.”

We camp here.
The boatmen are not happy, do not want to march to a temple. They set up a camp here under the captain until we get back. The gunsmith joins up with us.
Nicolai has lost his city clothes.

9 day trek.

3 days in, see a ship high above. Shamus through his spyglass says its a high martian attack vessel.
It starts to descend. It’s covered in high matians. It fires a broadside but misses badly.
1 bearer is killed.
Then the high martians lift and swarm downward. Our men volley fire as our melee front forms to take the brunt and the battle begins!

The leader on the ship yells something and the heads of our boat crew are dumped overboard.
Covey and LP want the ship, thinking of the thief with the grapple gun who has taken expert cover somewhere.
The fight is fierce for our men. After a few minutes of fighting, The hill martian ship starts to drop as if to land inexplicably!
2 round later, it lands, and as the captain is about to fire the cannons he and Nightengale lock eyes. It screams aat him “YOU!!” then to his men onboard “Kill that man, charge!” his anger ruins what would have been a canon barrage as his bloodlust ruins his plan! But, they all swarm after us. Nightengale can’t believe his eyes!!

LP, Covey, No. 1, Nicolai, Professor, Minsk, Martin, Gilhooly, Pennyworth, Sergai, Gerald, Amanda, Annabelle, Hung, Brutus, 1 squad (8) british regulars.
Dozen digger/bearers will be hired in Parhoon; Hill Martians.

Baraak: burgler
Mynosi and Sef:merchant and short stout and very strong bodyguard,

Laborers: 11/12
def 13
4 melee
15 wound


charismatic 6
3 melee
def 12

Archie while using the lamp of Nostradamus, sees something he lets all the groups know about: see Red Sands pg. 58.

Prince Umatek the Undaunted; fiance Franciosa Dorliak the Beautiful (both ride gashaunts); handmaided Jonah Callahari; advisor Malkorakora
Nigel Pennyworth: a rogue, think Cain in Man Who Would Be King
Shamus Gilhooly: think Connery; rogue; he’s Irish!!
Cpt Harry Towers
Prof George Nightengale and his beautiful intelligent daughter Dr. Amanda Nightengale (flaw Danger Magnet; 2 action pts).

Sergai Teknikof

L160 (costs him L100/month for his lifestyle)
Fast 3/gnsl 7
Fat 84
Wnd 13
Thresh 16
Def 22
plus 7/2 melee
plus 12/7 range, 13/8 with gattling pistol and super revolver (2d8)
1 regular pistol and winchester
close combat shot, defensive position, lightning shot, sharp shooting, wpn focus gattling pistol and super revolver, adv firearm, deadaim, double tap, far shot, pt bl shot, prec shot, skip shot, imp dam thr, evasion, uncanny dodge.
Drive 8
esc art 5
stealth 10
curr ev 2
streetwise 5
russian hist 5 (but always wrong!, thinks all were invented by Russians, etc)
perception 4
Search 2
Sleight 17
tumble 17
Special Move: if facing foe up close, tumble tween foes with both guns out and unloads.
English (r/w), Parhooni (speak only)

Cool and stoic presence, theft and violence just business, not cruel, no remorse for killing but pleasant demeanor. 5’9", 150lbs.

Martian Elite Guard

Fast 3/tough 3 heroes


fat 35
wnd 13

toughness, imp thresh,

Our soldiers:
Total:49 /61
1 has 6 wnd dam; 1 has 10 wnd dam; 7;5;3.
Tough 2/Strong 1
+5 melee bayonet (d6 plus 3) and bolt action 6 round rifle; 21 fat/15wnd
Point Blank Shot
Svs 5/1/1
Def 14
Init 1

Tough 3/Str 1
+6 melee bayonet and rifle
Str mod 2
33 fat/16 wnd
Point Blank Shot; imp. dam. thr.
Svs 6/2/2
Def 14
Init 1

Tough 3/Str 3
+8 bayonet and 7 rifle
48 fat/16 wnd
Svs 7/3/3
Def 15
Wpn Focus bayonet and rifle; Point Blank Shot;

2nd Lt
Str 1/Tough 1/Ded 3
fat 21
wnd 18
Toughness, pt bl shot

Lt. Broadstone
Fst 3/Ded 4 Hero
fat 31
wnd 15
Imp. Dam. Thr; pt bl shot; Dodge
Def 20

Army Doctor

He’s an alcoholic. Perfect!!
An older man, 10th level. Ordinary Ded 5/Sm 5.

The Princess of Thoth
We are delayed getting returned, of course

From Gorlimpsk:

We will return on the Warm Winds merchant ship from
Prince Umatek the Undaunted, tribal leader: fiance Franciosa Dorliak the Beautiful, on his way to meet her at Karchemish; On way to sign treaty with British; her handmaided Jonah Callahari; 5 guards from her tribe, 3 guards from hers; he has an advisor Malkorakora
They take 2 cabins
We get 4, 2 beds per.
All gentlemen get to eat at the captain’s table.

At Kharkharam we pick up, also:
2 others are travelling on board, friends, sleeping in hold too:
Nigel Pennyworth: a rogue, think Cain in Man Who Would Be King
Shamus Gilhooly: think Connery; rogue; he’s Irish!!
They have come to mars to "find 2 kingdoms at war, help one of them, subvert one of them, and set themselves up as kings.
Both are very impressed with LP’s tale “We didn’t htink big enough! We thought kings. We should have thought gods!”
We all become fast friends, and hearty partyers together.

After we leave, we see 6 screw galleys in the distance, high martian pirates. Too many, we have to flee!!
We have to turn north out of our way, with the wind to get away and lose them. Then miles on the wind dies down and they are closing in. It looks hopeless.
Then a dark shadow like a cloud blocks the sun, coming for us at high speed. The enemy closes in, flyers make for us, then a massive wind storm hits! The sandstorm savages the flyers and it pushes our ship far ahead.
The ship takes damage in the storm, 2 crewmen are killed. The cps “Prepare to crash!” but they manage to keep the ship going. Through the night and into morning now, we are in inknown territory.
A terrible downgust sends the ship plummeting. The ship even hits the ground tearing some liftwood off and comes to a crashing halt. The trimsman gets stuck on a liftwood chunk and is being taken up. He adjusts the trimming and gets to the ground softly.
1 of her 3 guards dies in the crash
All 5 of the Prince’s guard die!
1 officer dies out of 2
8 dead deckcrew out of 19 left.
Other crew out of 19, 10 die.
We lose a Sgt, McIntosh, heroically saving our wounded; also 5 of our healthy soldiers.
We take all the water, food, and as much ammo as we can.

We turn westward. We soon come across a caravan in the distance under attack by a cavalry force. All the caravan gashaunts are dead, they are taking barrage after barrage of musket fire.
Percy forms out soldiers up in a double line “Let’s take care of these brigands.”
We dash off at a run, it takes a few minutes to get in range. They see us coming and a line of 20 lancers charge for us.
We fire at long range at the mounts, not a single mount reaches us before we send them all falling to the ground from the fire! Their enemy hit the ground and scramble to get up and charge us w/o their mounts. 15 left charging for us with sabers. 1 private is badly wounded. The attack on the caravan flees at our approach.

An old canal martian from the caravan approaches and greet us in an unknown language, but he speaks Parhooni thankfully. LP and he talk. He thanks us for rescuing him “I am Kalamir”. The flag they fly is that of Thoth. The cav are of Shastapsh, which is in rebellion against Britain. They had hung up and skinned the governor alive.
Their colony was on its way back from Saruahn to Thoth. The princess of Thoth Aramaranda is with them, the Shastapsh must have wanted to kidnap her.
She steps forward, veiled. She wants help in returning her to her city at once.
Nigel introduces himself, he and his bud speak to her in her native Coline language. That we are happy to come to her service. Any talk of reward will be freely taken, money is what they politely bring up unfortunately, not passage to Sirtis Major.
Shamus “And I’m sure we can find some way to be of value to your city, training your army perhaps.”
Once we are on the move, LP and Covey start to talk to her about our recent trials.
Franciosa comes forward and introduces herself as Princess of the Blood “you may bow to me”.
“Attendants, kill her.” Her 2 guards step forward, as does the Undaunted, drawing weapons “Canal Martian scum, prepare to die.”
Franciosa draws a dagger quickly and dashes at her. Aramaranda draws a multi bladed hairpin and attacks. Just as Fran is about to gut her, Martin grabs her and gets between the 2 of them. The knife scrapes him barely. Ara is grabbed by her own people. Fran’s advisor Mal steps forward and talks to Kalamir “blood has been spilled, this must be resolved.”
“Ay, in the old way.”
There must be a fight to the death tween the 2 princesses.
We insist it was only Martin scraped, there should be no fight. LP convinces them to give this folly up by declaring the presence of Seldan, this gets their attention on him and calms the matter. Kalamir rushes to LP and kneels at his feet, asking to serve him. He is a believer in Seldan.
LP gives his appreciation. He explains to all of his wife of Moab. Aramaranda is not impressed. Franciosa is reasonably impressed.
He explains his wish of peace, as the Dutch, French, High Martians and others should be the enemies.
LP politicises further as we go.

We camp tonight.
Each group’s cooks get together to make the meals.
The Irish make quite a sight with repetitious drunk renditions of ’We drink and drink some more".
The stew is poisoned! 1 of the sailors, a glutton who ate before all else, spews blood and dies, Percy starts spitting up some blood but recovers.
LP “Lock up the English cook (soldiers). Irish, kill the other 2 (caravan cook and caravan cook).” A moment later “wait, wait, wait. No, lock up all 3” as he has a moment of reason.
Only about 10 or 20 people came near the stew, ugh.
Old Kalamir has his knife out, starts cutting himself as penance for allowing Seldan to be poisoned. Was going to cut his eyes out before LP stops him.

Covey “Check the water supplies first.”
Martin volunteers to check it, its still pure.
We get our soldiers rotating on guard, with Brutus, Percival and Gawain.

Next morn we are into the cultivated lands near the canal. 15 miles further at the canal is a town where we can get a barge to Thoth.
We have everyone roster their men, but none are missing.
We come to a road tween 2 hills.
Ambush!! But they open fire too soon. One of our sailors dies. We take cover. Lots of long range shooting back and forth, not damage.
Kalamir “Princesses and guards to the back!”
Brutus recommends a couple squads sneak around and attack them man to man. Pennyworth and Shamus are ready to help.
LP details Percival and Galahad to protect the princesses. They find Umatek, Fran and their 2 guards only. The other princess was taken around a rocky corner to rest. Our 2 rush for them.
We find 5 dead attendants, one stabbed in the back, one shot, other 3 with blood pouring from their mouths. The princess and Kalamir are missing.
Kalamir dooped them. One man is able to talk, indeed Kalamir gave them all poison drink then killed the other 2, then forced the princess to get on a mount with them and escaped.
In the distance from atop a rock, we see them riding away with their men; he turns back “Long live the worm!”
Our men rush to report to LP.
We have lost a sailor, but killed about 9 of them.
The firing has died down, the enemy flee!!
We find 4 gashaunts they left behind. Plus 6 at the caravan.
We 8 plus Shamus and Nigel ride off in pursuit just after noon.
The caravan will continue on post haste.

We follow their tracks, not wanting to close in just yet. Preferring to let them think they got off scot free.
Brutus feels there are 60 we are following, a full cavalry wing.
Another wing, that which ambushed us, is coming in also to meet them. About 50.
The ones we fought, about 25 left, also out there somewhere.
2 more wings would make a regiment, so could be those 2 out there also.

We catch up to them to sneak in at night. They obviously assumed following them would be crazy. They don’t know us very well. 38 tents. Mostly 4man tents. Handful of larger officer tents.

Brutus sneaks in to find the location of the Princess, with Percival and Galahad. They make for the grouping of officer tents and listen around. One has officers saying 2 other wings will be here tomorrow. They will send the ultimatum then, join us vs the red men or the princess perish.
She is not in the large tent.
They wouldn’t keep her far, and sure enough we find an adjacent small tent with 2 guards outide. We wait until talking in the area dies down. Then our 3 men strike. Brutus alone, the pirates as a team.
The guards are killed in total silence.
Now, into the tent. She’s tied and gagged. We free her from her bindings. Brutus carries her out. We make it out, past the watch, and back to the group.
We ride hard. About 2 miles out, we hear their horns going off.

We find a rocky outcrop of a hill, Covington supervises building a quick low stone cover and plants explosives on the hill; we ready to defend.
60 cav arrive, dismount, and fire. Its 10 to 1.
Covey “Scientist’s odds.”
We take total cover at their first volley. They start coming up the hill, short muskets raised. At 40’ Covey sets off a line of dynamite. It injures a few but stuns them as planned, we raise and volley while their readied actions are ruined. Then, Covey blows his Covington Detonite as they take aim again. It massacres them!! 31 DEAD out of 60. We fire again, then they return fire.
Percival is dropped by a terrible shot.
LP “Charge!!” Covey turns on the saw sword.
Brutus “No prisoners!!”
We take it to them heavily. The last 3 try to run but we can’t let our position be known and gun them down.

We get back to the town on the canal and meet the caravan in the surai. It’s walled, 100 yards outside the town.

Next Day

A rider is sent to Thoth to send a barge.
Covington researches while here, then we hit the nightlife. Brutus sleeps during day, patrols desert at night.
No.1 stands guard at the surai.
A Russian approaches Martin, Percival, Gawain, Pvt. O’Rourke and Gerald “I smell %$^$, no, Irish!!” That starts a quick fight. After we start slugging him, he draws an oversized revolver!! Shooting starts. By the time Martin KO’s him, Pervival is down adn O’Rourke was an inch from death when LP and Covey arrive.

Percy and Covey arrive shortly.
Covey “Does anyone here know this guy.” He’s been in town since midafteroon, came in with a small entourage, have a room in town.
Martin “Let’s drag this guy out back and see what he knows first, who his entourage is.”
Entourage: mistress, 3 servants, personal vallet, guide, gunbearer, horse tender (10 horses). Loyalists who serve him to the death.
He is a Count Sergei Teknikov. His estates were taken over in Russian Civil War (he sided with the revolutionaries).
Percy to Covey “I have no respect for this man. He lost.”
He calls the people sheep who need a strong leader, HIM!" A cabal of nobles tried to overthrow the czar which he was under the lesser members of. He is wanted in Russia.
What’s he doing coming after Percy? “You know how much money it takes to keep up my lifetsyle?”
Covey “So, a bounty?” Yes, he was paid L500 to kill Percy. Contacted by a wizened old martian man, the go between when he was vacationing in Shastapsh. Told if he accepted the contract that we would be at this town in a few days.
How did they know days ago?
Martin “The worms.”
Percy cares nothing about Russia. Percy offers to pay him L500 to hang out with us and do the opposite of killing him. An offer to join us.
“What is your rank?”
LP “Lord.”
“If I accept your offer, you must know I am not the only one hired to kill you”. He needed to call LP out into a duel, for he’s honorable. He knows a true assassin was also hired at the same time. The one who killed LP is the one who would be paid.
He is willing to join up.
Martin does not like this, he almost killed O’Rourke and Percival. He does not want to be near him.
Martin “You saw this assassin, what did he look like.” Human, Southern American drawl, tall and lean, short cropped hair. Uses a remington hunting rifle with a scope, and has invented a suit that makes him practically invisible in the wilderness. Strips of material same color as desert that he just wears over him. So, a primitive camo suit.
“One more thing, your reputation preceeds you, leave my mistress alone” to LP. She’s Canal Martian.
A merchant named Queequish is his contact who he was to meet once job was done. LP wants to capture him and break his knees.
We think to fire off some rounds, let him go through the bar as if he killed LP and we leave. Gawain says he doubts the contact will accept only his word on that. We’d have to stage the death right now. We cover Percy with some of O’Rourke’s blood, let the Russian fire a few shots then rush through the bar to make his escape. We let the people come to see then wisk him away to our camp. Martin stays in the bar all night, bluffing how depressed he is. Gets word out.

Next Day

Morning he shows us Queefer’s office. Gerald says a couple of us should act as his entourage bringing the body in as proof. Gerald and Martin dress up. He passes around celebratory wine. The Count drinks up. We fake it.
Q “The cowled one has a message for you. Well done. Now die.” The count is hit with 7 con damage. He drops like a bad habit.
To us 2 “I said, die.”
Martin “Sorry, I’ve been ordered to break your leg.”
We dash at him, Gerald with a crowbar he had hidden under his guise hits his knee “This is how we do it in the East End” and Martin sucker punches him in the jaw KO. Martin pisses on his face as Percy enters from the body bag. We call in the assistant as Martin breaks Q’s leg and Gerald waylays him with the crowbar from behind DEAD.

We question him, harshly:
Lord Hyperion is directly above him, Inner Circle of Brotherhood of Luxor, like the high council that manipulates evil organizations all over. Hyperion has recently arrived to Mars, in his day to day personae, to finish the Red Sands.
“All of the followers of Archimedes will die. You have been manipulated since the moment you arrived, even before that.” Claims the foreign legion fort was no accident either.
What’s the Red Sands? Not certain fully, but originally came from Vulcan, the planet destroyed million of years ago and became the asteroid belt.
He sends word via carrier bats who know where to go. They go to Sirtis Major. ALl the cults have made it their number one priority that Seldan must die.
The other assassin will be found only in the desert. He is taking his time.
The other council members, he doesn’t know. One is Martian, Hyperion is French, on is known as Red Jack, one is from the Far East (on earth). In total there are nine under Cronos, the Cowled One aka The Man with 1000 Masks.
“You need to realize taht none of you wh ostay with Seldan will live. Your only hope is to abandon him and throw yoursellf upon the mercy of the unspeakable one.”
Covey “Well we always figured that.”
We drag him back to our camp. We tell Brutus to watch out for the assassin at night.

Sergei brings his entourage into the caravanserai and wants the 2nd best room beside Percy, but it’s loaded with Covey’s stuff.
“Where am I going to say, I am a Count.” LP gives up his own main room. Covey needs the extra room for science.
He in turn is willing to put up with his mistress sleeping with him in the same room all the time, and his entourage can sleep with the troops et al.
Gilhooly and Pennyworth argue the point, that if LP is a king he needs to lord it up, show that everyone else is his underling even if they aren’t as his best friends. However, Martin points out he’s ‘gone native’ as one of their own, that being with the common boots on the ground may be looked up to.

Brutus is shot at by the sniper, and it becomes a cat and mouse game. Brutus plays it risky, making dashes in the dark from cover to cover and closes from 200’ to 95 w/o incident, keeping him in view and staying hidden all the same! Then down to 55’ unseen. After about half an hour of cat and mouse, Brutus closes in but is spotted and fired upon! It misses him by less than an inch! Brutus lunges upon him ferociously but the foe deftly dodges, pulls back and fires again miss! It’s a firing withdraw vs Brutus’s assault. Brutus is hit as he rushes in throwing caution to the wind, the round doesn’t hit solidly enough though, as Brutus skewers him upward into his belly and out below his shoulderblade DEAD. He takes the killer’s rifle and returns to camp.

Covey says its mastercraft 50 caliber Remington 700, but uses special rounds unique to it.

Next Day

On the barge and to Thoth.

Next Day

Arrive evening, Thoth.

Fort Dickerson Adventure

2 day flight, stop off in Gorlimpsk for a night.

3 day trip down canal by barge, where the boats let us off in what seems the middle of the desert. We have 2 of the big martian pack animals Rruumet Breehr to pull huge wagons with gear and supplies, plus about 10 mules. We ride Gashants.

10 day trek by foot with pack mule through the desert to the forty along the canal, the subterrainean water of which has plant growth, water holes, and therefore animal life as well. We follow foreign legion rules, constructing a quick temporary fort each night. Get up by 4, start moving at 5 each morning. Walking until 2pm each day, stopping for an hour in the middle.

On 3rd day, after fort built, we see a caravan of Ruuhmet Breehr’s coming toward us. 21 of them.
Percival “At least 60 people, I’m sure there is more.”
They stop at a medium rifle shot range. One of the animals rides forward. Percy rides out to meet them with Covey, Brutus, and Percival. All on Gaushants.
In trade lingo of Parhooni, one of them “Hail, fellow travellers. Fair winds and good weather.”
Percival extends the same to them, but May Seldan grant you such.
“The Ucha’ Ma welcomes you. The Travelling People, in Parhooni. Ah, you’re with the canal keepers.” They have not much use, they worship the gods of the sands and trade.
Percival speaks now to Percy in English, saying what they are.
Covey “Martian gypsies, essentially.”
We leave the Seldan subject alone for now, keeping it neutra. Percival tells them we make for Fort Dickerson.
They are going up canal for a bit, then to Sirtis Minor to trade, then on their way. Opposite direction we are going. This is part of an annual trek of theirs, ending in the Ausonia basin. Their people have a city there, though they are travellers. As there is safety in numbers, they ask to camp near us. Percy agrees.
For very fighting man, there are 4 to 5 women and kids, so they must be legit. They are well organized in their camps. The animals lie down, and they put plates over them forming a metal barricade. They set up maxim machine guns at each corner. They are not Hill, nor Canal, but seem to have traits of both and can breed with both. Are they genetically closer to the common ancestor.
We talk to the leader of the caravan: Mortorek
They say the have not passed Dickerson, nor heard anything of it form over a month.
The Seleti Hill Martians and the Fort were up in arms vs each other. A soldier had been found dead on patrol, Selleti dagger in him. Finding 2 Selleti’s in the desert, the Cpt. hung them. Each blames the other. Were rumors that some fo teh Hill Martian tribes were being united under a leader further out in the desert. They say he is the Merido. The Expected One. The Chosen of Soldan. A prophet. They believe Seldan will never appear in flesh. Could be only wild rumor, breed like flies in the desert.
Percy goes for the water bond, with the 4 leaders of the Ucha’ Ma. One is a woman. They draw back in disgust.
Mortorek “I assume no harm was intended.” Percy explains, but it seems their civilization is such that they can not accept water in such a way from anyone outside the clan. Only under special circumstances. This ritual to them is like becoming a blood brother. Percy also offers earth scotch or wine. They try the wine. He gives them a Seldan token, so that if they are ever over the way of the temple they will be welcome.
Otherwise all passes peacufully and we settle in for the night.

Halfway through the next day, a dark cloud is on the horizon. Turns out its a sandstorm! Then, a strong wind from the other direction puts it to an end before it reaches us. Whew.
5th day: Around noon, come across a lone man; staff in hand, parisol in other; wearing robes. It is an old Hill Martian, long flowing beard and unibrow. Same group rides out to meet him. Pervical greets him. He says “the blessings of all mighty Seldan be upon you”. His people have been first murdered then corrupted. They are the Selmachin, they spit on canal keepers, and worship the true Seldan. The Merido has destroyed his people. He agrees to travel with us. He is a holy man and patriarch of his tribe, who were defeated and forcibly converted to worship of Miljahaj, the Merido. Percy says he’s also a Seldanite, faithful follower. They have not heard about the new Seldan. They do believe he shall be reincarnated. They, the true believers, will know when. They call all other Canal Priest pretenders fools. They say he will have no Martian Father; shall unite the people, of all of the people and none of the people; he will be the Lord of a far land.
His troops are a vast as the sand, numberless. An unstoppable sandstorm of blasphemy.
Covey asks him of Fort Dickerson. He passed by there recently, saw smoke rising from it but didn’t go inside. Like burning smoke, but not like it was all in flames. He has heard open war has broken out tween Red Devils and Seleti.
Percy insists he will eliminate ‘the burrito’.

Make camp and next morning, a guard is missing.. Brutus searches the perimeter.
Covey “Nobody exits the camp until Brutus searches.”
He finds that someone slid over the wall where the man was guarding, silently slid over into the camp, then left again the same way. Hill Martian footwear, he’s certain. Came in from the lower left corner, crawled right next to the old man, then back out again. The old man has his throat slit from ear to ear.
Outside, he finds 2 people dragging a third. We figure the guard. We send the unit on as normal.
All PC’s go after the kidnapped soldier. About a half mile out, we find the boys dead body, stakes driven through hands and feet into the sand. Rifle and ammo gone. Gagged him with his own underpants, then peeled the skin off him and demasculated him. A Seleti dagger lies near. We nab it up.

We catch up to the caravan. The lead troop then gets ambushed (5 privates/cpl/sgt) by High Martians leaping up from the sand!!!!
We rush to help them after hearing the first volley. It drops 2 and they charge wielding short spears. The men do not start well in melee, killing only 1 in the first 2 rounds, via the Sgt.
By couple rounds later, only dropped. The bugler pvt is bleeding badly.
On the 4th round, the first 3 PC’s arrive.
Martin now appears, leaping off his tacking an enemy vs the bugler. Covey also appears, dismounts and fires his British Bulldog at one vs Sgt. Gerald is here as well but misses badly with his revolver, helping a private; as does No. 1 who spears 13.
Then the Sgt kills another! 2 pvt’s also crit and kill!!
Martin is attacked, the spear doing 0 “It’s the Guiness!”
They attack, our privates are weakening.
Brutus arrives and takes on the last enemy on the bugler. No. 1 kills and cleaves 11; Martin drops his; Gerald shoots to help Cpl 13 DEAD and stabs next to him to help a pvt; Percy joins the fight, taking on a pvt’s enemy. Covey fires a bullet through the head of the No. 1 cleaved enemy DEAD.
2 of the pvt’s get the opportunity and bow out.
Covey charges in and crits one, as Brutus kills the last that was on the bugler. Martin rabbit punches the cpl’s from behind DOWN.
The bugler fires and takes down the last on the Sgt. A 3rd pvt bows out.
Percival and Gawain have arrived, waiting for an opening to fire. Now they do, helping the pvt’s at the front still engaged, for 11 and 16 respectively. The 2nd falls dead.
They have only 4 left now. Covey drops his; the 2 privates flank and kill theirs. Martin finishes the cpl’s. No. 1 and Brutus team up on the last and kill it.

The medical man with the company gets to work on the wounded pvt’s. He’s an alcoholic. Perfect!! An older man.

The trek contiues, we see the still smoldering fort in the distance! As we close in, a shot rings out striking the ground at the head of the column.
Covey “Nervous survivors.”:
“Who goes there!”
LP announces us in LP fashion.
They let us enter into the rubble strewn remnants. 22 survivors: 6 kids, 7 women, 7 civilians, and 2 soldier (both pvt).
Martin “So, 22 survivors, only 2 soldiers. Well, isn’t that just typical.”
Their leader is the reverend Jamison armed with a shotgun. “It’s good to see u gents, when will we be able to leave and return to civilization?”
He gives us the situation first:
The tribes have united under the burrito, preaching a holy war vs the red men and any sympathizers, and canal martians on general principle.
Covey “Where is he holed up.”
He sweeps his arm across the land ‘everywhere’. The martian wants the canals to run with the blood of the English.
Covey “Well, LP, we want the canals to run fresh with water, so we’ve on upped him on that count.”
MOst of the garrison died before they even attacked, water supply poisoned. Now its ok though. The attacking side numbered from hundreds to 20 or 30 depending on which survivor you ask. They have not been seed since the attack. First, high martians flew in and killed the men on the towers. Then, a musket line of canal martians gave cover fire while hill martians charged through a gap they blew in the wall witn placed gunpowder; set inside the wall!!
It was given up from the inside, using the magazine powder. Explosion happened at dawn. They took all women and weapons they could find, loaded on the backs of the pack animals like ours and left. These survivors climbed over the side and hid, but the 2 solders who were in the desert.

We check, they indeed cleared all weaponry out but for the ammo for the big guns. The 2 guns, 6 pounder rotating hodgkiss cannon, has been spiked. Covey gets to work fixing.
We sends scouts out to see if the enemy is anywhere in the vicinity still.
We read the outpost log. The only unusual thing was a John Wilson and Peter Hobbes, traders, purchases supplies and left with their wagon the evening before the attack.
LP gets about 20 men to begin building an earthwork at the blast site.

Also in the log, 2 Seleti got in an argument with a couple soldiers, and a gunner for a now missing nordenfelt fired and killed them. The rest of the clan left vowing revenge. Their home is withing 10 miles usually.
LP should hed out tomorrow morning to talk to them.

Barely 5 miles out, the scouts are ambushed by Seleti warriors. Brutus hails them in peace, saying we wish only to talk to them. They insist they do not work with the burrito. They live and fight in honorable war. So long as we stay out of their territory we are fine. They burrito hates the Sellati, we tell them they are being framed for the massacre!! He is astounded. Brutus tells him of the dagger we found with a dead soldier. Many Selleti spears at the fort massacre also.
He says the people we speak of attacking the fort were tall human brown coats!! THey’re leader was a white man, called himself Col. Hobbes. There was a 2nd white with him as well.
They confirm the death of their men by the nordenfelt. After, they spoke to the cpt at the fort, who punished the man responsible and paid recompense in english gold sovereigns.
Brutus says they are in trouble if the frame job works. We want to find these to white men and string them up. He insists Percy will do what it takes to get the tribe in the clear. He says he will be back in 2 days with the head of Col Hobbes. Finally, he agrees to find him w/o engaging, return and tell us where he is.
“The Selleti and the Red Devils will dip their blades in the blood of Hobbes regiment.” They disappear. We report back.

Covey inspects Dr. Whitehouse’s lab. He is an archaeologist and mad scientis. This is obvious to Covey. House is laid out like a museum work room
His head is a bit jumbled, but for artifact files. Lens of Torbash, and Lens of Fibash are noted in particular. He has not moved them yet, still in the dig. At the base of the cliff is a cave to the old martian ruins under the fort he has been excavating.

Next day, more work on wall. Hodgekiss is long done and ready to to. We get watchmen on towers and gunner with the Hodgekiss. No. 1 is on constant patrol around the area, so is Brutus.
Covey into the dig with Gob, Martin, Percival. Using the Dr.’s equipment. Ancient Martian writing through a couple rooms to a room that stinks of a dead body. Been decomposing for a couple weeks. Looks like the DR., bullet hole through the bridge of his nose. Lying beside him is a small open wood box, which have 2 fist sized insets in it. The lenses, whatever they are, gone! Perhaps he ran to keep them save during the attack but failed.
Brave attempt at least.
Covey takes records of all the writing and such.

Later, toward evening, 2 Selleti show up on mounts. One falls off. Soldiers rush out to help them with our Dr., and Martin. The one is dying, the other 2 minor wounds. The great war leader we talked to is dead. The str of the Selleti is broken, they weren’t ready for a gun “that fired many times quickly and rend the earth”.

The doctor will save them. The gun was the Nordenfelt. They were attacked by hill, high, and canal, as we warned. They say it was not the burrito, it was the white men, they ran the nordenfelt.
Around 1/3 of their strength were killed. They number the enemy at 50ish. They knew where they were the whole time, just wanted first blood. It failed, obviously.
Martin “Will you come meet with our leader now?”
They come to talk to LP.
LP wants to join forces to attack the enemy, he is stern with them, very stern. Assuring we are all dead if they do not follow him. They agree to be here tomorrow. The wounded stays with us.

The next morn, 50 warriors ride up for the “Pelaver”, negotiations.
The Selleti apparently announced they were going to attack with a ceremonial war stick. Sigh. The cave is down a steep canyon, in which they were ambushed.
We notice lots of smoke in the distance, their village is being burned out. They brough half the warriors here.
They rush back home.
LP is on the way and runs into a running skirmish vs hundreds of hill martians. The men are fighting a delaying action so the women and kids can get here. LP rushes forward; he sees they fly flags of the burrito, plus several blood red flags meaning death jihad, everyone in their path dies, no surrender. LP returns fast, but along with Percival and Martin runs into a gang of hill martians.
We blow the horns at the fort to call in No. 1 and Brutus.

An arrow glances off Martin “I’ve had way too much Guiness to day for that to hurt.” One defects off Percy’s armor. Percy fires a musket shot crit DEAD.
We engage in melee.
We make short work of them, Martin carrying one back that he KO’d.
Some of the more eager try to follow, but are sent running with a volley from the fort.

Percy orders the flag of Seldan and the British flags to fly high.
Broadhurst says we have the advantage of the red devil’s way of war. No sign of the white traitors. This is a whole clan coalition, about 1000 warriors.

As far as Selleti warriors who made it in, 80, that’s it.
We talk strategy under guard, so no one who may be a potential traitor from the survivors can hear us.
LP does not trust the priest.
Broadhurst wants to take a team out, wipe out the faction there, and bring back the machine gun.
The enemy starts a siege. They are entirely camp at the foot of the hill at the rubble side. Easy for a small party to sneak out at night.
The burrito, an older prophet type, is surrounded by a blood guard all the time.
Broadhurst also says mount the hodgekiss on a wagon, soldiers in a double square around it, and give them hell.\
LP says that’ll be a great last stand tactic. We like his idea to go get the machine gun.
We hear a rifle shot. Gob runs to check it out. Hill Martians had snuck up a cliff, the guards saw and picked a few off, the rest ran away.
We decide to go tonight to get the gun. LP wants to insist the priest and the 2 surviving soldiers will join us.
The new Selleti leader will guide us there. All PC’s going, Broadhurst left in charge. Plus the priest, 2 surviving soldiers, and 4 of Broadhurst’s soldiers (3 pvt, 1 sgt).

We come from above the cave entrance, down the hillside. 10 hill martians sleep on a ledge, 2 are awake on guard. Brtus, Galahad, and Percival take out the guards but the others start waking up. We rush in and get the drop on them and the fighting becomes general.
We start slow, but kill 4 of the last 5 all in a single round so fast none can escape.

We begin to descend quickly during the distraction.
Their commander looks up as we arrive and gets a look of recognition in his eyes when he sees Gawain, our canal martian. Gawain says, “My cousin.” He signals down to him.
He slinks away and talks to Gawain. He has not seen Gawain in a long time and turncoats on the scum.

Brutus tosses a rock on another guy, which starts a fight with his buddy who he had just yelled at for stepping on him for a 3rd time.
Percival sneaks down to talk to the hill martians, who the cousin says are too honorable to harm the women. He plays on the fact the canal martians are the ones who got the machine gun, so they’re probably seen as expendable. They felt bad about the hill martian ambush.

We attack the canal martians from surprise. Our soldiers and the priest fire, as does Gawain as the rest rush in.
We make quick work of them, and hear men rushing from inside the cave toward us.
Gawain fires the Nordenelt inside, killing a gang of them. The entire group surrenders. They send the traitor English out with gusto.
We rescue the women first.

Quickly back to the fort before sun up and inside.

Next Day

The rubble has been used to build an earthwork, with a gap in the middle. Both guns are at the front, outside the earthwork, one pointing on a left angle the other right. The front line troops are just ahead of the guns in a semicircle trench. Men line the walls and brits are at the gabe. In the middle as a command crew are a squad of brits, Sellati leader, Covey and Martin, Gerald and Brutus, as well as the Sellati leader.

We see the burrito, command stick in his hands, held aloft. Hundreds are behind him. He signals, and a squad moves forward. He points again, and another hundered come out behind them.
The charge.
The hodgkiss blows up gangs, but the Nordefeldt gunners fire like experts, blowing people into 2 all over the place.
After 3 rounds, their front line hits our trench. At the other end, on the path to the small gate, a large group climbs over from teh side of the slope, loading the path with almost 40 martians! Both side there volley.
A crew charge the gate strapped with explosives, only 1 makes it to the door and barely does anything to it as the explosion finishes him off.
Martin hears the explosion and rushes to investigate. Gerald follows.
Their rear ranks start bowfire vs our troops on the wall behind the guns.

At the foot of the cliff to the gates right, some 200 archers fire up the wall. Our men simply duck down and let the arrows fly over and by. The Sgt to be warry of climbers using the fire as cover. Another crew charges in with explosives. 4 martians from the walls fire bows at them.
Martin chugs the rest of his whiskey bottle and puts on his pair of brass knuckles.
The bombers set the explosives on the door and light them.
Martin yells to Gerald and Brutus that we should have the brits just open the door and we’ll go out and clear them.
Brutus “Let’s jump off the walls!”
Martin “It will take too long to get up there!”
We have lost 3 martians on the gate wall now. The 2nd explosion goes off. 2 of the brits open the gate and our men there rush out.
2 men flee at the sight of Brutus. Gerald bullrushes one right off the cliff, as does Brutus. Their leader yells for those in the front to stop us, as their commanders begin a retreat.
Brutus then disarms another.
They flee for their lives.
Martin “Run you curs!”
We call out the men at the gate and gather up 17 muskets and ammo from the dead!! Then rush back in. The martians behind us at the gate will reload these as we fire them, for a constant powerful musket fire.
Covington runs for the wall under fire from below to check on the situation, to be sure the men there are readying fire if anyone comes over the edge onto the wall.
Men from the right unattacked wall are sent to the front rifle line on the earthwork behind the guns to get ready to sub in for wounded.
We’ve got the enemy at the trench outnumbered now, but their 300 strong archer rank is still firing on our riflemen on the wall as the 2 guns blaze away together.

Percy tells No. 1 to get Brutus and go out and kill El Burrito. Our rifleman on the earthwork are wounded to hell and retreat into the complex.

The trench battle continues. We cant ell their archers are beginning to waver in the face of our guns, likely the fear struck by them has delayed a mass charge.
Their archers fire into the trench fight, careless of their own men!!
No. 1 reports Percy’s order on the way past.

The enemy turns and flees. Percival orders a quick countercharge into their fleeing backs, then a fallback. The hodgkiss fires again as well. It then has to reload anyway.
As our men move out of the way, the Nordenfeldt fires away and massacres them.
Percy fires his revolver and miraculously hits from that range, finishing off the last man from the trench attackers!

No. 1 reaches Brutus, and Martin says he’s going too if the plan is still a go.
It is, Gerald joins them as well. They leave while the enemy isn’t paying attention.

The enemy gather together, and reform positions, ready for another charge, this time cavalry riding gashants.

The bowfire which had stopped on side wall begins again. Only on that one side again.

100 musketmen begin to come up the gateway path. Our men on the walls get their heads down. Ready for anyone who climbs over.\
Our small reserve group in the courtyard is moved to the gateway wall. Covey rushes back, pasing out detonite sticks of his own making. They will be thrown over to create a diversion so their readied actions are disturbed, so that we can pop up with all of our new men and get the surprise attack.
Broadhurst says we should set some blasts at the sides of the earthwork gap to blow if necessary. Covey makes to do so after passing out the detonite in the rear. The muskets are passed out to the gate and walls, with a partner reloading another with each.

The detonite blows, our men rise and loose, surprising the enemy.
Gunports at the gate are reloading, so close the ports.
Their muskets fire.
We return fire.
Covey sets 5 sticks per side at the rubble.
They fire at the gate wall, 1 martian goes down, another badly wounded and retreats. Bob picked the dead guys musket.
Another martian takes the wounded’s musket place.
2 brits are killed instantly this round at the gate wall!
2 martians grab the British rifles from the 2 dead. 2 others severely wounded refuse to leave the line!
More brits are called in to reinforce them and if more men fall.
In the makeshift hospital, a box of 20 sticks of TNT is found!! Hidden before the fort fell!!!
A large force of 20ish martians appear, coming up the cliff to the right of the gate wall, at the slant!! A few in reserve on the ground by the hospital make their way over to assist, as does 6 brits who were on their way from the bowfire attacked wall to help.
2 brits running past from the unattcked wall to help grab the TNT from the Dr. 10 goes to the slant, 10 to the gate wall.

Volleys again.
1 severely wounded Brit is replaced by a fresh man. Plus another man.
The 2 men arrive with dynamite.
Cpl “Light them and throw them privates.”
Volleys, wounded and dead continue.
TNT as stick at a time is chucked over.

At the attack on the slant, the enemy fire bows upward, 2 attacks per round! More brits and martians arrive, 6 of the brits throw TNT into the bowmen.
They begin climbing ladders to the top!
A melee on the wall begins.

At the rubble, Covey is walking tween the 2 buildings, ordering the brits to string the detonator wires and sees the fight on the wall “Dear God, the wall’s been boarded!” He makes a break for the battle.

The cavalry has charged the front in the meantime, and are riding back and forth firing their bows at the trench while we return fire, including the Nordenfelt.
The men on the wall get back up and fire again as well.
We begin to massacre the mounted archers at the guns.
Covington as fast as possible arrives on the slant wall, powering on the saw sword.
After another volley and tnt at the gate, they pick up all rifles on the ground and flee as we hit one more time.
14 more muskets and ammo.

At the guns, they charge the trenchline now. During their charge we hit them hard. In the melee, the British show them what Hell On Mars is.
LP and the 2 gunners even join in.
Still, at the trench, no man has fallen!
The battle at the Slant is tough fighting, their men there are elite, trying to surely get over the wall and open the gate from the inside. Our Martians take a beating.
Even with the saw sword, it takes Covey 2 rounds or so to take one down w/o a crit.
Bob and a British Cpl, then 2 privates, from the gate wall just around the corner rush to help once their attackers flee. By the end, we fight them off. Our men, wog and brit, are messed up badly.

Martin, Gerald, Brutus, and No. 1 have donned garb from the enemy dead on their way. They get into the ranks, and up to the burrito.
He has 10 bodyguard, plus 2 generals and his Mouthpiece.
One asks "Where do you men want.:
Martin, in broken Parhooni bluffing “Trouble.”
“What kind?”
“This kind” brass knuckles to the face.
Brutus hurls his sling attack, and KO;s the burrito. Gerald dashes through their lines to the burrito as No. attacks another guard.
Before they can even react, Gerald levels his gun on the helpless burrito and fires, blowing his brains out.
Martin “Any other questions?”
We all press the attack.
They converge on us.
Fate was not on their side. Gerald blows one of the general’s faces off, the other’s sword breaks on the same round vs him. Martin punishes the tough guard leader he initially struck. No. 1 and Brutus make mince meat out of the so called ‘body guards’.
The general steps back from Gerald, deftly swings his munket off, and fires at Gerald.
We slaughter them, the camp is in disarray after we leave, its panic.

They don’t attack again the rest of the day. Lots of drums all night, and the next morning, they have deserted the field.

VICTORY!!! God and Queen over heathen wogs.

We stay here for a 5 days until all the wounded are transportable, Whitehead’s stuff is all packed up by Covey; Percy schmoozes with the wogs, etc.

It’s a 21 day total trip back to Sirtus Major, minus any extra visit time. We stay in Karcharum only 2 days extra to meet with our compatriots there from the previous unrest.

31 muskets and ammo
20 TNT: 14 gone
40 Detonite: 10 gone, 10 placed in rubble

Bob (leader of allied hill martians from the cave)

Ord sm 5/fst 5
Fat 40/14 wnd
def 19
melee 4; rng 8
str 8, dex 15, con 14, int 16, 13, 12


21 fat/10 wnd
def 14
melee 2; rng 4
9 str
init 1
shotgun damage plus 4 with ‘Molly’ his specific shotgun; generally uses both barrels

Selleti Leader

fast ord 6
fat 39
14 wnd
melee 5, rng 8
Short bow; spear, saber
str 12
init 3
def 19 (6 class, 3 dex)

Hill Martians

50 Selleti x
fat 26 wnd 15
def 18
melee 3 range 7; saber, d8 spear; short bow
init 3

fat 34 wnd 16
def 14
melee 4 rng 4
init 1
50 Selleti

10 each of hill martian allies also

Our soldiers:
Total: 57/61
1 has 9 wnd dam; 1 has 6 wnd. dam, 1 has 12 wnd dam; 11;9;11;and 1 at neg. 31
Tough 2/Strong 1
+5 melee bayonet (d6 plus 3) and bolt action 6 round rifle; 21 fat/15wnd
Point Blank Shot
Svs 5/1/1
Def 14
Init 1

Tough 3/Str 1
+6 melee bayonet and rifle
Str mod 2
33 fat/16 wnd
Point Blank Shot; imp. dam. thr.
Svs 6/2/2
Def 14
Init 1

Tough 3/Str 3
+8 bayonet and 7 rifle
48 fat/16 wnd
Svs 7/3/3
Def 15
Wpn Focus bayonet and rifle; Point Blank Shot;

2nd Lt
Str 1/Tough 1/Ded 3
fat 21
wnd 18
Toughness, pt bl shot

Lt. Broadstone
Fst 3/Ded 4 Hero
fat 31
wnd 15
Imp. Dam. Thr; pt bl shot; Dodge
Def 20

Army Doctor

He’s an alcoholic. Perfect!!
An older man, 10th level. Ordinary Ded 5/Sm 5.

Seleti: Hill Martians at odds with Fort
Mortorek: leader of gypsies
Merido: prophet of Seldan, he says himself. Rumor he is uniting Hill Martian tribes
Ucha’ Ma: gypsy group

Insurrection in Karkarham

5 days out, a steamram, or steam powered metal ramming ship, flying pirate colors.
It’s well armed for light damage. The crew knows it as the Penelope piloted by Frederik Gustavus Burnaby. This guy is a hero of ours!!! He was like an LP before its time.
Percy to the Cpt “That bricky dog Burnaby has a ship that is bang up to the elephant, and its time for a parlay.”

Burnaby and entourage take a launch to us. THey draw weapons, and demand to talk to Cpt. LP introduces Cpt. then himself, including next incarnation of Sendon.
“But, are you really Lord Percy?”
Covington backs up his word. Burnaby says a person in Carcharum can verify, but wont tell us who. We tell him he’s a personal hero of ours.
LP gives him his card.
Burnaby is out looking for plunder and patrolling vs Oenetrians. “If you’re in Carcharum when I return, I hope we meet again.”
He’ll be there in a couple days hence.
LP introduces Percival and Galahad.
He sails away.

We are met by another screw ram w/in sight of the city, with a red pirate flag. It has 3 heavy guns; wooden ship of Oenitrian lines. As it gets closer, unusually most of the crew are human.
Trumpets a message to us when w/in gunshot suggesting we surrender.
He respects no pass. We call that we surrender “pull up alongside!” He thinks we are full of loot.
He is about to come across and yells ‘Halt’ in Spanish “No cross!” Trumpets to us “You humans over there, do you own the cargo!?”
Our former pirates have no idea why he may be asking this.
LP “Passengers.”
“In that case, please remove yourselves from the line of fire. We don’t kill or steal from humans. Get out of the way while we kill the wogs.
LP “Anyone who is not a Spaniard may give up now, and I will not kill you like the rest. Besides, I prefer wogs to a spick.”
He starts to back off “Tell them in hell you were killed by Cpt. Artoro Diego de la Mora!” He’s going to shoot us down.
Covey “Gerald take the controls! Soldiers on deck!”
Percival and Galahad start working the rigging.
Only Gerald can possibly out maneuver him briefly enough to board him.
Gerald “Grab onto something hard and hold on!”
He gets one round of firing, injuring 3 crew, before Gerald manages to hit him and we board!!
The Spaniard sees our troops and yells “Parlay, parlay!”
We are ready. Percy accepts parlay.
He is an English privateer, if he would have known we were Brits he would not have attacked. Unfortunately, we were flying our white flag.
He proves with papers he is indeed a privateer, signed by Lord Dundee.
Percy apologizes for him being Spanish, which he accepts (HA! His English isn’t very good).
He has no idea about anything going on at Dickinson.
We go our own ways, he escorts us to the city.
Percy gives him his card.

Valley is almost 2 miles wide, Carcharum on far side. 2 grand canals come together at the city. Where they should run off as one, the canal is filled with rubble.
Over a dozen ships are anchored on the landing ground.
The slums are below, on the plateau is the city, on the smaller plateau a palace.
We land.
Ruled by Prince Toomani, 23rd of family to rule. A pudgy man, easily distracted. Friendly but lacks enthusiasm. Has a large fleet of model ships and enjoys playing with it. Very content with his station.
This city rose to trade center under his dad, who ruled with an iron hand, though efficient and honest. Has slid into decadence since. Standards lacked. Spends his revenue on pleasure; reputed to have 50 wives. Upper class are therefore corrupt. Poor are driven to crime to survive.
Most important other nobles include Chancellor Sabat, Toomai’s younger sister and his uncle. Language is Parhooni.
Our ship is coming to pick up goods, deliver them to Sirtis Manor. It is up to us to get back on our own.
The skymaster meets us.
LP asks our Cpt. to take us to the fort instead. He is owner operator of this ship, he contracts with the British. We don’t want to put him in danger though, if possible. So we hope the Spaniard, or Burnaby when he arrives, will escort us or simply take us themselves.

Martin, Gerald, LP, and Covey go out drinking with the Spaniard, who takes us to his usual haunts. He takes us to the slums, to a most rotten filthy row of whore houses and taverns one can find even on the Barbary Coast.
Within minutes, a fight breaks out, knocking our table over and spilling Diego’s drink. He breaks his mug on the guys head and tosses him back into the fight.
He says this is a favorite haunt of the Red Captains. One of the reasons is Belle, a English serving girl.
Once drunk, he says how he hates the Brits, but Belle could make me love them. Then door opens and half a dozen or so guys enter. Leader looks aristocratic dandy wearing a pith helmet, human and British.
Asks Artoro to introduce us, he does.
Sir MIchael Pagent Smith is his name. Sounds bored with us already but wanted to be a gentleman to other Brits.
Martin “What brings you here, to Mars, this city, this tavern.”
Laughs. He is one of the 5 big privateer captains.
He sits with us afterall.
We notice, everything bores him. Carries a double barrel shotgun. He only tolerates the company of gentleman. Only approached Artoro because we were with him.
LP asks him what he really likes to do. Profit and the Empire!
Covey “How long until you sail? What’s your ship?”
He does not sail for at least a week. His ship is a gun kite; large and bunch of armament.
However, when Prince of Wales and subject of royalty comes up, he says he would never hang out with him “hardly a gentleman”.
He does not speak to, but nor does he degrade, our Celts.
Another of the Captains arrives later: large, heavy set man; dark hair; serious and honest countenance.
Sees us “Ah, newcomers. And who might you be?”
“I am Roger Livingston, Lord Percy. This is my friend Samuel Covington.”
He is Alonzo Freemerchant. “A Lord eh? I’m not so crazy about lords.” Finds mos the the aristocracy to be pampered young gentleman.
That’s 2 for 2!! Both of these guys could be right up our alley.
Smith says “Alonzo here is our local royalty lover.” He respects the Queen and the Prince of Wales.
That brings them to words a bit.
Alonzo feels the Queen is the greatest monarch of the country with the greatest kings and queens in history.
Martin relates the tale of us landing on the front laws, and LP speaks of meeting the Queen personally.
Freemerchant has his main house in Sirtis Major, but spends 2/3 of his time at his house here. He’s not sure when he is leaving to raid, but he’ll be here for the next 2 months. His ship is a steel hulled force draught boiler screw ship. Built at shipyards in Sirtis Major.
Does not usually come to places like this, but heard we were here. His best friend is out of town: Burnaby!! “He always thinks I know every bit of aristocracy in the Empire.”
We tell him we met him on the way here, and he said just that.
Talks of the scandals and disorder of this city.
Invites us to stop by his manor for dinner tomorrow. We accept!

Smith is amiable to taking us to Fort, but he can’t leave until end of the week. Says to try to find someone else, but he can be our last resort.
Says best whore house is next door. We are all up for it.
It is indeed a beautifully decorated place.
He makes a joke about how it has fairly high standards “no Irishman”, just a joke.
He even points out individual girls and what their specialties are. We are here the rest of the night until we stumble to our hotel late.
Our soldiers are staying in a large warehouse.
The cpt. starts his business dealings the next day.

The night before we leave, we make sure the soldiers are well fed with good food before we leave.
A Lt’s are in charge of the company, and 2 sublt’s for each platoon.

Next Day

Percy gets invite to visit palace this afternoon. He takes Covey.
There are guards everywhere. Prince sits on his throne, surrounded by young nobles and scantily clad Martian women. His chancellor stands behind him, lean and hungry look.
The courtiers look down their noses at us.
A stunning Martian girl walks in, about 5’10". Princess Iteebu, his sister, making quite an entrance. Hair flows below her waste. “The Little Princess” she is called.
Her brother shows interest for the first time at her appearance and conversation.
She enjoys talking to us about Earth and Europe, has lots of smart questions. ‘She keeps trying to get her brother to care more, but he is more interested in pleasure’. The few times she has gotten him to, the results have been worse. He has poor judgement.
One man ignores the nobles around him. By his look he works for a living. She says that’s Prince Samaam, her uncle (father’s younger half brother). Left the city at 18, got job as canal sailor for 10 years. Returned when brother died to help Tumaani. Has no interest in politics himself and still dresses like a tradesmen. He is honorary commander of the army though, dresses as a company commander. Refuses rank badges. The army is underpaid and has spent much of his fortune on it himself.
Army has 4 legions, his is best unit by far.
Merc Hill Martian untits are loyal to him as well.
When he walks up to him, the Prince says exasperated “Oh, what are you going to bother me with now?”
Salaam explains their precarious position between Brits and Oenitrians, and housing pirates. Explains the need to get serious and improve the army.
Noble Guard looks great, but their lack of discipline and formal training is obvious to us.
Also a civic guard, to put out fires and such. Do not act really as a police force.
Royal family is related to that of Gorlimsk.
She asks us to come back for lunch.

When we return to our hotel, all our rooms but Percy’s have been taken over by archaeologists and their artifacts from the ancient parts of the city.
Covey thinks nothing they have is earth shattering. Equivalent of finding semi looted tomb in Egypt. Some good stuff, but nothing big. A few pieces do have fragmentary writing that is probably mostly unknown.
They ask us, if we can, to take them back with us and their artifacts. We agree to let them be, as our beds are at least clear.

Go back and meet Princess. She is dressed drably. Goes out amongst commoners for lunch, she overpays for stuff. She really thinks they have no idea, but they do. They just love her so much they enjoy it.
This is just LP and Covey. She separates from us for a bit.
A basket is suddenly thrown over her head. A kidnapping! We give chase to the Martians!
3 others jump out to block us, with fisticuffs.
Covey “I’ll take them.”
LP keeps running.
On round 5, Covey takes out the leader. 2 rounds later he KO’s one of the lackeys. The other flees. Covey has taken 1 wound point of nonlethal.
LP calls out “8th share, 8th share” which is a local call to the pseudo fuzz. 2 of them appear and tackle them. When Percy arrives, they have just knocked out the 2 fuzz. One of them is banged up. The basket with the Princess is a dozen feet away, no movement from it.
Percy brawls them for a couple rounds. Takes a bit of the worse of it, so pulls his revolver and cutlass.
Next round, 2 bullets and a cut take one of them down. The other pulls out a Martian pistol. Percy’s AoO misses, the shot hits 6.
Percy’s next shot crits 18, cuts 7. He drops his pistol, draws his saber and hits Percy 5.
Percy’s shot hits 10, but he is hit by AoO 4 finishing his fatigue, then cuts 13. The kidnapper misses.
Covey shows up.
Percy power attacks with the cutlass crit 23 DEAD.
Covey gets to the Princess. She’s there but KO’d, lump on her head.
The 2 men Covey KO’d are missing.
Percy searches the 2 dead. Each has 5 brand new silver pieces. He pockets it.
We take the Princess to the palace. Guards rush out to assist. Her ladies take her to the palace doctor.
We wait, she comes to and calls us in soon. Thanks us greatly. LP breaks it to her that all know who she is.
The Chancellor arrives, needs to find out who did this. She says it’s fine that we leave. As we do, her uncle meets us “We hear the British are always good at such things.”
Covey “Yes, we are wonderful at fixing the problems of others.”
He offers to pay us in newly minted silver. Hmm.

Next, to dinner with Alonzo. Martin and Gerald are invited to. Burnaby is there.
Burnaby asks Alonzo to confirm this is Lord Percy. He does.
We tell him of our afternoon action.
They doubt a serious plot, just some young buck probably. As far as the coins, that could be any of the nobles.
They both say the Prince is of such little consequence, he wouldn’t have the head or heart for it.
Burnaby does not get subtlety, we have to convince him of the Chancellor’s potential guilt. Always there to whisper in the Prince’s ear.
We regale each other with our great pranks.
Then Alonzo says another guest is coming. A piratess walks in, pretty hot. Lady Violet Mae O’Brien. Cpt of the Dark Venture. Dark Irish.
Martin, of course, tries to put the moves on her. They talk much of the old country.
She tries to put the moves on Martin; she has a boy in every port. He loves Annabelle though.
We convince them there is a concern at the palace.
Burnaby “If so, what do we do?”
He thinks the Frenchman privateer is behind it. The authorities took the dead men, we know nothing yet.
The 2 privateers volunteer to go and see if they recognize them.
It’s cigars and drinks all around.

Next Day

To morgue, and all is in an uproar. Someone stole the bodies, which means they could have been ID’d most likely.
We send a request to check in on the Princess.
She is doing well.
The 5 that fought us were dressed like sailors. Had that look to them as well.
Covington is the only one who could recognize them, stars with the canal ports but finds nothing.
Martin and Gerald go out carousing again, taking Gawain and Percival. They teach the taverns Irish tunes.
Suddenly he feels a feing burning pain in his side. Attacked with a nasty poison, but his DR saved him. Then the 3 sailors take out cutlasses and attack the other 3.
3 other men in the bar do the same! It’s an ambush!
Martin pushes her off of him and onto the floor and stands up.
We go after the 3 at the table first, as the woman runs away.
Gerald draws sword and dagger, Martin uses fists, Percival draws cutlass, Gawain cutlass.
Martin is the first to drop his, then Gerald does the same killing his right after.
Percival then drops, with 3 wound points left.
It’s a few more rounds of fighting. Gerald takes another down, hamstrung and alive.
Soon after, Martin KO’s another. Gerald kills immediately after.
Last one holds out to the death, we cut him down.
That’s 3 captives. Unfortunately, Percival slit the throats of the 2 Martin KO’d.

We quickly get him to squeal: he’s from the crew of the Black Dagger pirate ship. Captain Quatlatlani. Most successful of non Red Cpt pirates. A canal martian. Very tough, big crew. Has a local fortified villa. He sent them after us, but no reason why. Received 5 silvers each from someone in the palace who bought Lani.
We take their cash.
He knows nothing about the attack on the Princess. But, a few of the crew came back beat up yesterday. Percival proceeds to stick the hot wire in his eyeball anyway.
Gawain finishes him off.

Next Morning

Now we have a lead. We go to Freemerchant’s house and wake him up. He says Quat is a nice guy, great leader. Men would follow him into hell. But, he hates the British Empire, wants to destroy its power on Mars.
To the shipyard.
His crew says he’s at his villa, so we go there next.
It’s a walled villa.
He sees us, but he denies any involvement. He is open on his politics as expected.
The Lt. wants to leave a few soldiers to keep an eye, incognito, on the villa. Their shorter men so might fit in more. We say no to that.
LP gets a few trustworthy crew to watch the house. We will pay them 2 of the silvers each/night.

LP leads us back to the palace. Her uncle stops us and asks what we have found. We tell him all so far.
He says a young noble name Tootan Frutan was seen leaving Quat’s house, is trying to covince the Princess to marry him. Recently withdrew 100 brand new silvers.
The Prince plans on having him arrested. He’s a young, arrogant, cowardly pipsqueak.
LP does not think it was him, too convenient.
“We’re arresting him anyway.”
They bring him in and he insists on his innocence. They take him away for interrogation. He thinks it’s the Prince himself, and that the uncle is in danger. As LP and Covey are readying to leave, the Chancellor greets us. Thanks us for saving the Princess.
“I do have a question though? What exactly did you hope to achieve by kidnapping her in the first place?”
Quat appears, saying it was his men that attempted to kidnap the princess, then found that the red devils had payed them so as to ingratiate themselves here in the palace.
“I’m sorry, I’m going have to place you both under arrest until this is sorted out.”
He orders them to place us under arrest. The approach and the first one reaches for Covey.
“Unhand me you Wog!!” and rages (card) and KO’s the filth.
Percy shows his Seldan amulet and charges through the lines at the leader of the guard behind the 6 who came up to us and hits 13.
5 now come to close in on Covey, who hits 9 then moves to an alcove so only 3 can get on him at once. LP hits ldr 13.
LP is surrounded by 5 more, the leader stepping back.
Ldr “Pummel him!”
Covey is hit 4; LP 6/3/6.
Covey hits 14, the wog is weary. LP ripostes (card) crits 27 KO’d, steps and hits leader 15 KO’d, heroic surges 12. The leader steps back in.
One of Coveys in the back moves to Percy. They all miss Covey; LP is hit 3 times 7/0/6 (has his breastplate on).
Covey crits 19 KO’d. LP hits 11. Cries out to Quat we are innocent and have nothing against him.
3 still on Covey hit once 6. LP is hit 4 times 7/7/3/5.
Covey hits 9. LP misses.
They hit Covey 4; LP is hit 3.
Covey hits 11; LP hits 11 KO.
A big Martian is still hanging back with the Chancellor and Quat. They miss altogether.
Covey 9 KO’d; LP hits 10.
Covey is missed, LP is hit once 5. His armor is saving him. LP hits 16 KO; Covey hits 12.
Covey is missed; They go to gang grapple LP but fail.
Covey hits 13; LP hits 10.
Covey is hit 3/7; LP is missed.
Covey misses; LP hits 11.
Covey is hit once 3; all miss LP.
Covey hits 13 KO, one left on him. The big man moves to Covey.
LP hits KO. 2 left on him.
LP “SHot the blighter what for. He’s not from Oxford!”
Covey “I doubt he even went to University!”
Covey hits 11; LP hits 21 crit KO.
1 left on each.
They both miss.
Covey hits 13; LP hits 10.
Covey is midded; LP is hit 5.
Covey hits 13 KO; LP hits 10.
The big man moves in on Covey with the truncheon, flips it up in the air, cathes it, snaps it in half and tosses it. Takes a Martian stance of fistfighting.
LP is hit 0.
LP hits 11 KO. Covey misses the big man.
He backs up, motion to both of us to come at him.
LP tells Covey to get him, “I’ve got bigger fish to fry.” The Chancellor is gone.
He runs for the throne room, throws open the doors to the Prince dead. The Chancellor yells that the Red Devils have killed the Prince. Half a dozen guards stand in front of him.
Quatl lies on the floor in the room, wounded.
LP runs to Quatl, who pulls himself up with LP “It’s a lie, the Red Devils haven’t killed the Prince” as a musket ball hits him. Still alive though!
Covey hits the big man 14.
He swings at Covey and hits 4.
3 Pirates come running in, seeing Percy with the Cpt, wounded.
Covey hits big man 12.

Meanwhile, back at the rest of the group at the house, there are troops from the Chancellor’s legion on all of the pirate ships. Hear shooting, sword play. The ships of the navy are above the pirate ships, ready to fire on any that try to leave.

Percy quickly gets the pirates to see he is trying to rescue Quat; and intimidates the musketeers who freeze just long enough for a run for it.

Covey is missed. Covey retaliates 15, going for the kidneys.
He misses Covey, who crits him maximum damage KO’d. Permanent brain damage.
LP arrives with pirates in tow. He tosses Quatl off to the pirates. LP goes to Princess, Covey for the uncle.
Covey cuts off from the group first.
A guard blocks LP and the pirates, killing a pirate with a musket.
LP shoots 12.
Covey gets to the uncles room, in a pool of his blood. He is not dead. Covey first aids. A slug had grazed his head. With bandage around his head now he says “quick, we have to get to the Princess, she’s the key to this whole thing! We have to keep the Chancellor from her. He’s behind this!”
Covey gives him the lowdown. They run for LP.
The Princess’ room is empty when LP arrives. Covey arrives with the uncle.
Guards arrive, bullets splinter walls. 20 guards trap us in the room.
The Cpt of guard orders our surrender.
The door is closed and locked. Few moments, a knock and “parlay”.
Percy cracks the door open, Covey ready with his British Bulldog.
The guard enters “There need be no bloodshed”. They want Prince….
LP blasts him DEAD.
Door is closed and locked. Bullets riddle the door.
LP “I thought we were parlaying!”
We plan to try to climb down the face outside the window, but 5 guards show up there with rifles below us.
Covey volunteers to leap the 15 or so feet down upon them.
LP fires through the door and crits 20 DEAD.
The 2 pirates kill another. A Pirate is killed as they fire below.
Covey leaps down suddenly, landing right upon 2 of them, them and Covey on the ground. We fire on the last one standing from above, and the guard fires backup.
Covey hits a man on the ground 9.
The 2 on the ground draw blades. The other fires his pistol but misses Covey. The blades hit 7/3.
Covey misses.
Firing from above again kills both men on the ground. LP fires again through the door DEAD.
Bullets are swiss cheesing the door.
Covey “Get down here!”
As they come through the door, the last pirate is shot in the back DEAD through the door.
Below, Covey KO’s the last guard.
Everybody gets down, and we run for the main city.

Back at our place:
The uncle sends for people he can trust. This evening, we have a council of war. Almost all of the Red Captains have been arrested. The Chancellor’s and King’s legion are actively supporting this insurrection. The Princess’s and Uncle’s are locked and guarded in their barracks. Our soldiers are under house arrest in the warehouse.
It’s only a matter of time before they have the time and manpower to come here.
Brutus, Percival, and Galahad watch the walls. But is at the gate.
Pirate crews are held in their own ship. There are riflemen watching our building.
The merc’s are waiting to see who is going to pay them.
Covey “Well, we have the glibbest man in the Empire! I say it’s time for a spot of tea, to celebrate our impending victory.”
A knock at the gate. It’s Burnaby!! “Let me in you swabs”. He has half dozen men with him. They tried to arrest him too, but they overpowered them.
He says certainly 3 gentlemen can take care of this.
An agent of the uncle arrives. The marriage is tomorrow at 10am. Perfect time, all the rapscallions will be at the same place at the same time.

400 noble guard; each legion is 600; artillery have dug themselves in to protect the city from outer threats during this internal uproar; 1200 inf/200 cav mercs. Loyalty is to the Prince.
There is a secret passage in the sub basement of our place into the sewer. We take it to speak to the mercs, Uncle in tow.
200 men guard each of the locked in legions.

All the PC’s, the Uncle, and Burnaby, and the Lt. Broadstone (as the officer, was staying with us).
So, out via the sewer top make for the mercs. We come out near the steps down to the lower city. The city is very quiet. People are too scared of what is going on. We make it to the bridge to the old city. There, 10 guards are watching our path.
We drub them easily.
Down Bridge St. to our destination. Hill Martians guard the outside. This is the place.
Percy and the Uncle go up to them, Percy intimidates these low station guards onto practically cowering. We enter.
5 main officers are wenching and drinking. The Cpt. questions why we were allowed in.
Percy and the Uncle talk them down quickly, calming the situation so that they can then explain our goal in detail.
They understand, but a messenger from Chancellor just offered them double pay. Percy says they can loot the palace.
2 of the 5 refuse to risk an assault on the palace. Percy tells them their men can free the barracks and warehouse.
They agree 1 company will free each of the 3 places.
Leaving a company of inf. and company of dismounted cav.
Infantry will siege, faux assault, the citadel. Just keep them penned up.
The hill martian dismounted cav. will take us to the palace to ‘turn us in’.

Next Morning

Noble Guard pulled back. Probably 300 in the palace.
Just after 8:30, we start hitting the places.
50 cav. bring us to palace. Other 150 are lying in striking distance.
They say “We’ll take it from her”.
Captain insists they go in to get the reward.
They allow 10 of our men to bring us in. Order them to take us to dungeon.
LP whispers to Covey “That’s where the Red Captains are.”

10 palace guard take us down the final steps, including the Guard Cpt. We all have our hands tied.
Cpt. says “one of us, we don’t need.” Pulls out his pistol and is ready to cap the uncle.
Our bonds are for show, they are not truly secure.
He’s about to shoot Uncle, when Martin headbutts him crit 17. The shot misses. Fighting becomes general. He pulls his saber and stabs at Martin. He misses. Martin hits 13/9.
He misses misses Martin again. Martin hits 9/11. Finally, he stabs Martin 4. Martin hits 5/miss staggering him. He misses. Martin misses twice. He misses and Martin KO’s him.
We clean the clocks of the rest. The Chancellor is put in a cell alone.
Martin gets keys off the Cpt. and gives them to LP and Burnaby. The Cpt’s and 30 crew of theirs are now free. Upstairs we meet our 10 Hill Martian cav. and we run into 10 Noble Guard and we trounce them.
The great ceremony is going on already.
To the throne room!

A priest is marrying Chancellor and Princess, who is chained. 2 guards stand with her. About a dozen or so aristocrats look on. 20 Noble Guard, looking better thatn the others we have fought, stand tween us and them. A swath of palace guard even before them are taken on by the pirates et al.
They make a gap for us to get through the door into the chamber. Percy and Parcival Coordinate and Inspiration active. It’s the PC’s only now, with the Uncle.
The nobles gasp! Priest "Let none interfere with this ceremony.
LP fires his LP blaster 11.
The guards start to form up. We charge. They all wield cutlass. Sam turns on the Saw Sword, Martin puts on 2 brass knuckles, But his spear, Gerald cutlass and revolver; the rest cutlasses.
In a couple rounds, a few of the nobles start taking the place of dead NG.
Another round or 2, Parcival has to bow out. Martin and Uncle each get one of his men on them.
After the next round, Parcival has his musket ready and fires at the NG who almost took him down 21 DEAD.
By now, Covey in the middle has dropped a handful of men, Uncle and Brutus on the right a few. On the left, No. 1 has killed a couple. Percy and Gerald are having a rougher time.
Once Gerald is out of rounds, he draws his dagger for his off hand.
Finally, our center and right has one guy only, on Martin. The 2 guards are sent in vs Uncle and Brutus.
The priest steps forward “No one may profane my chappel!”
The Chancellor is holding a knife to Princess.
Covey, free, charges the priest 18 DEAD. Bug stabs a man up through the jaw, pulls him forward, and chews his face off.
Percy then crit kills as well.
Brutus kills one.
Chancellor gets behind the girl “Leave my throne room or the ?>(#$ gets it!”
They do little in return.
LP and Gerald finish Percy’s last man.
Brutus helps Uncle, and they finish their last off.
Covey tells Chancellor to surrender. He demands we promise he can leave the city before he gives up the Princes.
Martin, Uncle, Brutus move in on Chancellor. LP joins them
The enemy are finished.
LP denies any airship to escape in, and no money. Word will be spread of your betrayal “so surrender.”
He demands Percy’s word as Seldon he will be exiled with 100000 coin.
LP “So its a parlay…..Princess duck!”
Martin dives in to get her down and cover her as Parcival fires his musket! It’s a hit 17! Covey hits 18; Gawain 21. Brutus’ webley goes off 17. All those shots take him DOWN to neg. 9.
LP “Good job diplomatic core. A fine parlay.”

Word spreads, but there was a lot of fighting going on in town. Amnesty for the legions who were confused by the Chancellor’s lies. It’s a great confusion to sort out.

Next Day

Helping sort things out.

Next Day

The Princess is announced to be taking the throne.
We have started wheels in motion for this city to become a British ally. There could even be a consulate here and a regiment to the city.
Canal priests and engineers for the canals WILL arrive asap.

Return to Sirtis Major

Over the next couple month, we consolidate the power base. Begin to organize things. Covington begins scientific studies in earnest on railway, his own projects, as well as something special he has been researching: atomic transportation.
He also begins working with the local scienctific minds to sow the seeds of Percy Holdings future Scientific Division.

Lord Lanthoon shows up, has his duel with Percy
LP is losing, but takes him down with a critical shot. He spares his life, however. Lanthoon swears allegiance.

We decide to make the trip back to Sirtus Major, to report to Brit gov. all that has occurred. We stop off at Sigius Portus and Moab on the way to report victory and plant seeds of Seldon religion in each.

William and Crammond stay behind to train recruits in military and combat.

It’s a 3 week trip there, including stops.

Gerald flies the Prince of Parhoon. Other than crew, we bring the Bug, Martin, LP, Brutus, Kip, Galahad, Percival, Covey, (he has a lab set up on the ship), Percy’s wife; Bumpo comes as well to return to British area.
Crammond has written a terrific letter of merit for us, to hopefully get us some stuff at a good price. We want to upgrade the armament for the Prince and Nimrod.

Once there, we start shopping for guns.

Upon our return, Covey makes right for Grant, it a big hug of science.
Grant has the aether flyer ship shape. Martin and Annabelle have a happy reunion.
LP puts request in to see the Governor in Sirtus Major.
Percy meets with HBTC (Hesperidan Basin Trading Company), aka The George Company, led by Henry Price Mumford, Lord Calvan. Secretary says he is in conference. He says it’s going to be difficult as ‘the proverbial excrement has hit the fan’.
LP leaves his card.
He says the war, er police action, with Oenitrians has cut severely into profits. There has been no contact with one of their forts for 5 days. He takes the card in immediately.
Seconds later he returns “Lord Calvan will see you now”.
There are a dozen men in the office. 2 British army captains, several others in pseudo military dress: HBTC private army.

Calvan says bankruptcy is near if they continue to lose trading posts. Fort Dickerson is the latest. The troops that were due to be rotated out should have been to Sirtus Minor 5 days ago, and have not. It is right on the edge of the undeclared conflict. They may have taken it out. One of original causes of the war.
Dr. Philip Whitehead went there 6 months ago, digging series of trenches after supposed ancient Martian Tech. had been found in an underground ruin of some sorts. This historian has made some significant discoveries but nothing earth shaking. He had sent back the claim of finding something that will change all we know of Martian history, about a month ago.
50 civilians there, plus 65 soldiers. Plus the 15 man rotation who went to replace the ones who never came back.
There are not enough George troops in Sirtus Minor to send anyone to the Dickinson.
They want to send a company from here, plus an archaeologist and company reps, Roving Officers, as trouble shooters. All are otherwise detained, and one has died recently.
Lt. Franklin Broadstone (graduated Sandhurst, found India dull, retired at earliest opportunity, joined HBTC; follows orders blindly) takes offence at Calvan’s notion that he can’t just trust soldiers to look into this.
He will talk to LP about a joint venture on Mars. They could make the rail spikes we will need, and resources we will need to cut trees for railroad ties.
So, what happened at the fort; what is this discovery; it’s right at border conflicts.
LP “I’m just the man you’re looking for.”
Calvan “My god, good man. Surely you have more important things to do than this.”
Covey “I’m going, too.”

We spend much of the day securing armament. Grant will install on the ships while we are gone, using Covey’s range finder and quick loading upgrades where we have chosen.
All of our previous guns are sold for half price. British artillery is bought to replace at an overall 10% discount thanks to Crammond and Percy.
As soon as we have the funds, we will use Covington’s Range Finder combined with Grant’s Analytical Engine to invent our own Ballistic Computer.

They have room for 8 of us maximum on the merchant ship. Percy’s wife, our crew, Kip stay here.
The captain of the ship is a Seldonite! The ship is called Seldon’s Pride!
The captain offers LP his personal cabin. LP politely declines with great thanks, as a show of respect to the captain.
We sail to Carcharum. A 6 day trip.

The Temple of Gaaryan

Percy decides that, for this one specific instance, we will fly the flag of Seldon above the Brit flag.
Covington promptly spits his tea.
Met by another ship, half mile out, they only let one ship approach. We send Nimrod. 6 soldiers and several priests board. 1 priest walks up to Percy.
“You are the English visitors we were expecting?”
Percy “I AM.”


They want to place us under arrest for assassination in London and demand the amulet.
Covey elbows Dinoos to speak up for us now.
He wishes to speak to Keer, we tell him what happened and that Worm cultists have been dogging us.
Percy demands to be taken to temple, as he is Seldon. We show him the mathematics.
He is baffled, stumbling for words. Fine, we’ll take you to temple. Bring your retinue and come with me."
Lancelot on the Prince, Scotty on Nimrod, left in charge. Annabelle, Kip and Crammond there as well, though they are told they are in charge.

4 carriages take us all to our destination. 1st has 2 priests, Percy and wife. 2nd has 2 more priests (Lliis Hadfii) and Covey/Number 1. 3rd had Celts and Gawain.
Lliis in youngest of elders here. He’s in disfavor with high priests and is reason we are here. He developed the new form to pinpoint Seldon in place of the old astrology that didn’t work, the mathematics. He offers to show me how he achieved those results, Covey says sure and makes a friend for life.


Covey “Why in disfavor?”
“They don’t believe me. Most of the young believe me.”


Arrive temple. Offer to tour temple. Grounds are huge, fortress shaped, gun batteries at towers, giant domed chapel, stables, lots of other buildings like soldier barracks, dorms, servants divided tween married and not….
The religion is thriving only here, last bastion of strong faith. Perpetual motion machine waterwheel of liftwood is impressive.
Shown our quarters in a tower are very comfortable, good servants, but it basically shuts us in. Armed guards on roof and bottom are unobtrusive to us but always there.
1st night we just spend the night. We have freedom, but nothing much to do here. Martin suggests the celts set up in one of the courtyards for drink, music and dance. Gawain joins of course. They attract many servants, guards and young priests.

Next Day

Night is falling and Percy, with his humans, are called for audience with priests at temple, dress our best! Hundreds of priests chanting dolefully. We are weaponless for this. Kir’s death is announced and states the side of the prosecution.
present at both crimes
leader of elder council, oldest, asks us to make our statements.
Percy “Hello, I’m Seldon.”
Covey “We were with them because Keer believed Percy to be Seldan, so of course we were present at both occassions.”
Percy “Plus, everyone who follows me will attest to the Cult of the Worm’s attempts to kill me throughout my time on Mars.”
Our 5 civilized white PC’s each get to speak.
Old man totters forward "We have reached our decision. Suddenly, whips out the amulet and puts it around Percy’s neck “WELCOME HOME LORD SELDON!!!! We have sorely missed you.”
All cheer! The guards spears swing away from us and the congregation begins to sing. Guards have to stop some to rush stage. Motions for silence go unheeded. “As you all know, Lord Seldon is perpetually reborn to guide us as our high priest.” He declares us innocent of evil!
Announces that he is too old, so make Goovre the Chancellor, the one who didn’;t believe us at first. It was he who threw his weight behind us. Declares tomorrow they will take up the old works again.
We follow him upstairs and tells the story of last Seldon’s assassination. True we were deceived to lure us here. Says we must all remain here for the rest of our lives.
Percy insists planet needs fixed but can’t stay here forever. He says even if this is all superstition “You are Seldon to all now.”
Covey and Martin explains that the old Seldon didn’t sit around doing nothing, Seldon took care of things.
He does not agree, Seldon was always kept here safe. Covey speaks up strongly, say “I read about him, he did not stay here.”
“That was the first Seldon.”
Covey “Right, who went out into the world and united and conquered and fixed everything himself. That is what Mars is like now and what it needs now! That Seldon is who the circumstances require.”
He seems to be bending.

Next Day

Full of ceremony.
During one, outside, at new barracks construction that they are blessing, the priest restarts the ritual after a false start. Covey, Number 1 and Gerald are standing with Percy, others in crowd. Covey sees the glint of a rifle barrel out of a window above.
Brutus, in the crowd, and Gerald see 2 men on a wall 20’ up starting to tilt a broken section over so that it will fall on Percy.
Brutus races for the wall like shot out of a cannon (card) and makes it up the wall as well.
Covey raises the Martian sniping rifle he carried in case of assassination and hits 13 wound points, dropping the sniper to 0 wound points yelling “Percy get down”.
Gerald draws pistol and fires upward at the wall and hits 11.
Percival jumps tween Percy and Sniper, drawing sword.
LP fires at wall pusher with his new Covington pistol for 20 (now at neg). Falls off wall which kills him.
William draws vibro blade, Gawain makes for wall enemy.
Sniper misses badly and drops KO’d.
Martin makes for wall.
Number 1 guards Percy. As does Igrane.
Last guy left tries to bullrush Brutus off the wall but misses.
Gerald rushes up the wall. Brutus grapples for 5.
Villain fails to damage. Brutus pins him. Martin hits for 15 total, Gerald 4 both brawling.
The villain fails to escape. Gerald hits 11 KO’d.
Chancellor says take him away and question him. Group who protected Percy also grabs the priest who was leading the ceremony.
The priest false started, so he was waiting for a very specific time.
They take him away to question, Percy sends Percival to help.
The rest of the day passes uneventfully, but for faint cries from the treacherous priest.

Later, a yelling outside gate “Let me in!”
A creature driving it climbs off the wagon and says to a servant “Excuse me sir, will you take care of my beasts?”
“Of course sir.”
Asks to see the humans and the Seldan.
They show him to us, a wrapping at the door.
He says his name is Cecil Bumpo.
Covey is about to say who he is when Percy opens the door and there stands a bear man, bowler hat and umbrella. Percy shuts the door.
Covey says this is a famous Moreau mutant bear, from when Moreau worked at Chicago University. Experiments on 5 bear cubs, Chicago Ersine Modification Experiments. Could not adapt to life among humans well. So, Bumpo came to Mars figuring there were plenty of non humans here anyway. Brian is lost in South America, Douglas committed suicide. Adam is a broadway performer, Efram Teach is an evil air pirate on earth.
Each took a last name after someone they admired.
Cecil “I’m here on a secret mission.”
Martin “For who?”
“May I speak to you frankly and privately?”
Percy “All right, everybody clear off!”
Cecil “I meant all of you.”
Percy “Everyone, gather around.”
He’d like to go back to Sirtis Major as soon as we return, he has been stuck around here for a long time.
Second, “your ships are under guard by the military of Gaaryan. Your crews though still alive are in the dungeon.”
Martin “What!? Where?”
“I don’t know if any died. They sent barrels of wine to she ships, drugged. They all passed out. Then the troops boarded and the men were hauled off like animals.”
Percy is highly upset, threatening to burn the entire city down; if one drop of blood has been spilled he will kill everyone responsible.
Cecil says he was staying in the city when this happened but couldn’t get to us through the crowd. Stopped by soldiers. He saw a priest come to town the next morning and talk to the Prince of Garyan.
Brutus recommends seeing if Cecil can ID the priest from the ceremony as that priest.
Cecil “Whatever you intend on doing gentlemen, I am more than willing to help.”
Martin is super upset at a captured Annabelle.
Cecil had been going around as an entertainer on the streets. Once he got here he couldn’t get out again. Why? He was broke and it turned out it was against the law here for animals to perform. Passed after he arrived here. Since then got a job as a porter. So they passed a law against that. Finally, I became the prince’s jester."
Percy “I’m passing a law that you can do whatever you want.”
He says sometimes when he’s fighting he can go berserk.
He prefers brandy to whiskey.
He ID’s our prisoner as the priest who visited the Prince. Brutus recommends hanging him from the yardarm once we get to the ships.
Interrogator and Percival say he told nothing.
Cecil “Why is the priest torturing that man?”
Turns out Cecil was confused at who we were asking about, and confused us. Its the torturing priest who talked to the priest!
Percival burns him with the hot poker.
They let the captive free.
Percy sends Cecil to get some of his favorite priests. They look bewildered. Cecil says Percy, who calls the mathmetician Merlin, wants Merlin to come to him. They send Cecil to the astrology room. He finds Merlin slumped over the desk, knife in his back! He looks up, blood running from mouth, and is shocked. Cecil carries him out, some priests stop him. He asks for medical assistance. One young priest says get out of here, another older one calls of guards. Cecil makes a run for it and 2 guards block the doorway. Cecil overruns them and out the door.
We see him with the priest over his shoulder, rushing out to us.
Yells to us where he found him, guards tried to stop him.

We get him back to our quarters. Says he found calculations, they want to kill Percy at a specific time so that the next reincarnation will be born in Oenitria. Can’t try again for another week. Then, the moons will be at the correct alignment though not exact. He shows us the calculations from within his robes.
He says he knows his young pals are not a part of this.
It was Grouivr who stabbed him!!
It seems everyone over maybe 18 has to be taken out! Covington brings up “The question is, what about the guards? Are they all just in the middle of all this?”
Guard battalion has been called out, forming up outside the tower, Grouivr behind them. He yells we are heretics, he is not Seldon, we must all die but for capturing Percy.
Percy plays the Ah Love card, Col. of guards refuses to go against the great Seldon. The troops are torn. Percy yells back from window, backing the Captains words to stay put while Grouivr tries to get them to attack.
Most guards join the Col. and Percy, but some try to follow Grouivr and a fight commences won by our side. Grouivr rushes into temple.
Col. yells what should we do now and he is shot in the head. Troops turn on Percy’s word and fire a volley of arroes and muskets, killing the priest assassin on the near tower.
Next in command “What now.”
Covey “We have to raid the temple.”
Percy yells “We raid the temple!” and we rush down.
The temple doors open, and 10 bound priests are rushed out, all young ones, with older priests behind holding guns on them threatening to kill the rest of our loyal priests.
Percy “Everyone stand down. You can have me, let the priests go.”
They say “Deal”. The young priests try to say don’t to it but Percy says its ok, boys. They take Percy inside, where he sees about 15 to 20 priests dead inside. A sleeping cell crammed with wounded priests who obviously supported Seldon. So all left, about 15, are the enemy.
Percy draws his saber and yells a great warcry (deaf card) inside and rushes, firing the LP pistol for 11! Outside we hear it and charge.
Inside, Percy draws saber and misses. Grouivr hits 5. Rest of priests run to door ready to fire a volley.
We rush to the temple door as they fire. Cecil is hit 13, Brutus7, Number 1 hit 3 times 23, 14, 15 KO; Igrane hit 14, 9, 11 KO.
Note: with Karnake involved, this creates an international incident.
Will and Martin enter rages (cards).
Percy misses. Cecil hits with claw DEAD, cleaves DEAD, cleaves 18; Gerald stops short and shoots 10; Brutus misses.
Grouivr hits Percy 8.
Percival and Gawain miss, Will with vibro on hits 22 DEAD cleaves 18, surges next guy 23; Martin hits 8, Karnake stops short and fires but misses. Sigeus Cpt of Marines fires the double barrel flintlock 19. Covey first aids Number 1.
Priests: Cecil it for 6, keeps man grappled; Brutus 4; Pervical critted 7, Gawain is missed; 2 on Will miss/crit 11; Martin is missed; Karnake is hit 8; Marine Cpt is missed.
Percy attacks and hits 12; Brutus hits 8; Cecil bites his grappled priest 11 and drops him, claws him 19 and 20 DEAD. Cleaves 17; Gerald shoots 10; William hits 19; Percival misses; Gawain hits 5; Martin hits once 15. Karnake hits with saber 5; Marine cpt misses. Covey fails first aid on Igrain.
Grouivre hits Percy 3.
miss Gerald; hit Brutus 4; miss Percival; miss Gawain; miss/miss Will; hit Martin 8; hit Karnake crit 12; miss Marine cpt; hit Cecil 4.
Percy crits 18; Brutus hits 12; Percival misses; Gawain misses; Cecil claws 16 DEAD, cleaves Martin’s 19/bite 12 DEAD, cleaves Karnake’s miss/claw vs same 18 DEAD; Gerald shoots 12; Will hits 16 DEAD DEAD, cleaves his second attacker 20; Martin turns and helps Gawain 12/miss; Karnake helps Percival miss; Marine cpt crits 16.
Covey first aids Igrane.
hits Gerald 8; crits Brutus 12; misses Percival; misses Gawain; miss marine.
Percy crits 16 DEAD; Brutus misses; Gawain misses; Percival misses; Martin hits Gawain’s twice for 28 total; Karnake attacks Percival’s 3, marine Cpt hits 7, Cecil kills Gawain’s, cleaves 13 on Gerald’s. Covey brawls marine’s miss.
They surrender, the last 4.
Percy orders them all kneecapped or hamstrung as Percival suggests. The other priests want to essentially crucify them. Basically, by the next day they are executed. They offer to swear fealty to Seldon but we refuse. They do say getting the Oenitrians in was all a plan to crush Tossians, then use them to force humans off of Mars. They are Ground Cleansers.
Our Venusian wore his bowler as a sign of friendship with Cecil.

Questioning of survivors leads to our belief that Cult of the Worm has nothing to do with this. Just too long since no Seldan, priests just an institution now, in it for the power.

Percy says if any of our prisoners are harmed he will burn the city to the ground.
We have 100 infantry, 100 cavalry between Percy/Seldan loyalists and temple guards.

Next Day

Report of flyers crisscrossing desert between here and city. Search pattern! They are looking for someone or something else, not just watching for our potential approach.
We must assume priest loyalists got out of village and to town, informing them of our victory here.

Percy sends 10 groups of 10 cav to scout, Brutus with 1st, Will with 5, Gawain with 7.
Through a spyglass, Percival sees a ship flies over group 10 and one of the cav men climbs onto the ship for about 10 minutes, then climbs back down and ship flies away.
Martin says don’t ask him about it, let him talk freely first.
Says he was indeed stopped, asked what had happened at temple complex. They are looking for an escaped prisoner, a famous jewel thief. Asked if the cav is planning on coming to city now that temple overthrown by false Seldan. Officer said he needed to talk to captain as they were not aware the Seldan was false. The head Priest in town is now the head of the religion. Prince wants temple back, it is the state religion afterall. Does not want a lot of bloodshed. He’s worried about what the Red Devils are capable of.
Covey asks about prince to guards: father died of a strange wasting disease, brother in hunting accident before he could take the thrown. Same guy has been head priest through it all.

Then, one ship turns sharply, into wind, past temple straight into desert past. Percival says its a swiftwood, crew of 40 (20 marines and sailors each). It’s heading for something, suddenly.
Martin looks outward into desert via spyglass: 3 figures, one large hill martian, a medium hill martian, and a small hill martian on foot and staggering. About a mile and a half away. Small one starts to cling to largest, he embraces as if its a girl. Medium one wears a top hat and points indirection of the ship. Largest gets in front, clothes torn, wearing British officers uniform as he throws off his robes, woman cowering behind him and pulls pistol and starts firing though well out of range. Guy with the hat is a Venusian with a spear ready.
Martin says “It’s Crammond and Grommet, with Lillian!”
Percy leads Gawain, Brutus, Covey, Martin and 20 cavalry to meet them.

We get there and race for the temple Crammond “Jolly good to see you fellas.”
As we ride Crammond “We have big news!”
It’s a race back to the city, and they hit a bad wind cause we make it. They do fire the rogue at us. First shot misses badly from a sudden gust that tilts the ship. then a dust devil covers our entry (card).
Crammond comforts Lillian.

Crammond says they were arrested. Says our taking of temple is big news. Troops are split about 1/3 favoring the new Seldan, 1/3 the priest, 1/3 watch and wait attitude. More time that passes, more will favor the priest. He has some sort of hold over Prince, very scared of the priest.
Crammond speaks “a little bit of their gibberish,a nd Grommet quite a bit.”
Grommet made friends with a jailer, strong follower of canal keepers and told us of the new Seldan reborn as English “Made perfect sense to me”.
Told us yesterday there had been a brew ha ha at temple, most of priests dead. Seldan declaring himself ruler of Mars and only the priests could stop him. Crammond through Grommet convinced him Percy was true Seldan and he let them escape with Lillian. He climbed up tower where she was being kept, disguised self as a woman, killed the 2 guards and we escaped.
Percy “What is the condition of our friends?”
“3 have recanted, Bors, Lionel, and Dagonet and been set free, all former pirates.” They put them in black hole of Gaaryan w/o food or water until they recant. Many are still in there."
Then they ran into a roving band of hill Martians. He fought the leader, won but refused to kill the Martian. They explained they were escaping, and since the Martians aren’t kind to the city they let them go with 3 mounts. Crammond led them the wrong way again but they saw the smoke from the battle here. Left mounts where they tired to they would live and return to the tribe.
Then we saw them.

Percy holds war council in morning. Talk of using subterfuge, boldly marching up, simply announcing “I am Seldan, do as you will” Napolean style and see what the soldiers do.
Infantry will be left behind to guard temple, we will bring the cavalry with us.
Lillian stays at temple.

Next Day

18 miles to city. Arrive around noon.
In sight of city, airships are keeping a good distance. We fly a flag of truce with British and Seldan flag. Swiftwood fires its 2 light guns on either side of road. We halt our approach. Then a cry, and a man falls from another swiftwoods followed by the sound of the shot that killed him. It then attacks the others, firing its rogue gun across its bow. 2 others close in on the new one that seems to have turned for our side. Its a standoff. We keep moving.
Another ships raise a makeshift Seldan flag, then 2 others move in as well.

We reach range of walls, and a regiment comes out and meets us.
Officer “Come no closer or we will fire!”
Percy “I don’t believe you” and steps forward. “These priests are honorable men….” modifying Antony’s speech.
The officer is about to order fire, but sees many guns pointed at him. He stops and is willing to take us to prince if army stays outside.
Percy “This is not an army, this is my personal retinue.”
Percy agrees, telling cavalry leader to maintain safe distance and if anything happens don’t hesitate to charge.

Once inside the whole city reeks of a powder keg ready to explode. We see a hill martian merc cavalry regiment leaving the city. Percy tells Grommet to talk to them and tell them Seldan’s pockets are deep. He does, and they are from the same tribe as he and Crammond met. They tell him ‘“its about to be brother against brother here and we didn’t sign on for this."
Grommet tells them they can get the same salary if they form up with our cavalry outside and hold. They accept.
Grommet catches up.


Palace guard regiment is on high alert. We meet Prince on the throne. The room is some 3 stories high, huge windows in the back. “What’s the meaning of this, why have you brought the pretender Seldan here? Guards defend me!” and a line gets between us.
Percy says we’re not his enemy, only the priest. All bloodshed stops if you give me the priest.
“No, I can not do that.”
Covey says “We know you are scared of him.”
The priest steps out from behind the throne, a staff in his hand. He says to the Prince "Arrest them now, and execute him (to Percy).
The Prince says no.
Priest “Don’t forget how you became king.”
Prince “No, no!”
Percy “Don’t forget how you’ll remain king.” Draws his saber and charges to priest “Death to the usurper!”
The priest is surprised, an Percy swings mightily, but wildly for a miss (coin card). The priest backs into an alcove and opens a hidden doorway “Say hello to my friends” releasing a pack of ugly looking dog like things.
Covey says “I know those! He’s summoned Demons Dogs from Hell! They are great leapers.”
Percy leaps over a couple of the dogs for a tackle as the priest misses with a dagger, but Percy misses.
(Rt and Lf from throne point of view)
The dogs charge in. 3 on Percy hit twice 6/6; Prince is hit 4; Gawain is missed; Fr G 3 and 4 hit 5/7.
FrG 1 fire at dog who hit Prince 21 DEAD; FrG 2 fires at one of 2 on FrG4 and DEAD; FrG 3 misses one on Percy; FrG 4 misses one who attacked him. Lf G 3 hits for 3 other 2 miss; Gawain crits his 13; Bumpo runs to attack the 3 on LfG’s, biting LFg2’s for 12;Gerald hits dog on Lfg3 for 5; Covey misses Gawain’s; Martin runs around our left side to help Percy (picture taken); Kip, Crammond and Grommet guard our rear at the entry door; Will makes for Percy and hits one for 13; Percival helps Gawain and Covey hits 6; Brutus charges another behind Percy.
We hear screaming in hall outside. Door bursts open and 10 more Devil Dogs rush in. 7 pass by our 3 rear guard: AoO = Kip crit 16 DEAD, Crammond crit 11, Grommet 7. They all surround Bumpo.
(Picture taken)
Percy goes for the grapple again, hitting but failing the grapple.
Priest yells casts again.
On the lft, first 2 soldiers are hit 3/5; Dog on Gawain hit 2; 3 dogs around Percy: one hits Brutus 2, Will for 5, Percy 3; last on the princes G4 misses; Crammond is missed, Grommet is hit 7, Kip is missed; 6 on the bear (including original that turned from LfG3) = crit 6, hit 4, rest miss.
Crammond crits 11, Grommet hits 6, FrG3 and 4 double on theirs miss/5; Kip punches 4; William hits 10; Gerald crits saber 12 on the one that turned to Bumpo; RtG3 hits 3; Brutus hits 9; Covey hits 13; Martin misses the priest; Bumpo hits with 1st claw DEAD to a new; cleaves new 17; bite hits 15 same DEAD; cleaves a new 19 DEAD; gr cleave hits new 19 DEAD; gr cleave on new 13; 2nd claw hits same 22 DEAD; cleaves the original that turned on him Miss; Rt G’s guard prince still, FrG1 and 2 stay by throne guarding him as well.
Percy draws his LP blaster, AoO from priest misses, and crits 32 blowing his head off! 10 more dogs rush in through the hidden door now behind Martin. They all rush the Prince. the Rt3 Guards fire their readied shots 24/25/15; they rap around to the FrG 1 and 2 who miss their readied swords.
(picture taken)
FrG1 is hit 5/6 by 2, FrG2 is hit 2/6; LfG1 is missed, 2 is hit 6/3, 3 is hit 2/5. On RgG1 is critted 9, 2 is hit 7, 3 is missed. 1 on Percy hits 4; Will is hit 6, and Brutus 2; original dog on Fr4 misses; original who turned on bear misses; Kip is missed; Grommet is hit 3, Crammond is hit 2.
Will hits 10; Gerald crits with pistol 21 to new on from front door; then stabs 7 on one who turned on Bumpo 7; Kip steps back and fires Webley 10; RtG’s pull out sabers miss/crit 10/miss; Gawain steps to one on LfG2 4; Percival flanks with LfG1 4, All 3 LfG miss; Brutus hits 10; Prince spring attacks one on FrG1 for 8; Martin hits dog on Percy 14/8; Covey crits 21 on dog vs FrG3 and 4; Crammond misses; Grommet crits 18; Bumpo claws one who turned on him 21 DEAD; cleaves dog vs LfG2 20.
Percy quick reloads and hits 18 to dog Martin just punched twice DEAD; RtG’s miss/8 DEAD/miss ; FrG 1 adn 2 both miss; Prince misses.
Dogs: dog on RgG4 hit 3, RtG5 is missed; Will is missed; Brutus is missed; FrG 2 is hit 2; Kip hit for 3; Grommet is hit 2; Crammond is hit for 6; FrG 1 missed; FrG 2 hit 5 (each with 2 on them); RgG 1 hit 2/4; 2 hit 3; 3 hit for 7/5; LfG 1hits 8, Percival hits same 6 DEAD; LfG2 hits 6, Gawain hits same 4;Brutus hits 9; LfG 3 misses; Will hits DEAD cleaves to RtG3 miss; Gerald shoots guard on Crammond for miss; Kip misses; FrG 1 and 2 hit 3/miss; Crammond crits 12; Grommet misses; Covey helping Fr3 and 4 hits 13 DEAD; Martin hits Brutus’ 15 DEAD; Bumpo reaches the Prince’s area. Claws to dog on RtG1 18; claw same 20; bite same DEAD, cleaves other dog on same guard 16.
Percy fires again for 10 to dog on RtG3; FrG1 and 2 miss; Prince springs on 2nd on RtG1 crit 10 DEAD; RtG 3 hits same Percy shot for 15 DEAD; RtG 2 hits 12, RtG1 misses.
Dogs: Last of original dogs, on RgG’s misses; Kip is missed; Crammond is missed; Grommet is hit 7; RtG2 is hit 3; RtG 3 is hit 7; 2 on FrG1 miss/4; FrG2 missed/12.
Gerald shoots Grommet’s 12; Kip punches 11; Crammond hits 5; Grommet missed; LfG’s hit miss/9/7 on same one; Gawain hits same 8 DEAD; Percival moves to help FrG2 crit 10; Brutus helps RtG3 for 9; Bumpo flanks the 4 on Fr1 and 2 hitting same one Percival hit for 17; bite same 17 DEAD; cleave bite on next in line miss; 2nd claw hits 22; Covey misses same; Martin misses dog on RgG2.
FrG1 hits 6, FrG2 hits 4; Percy shoots on LfG2’s 10; Prince misses; LfG 1 hits 8; LfG3 misses.
Dogs: Grommet hit 4; Crammond hit 4; Kip is missed; FrG 1 missed/7; FrG2 hit 3; RtG 2 hit 3; Martin hits 12/11 on last vs RtG’s; Brutus hits same 14 DEAD; Crammond misses; Grommet hits 9 DEAD; Kip misses; Gawain charges Kip’s for crit 12; Percival vs dog on FrG2 hits 5; Lf1 crits Crammond’s on a charge 21 DEAD; RtG 5 hits Kip’s 9 DEAD; Bumpo claws same Percival hit 21 DEAD, cleaves crit 47 DEAD, gr cleaves last dog 21 DEAD.

Prince to Bumpo “You sir, will be a knight of the Realm.”
“Oh, thank you.”
Covington to Prince “Satisfied?”
He is, immediately ready to announce Seldan is truly Seldan.
Percy “Tell me truthfully, did you have anything to do with the death of your brother and father.”
“If you’re truly Seldan you know the answer to that. My father, no, that was all…him (nodding toward the priest). I had no idea about it. Not until the priest claimed to me that my brother had my father killed to become Prince, and offered me the crown.” So the priest lied to get the brother killed.
Announcement is made publicly, and its time to party. We go to let our men out of prison and find the guards at the black hole dead, our men not in there. All our NPC’s are freed, but the Martians are gone.
Percy is incensed and wants blood, asks for all known to be loyal to the priest to be rounded up immediately.
Martin insists on the officer from outside.

Back to throne room as the rounded up jailers are brought in. They don’t know what happened. They do know another was killed at the 1st door and another 2 on the path that leads to the Pit.
Suddenly, the huge stained glass windows shatter inward as…pirates….swing inward on ropes, cutting down 3 guards and wound in ga few others. It’s our pirates! Landing ready for action shouting “Up Seldan, down Gaaryan!”
Percy “Hold up, hold up!!”
Covey “Easy lads, everything is under control.”
“We came to rescue you, we recovered the ship.”
They had draws straws, the three losers pretended to reject Seldan to get out and given positions in the guard. From which they proceeded to sneak in and rescue everyone else et al.
Everything is quickly calmed down. They thought, while they were hiding on the ship, that when once the city calmed that meant we had lost.
Percy says to find his 3 best warriors to begin an elite corp to be called The Brotherhood of Seldan, and idea Percy has had brewing for several weeks now, with parts of the brotherhood all around Mars eventually. The Prince agrees.

The Party:

We are not in good state during this. Covey is drunk, and Percy is hammered, Martin is slobberingly plastered; the marines are drinking only lightly, Crammond and Kip 3 sheets to the wind, Brutus and Grommet are on guard, Bumpo also sober.
It’s a record breaking night, highest Oxford Boy water balloon drop ever!
Percy and the Prince are talking, as well as they can that is.
Bumpo smells something horrible, like bile or rotting meat. It’s getting stronger.
“My good fellows I believe there is something horrible coming.”
The pirates are mostly out for the count.
The Prince says “I’ll see what it is.”
Percy stops him so he says “Cpt, see if there is something out there.”
He opens the big doors into the hall, nothing but the stench rolls in. Percy calls him back in before he foolishly steps out. Some of the passed out drunk start to wake up and vomiting.
Then echoing footsteps. We have heard nothing of guards in hallway.
Covey “Brutus, close that door.”
He does and puts the bar across the door.
Something then starts to pound against the door but the beam is holding. After about a minute it turns and walks away.
So, what in the world was that.
Brutus offers to investigate. As he opens the door he hears screams and running within the palace. Cpt of guard says it sound like its coming from the kitchens.
Will “We need sandwiches anyway.”
Martin points to him in the affirmative.
They 3 and the cpt join him, Percy and Gerald and Covey following.
Prince orders the general alarm sounded.
The cpt makes for the barracks. Percy follows us to the kitchen. A pair of legs w/o a body lies on the ground, screaming inside. Brutus steps in.
Immensely fat man, almost 8’ tall, easily 8’ around with huge legs, not neck, nude, skin different colors and textures as if made from different grafts rather than sown. He holds in his huge hands a person thrashing and screaming until a crunch silences him. He turns to us, ans we see a mouth that is most of his head. When it opens his head practically disappears around it exposing 2 or 3 rows of teeth. He is eating the maid, half in the first bite! It disintegrates as we watch and it chews. It looks like there is some sort of supernatural void for a mouth.
It moves toward us slowly and deliberately.
“Me, Grendel.”
It stops, looking at us with bleary eyes. IT opens its mouth and sprays huge spray of stomach acid and bits 20’ long. 12 acid to Will, Martin, Sam and Percival, Gawain takes 0, Brutus, Gerald and Percy takes 6.
Brutus draws his Webley and hits 12. Round goes in, it starts to bleed green stuff. As it drops on the ground it burns like acid.
We start a strategic withdrawal, it appears he can’t go faster than a walk. Brutus keeps firing at it as we move, hitting for 7. Percy runs for the party to ready the marines’ muskets as we lead it there, Covey with him to get the detonite. They runs into a servant who asks for help, its bashing in to eat the women and children. After stopping to tell the marines to get ready they make for the servants quarters.
The think spits a gout of phlem and meat and acid hits Brutus with a splash for 6. We put more distance between us. The cpt runs up and says another ate some of the soldiers, the rest fled into the parade ground via the windows.
The ready marines hear a yell from behind, a stumbling servant moaning help me. He falls, and on his back is a huge mosquito like thing, its proboscis stuck in his back sucking. A buzzing now from that direction. The blob appears around the corner. Bumpo takes position toward the buzzing.
Brutus shoots the mosquito 10, Crammond misses it. Will hits 13 DEAD with a pop.
A swarm round the corner, about 6. Gerald hits one for 9, Martin 11.
Marines fire a volley, all 20. 9 hits: 21/14/15/13/15/19/18/15/14. It explodes in green acid splashing all surfaces and rolling down, leaving inch deep gouges in the rock. DEAD.

Percy and Covey find a soldier on his last gasp, mosquito monster attached. We pass. Covey hits with vibro 12. It detaches and strikes but misses. Covey swings 30 with vibro DEAD. Insect guts and soldier blood all over. They start reloading. Pirates are too passed out to be of any service.

At party, the mosquitos fly onto us. Brutus shoots his revolver 11; Gawain his musket for 21 DEAD; Percival misses; Gerald crits pistol 27 DEAD; Will pistol hits 12. Cecil is attacked by 2 of them miss/miss; Gawain is missed, Will is missed. Martin punches 6/10.
Merlin, in the party, says there must be a gate that the priest opened and never closed. We have to find it and destroy it.
A man comes running around corner through the acid filled corner, falling over as his feet disinigrate in it and burns to death after he yells another one is coming behind him.
At mosquito’s: Bumpo kills 2 we wound others. 2 remaining: Brutus is missed, Gawain is missed. We kill the other 2.
By the time the other blob comes, the marines are ready and kill it as well.

At servants: find the door seconds from giving way. Percy takes a longer fuse and charges it, ramming it into its butt crack! The pack disappears. That gets its attention. Percy flees around corner and it follows, it opens its mouth to spit. Butt bundle of 3 does 48, Covey hits his throw right in the mouth with another bundle of 3 for 40 but extra 25% for 50!!
DEAD!!!!!! in an explosion of gross!!! He breaths for another couple rounds before dying. Covey avoids the spash of its nastiness, Percy takes 31!!!! But nothing (card).
Percy “It’s barely a fleshwound.”

Whole palace now up and in an uproar. We use the hidden door to get to the chapel. We leave Gawain, Percival, and Brutus at party. Cpt and 6 guards lead us to chapel but they will wait at entrance. Beyond there its a maze that leads to the center of the chapel. He set it up this way several years ago. A swivel wall reveals the entrance. Immediate stench of brimstone.
Percy, Will, Gerald, Martin and Covey enter.
Giant frog appears behind us releasing a poisonous breath. All but Covey dodges, andhe makes save. It hits one soldier and almost saps all his strength. Vibro blades on!
Percy fires the LP blaster and hits 19 DEAD.
We move in and start to make our way through the maze. We go left first.
Hit a see saw trap floor but jump forward.
6spear trap out of wall at Percy and Covey in front. Covye hit 12, Percy 8/11. Dead End.
We have to try to jump the dropping half of the trap. Covey and Martin jump to other side and stand there to counter the weight and the rest walk across.
Back at entrance, we go left.
Covey has a brilliant idea, let’s go out, get the navy, and blow this place to hell!
We go out and do so, blowing the central roof open into the central main room. A huge demon stands in the rubble looking up and takes flight for us.
2 city navy ships: Both lobs miss, both rod guns hit 11 total. 2 heavy guns hit 21/6 and 1 crits 41. It definitely has good DR.
Nimrod: rogue hits 14; gattling hits for 15.
Prince of Parhoon: rod hits 4; 2 heavies hit 6/8. They did no damage.
Covey “I say, that was terrible men!”
It is coming through roof.
Nimrod heavies hit 4/22; quick firing rogue hits 22; gattling gun hits for 10
Prince’s heavies hit 19/21
4 heavies from navy miss/jam/15/miss.
10 marines fire from their navy: 2 hits for 14/10. He lands among the marines. We fly to board the ship.
It kills 2 on our approach. We board.
The marines fight back with swords but they are useless against it.
Annabelle’s shot misses. Covey with air sniping rifle misses. Gerald hits pistol 14, Percy 18 with the blaster. Gawain and Percival miss with muskets.
The cpt orders all to back away now! It strikes quicker, killing another and almost a second. Covey hits 23 directly to wound points! Percy crits for 32 with blaster!!Gerald shoots for 13. William charges with vibro blade as the troops retreat and a heavy gun fires at point blank for 14. Will misses. Annabelle misses.
He begins to fly away. 3 of all our heavies hit 14/13/20; gattling hits 18; Annabelle hits 11; Percy blaster 20; rogue from Nimrod hits 8; 2 navy rod guns miss/14; 20 marines fire secondary muskets and DESTROY IT!!!!!!
We find that the rubble destroyed the gate which was a mirror!!!!

Voyage Continues over the Mts


Now travelling all day and night.
Day 1: 360 miles
Day 2: 300
Day 3: 180
Day 4: 360
Day 5: 300
Day 6: 180

Over mountains with no problem into sea bed near town of Aram.

As we come out over mts, 2 ships appear on an intercept course.
Through our spyglass, they are high martians on sky lords. Crew of over 60; each mounts 12 guns (6 per side) and 2 aft. Their guns can only fire from sides but for aft guns.
An emissary flies for us, a single High Martian. Annabelle has her rifle trained on him, but Percy says let him come.


Kip hits for 9, Gerald 10, Percy 11, wife 6, Martin 7, Robin Hood 6, Merrry men miss, Davenport 8, #1 13, Brutus 12, Crammond and Grommet miss, Will misses.
Martin missed/crit 13 ;Crommet hit 5; #1 hit for 8; Percy hit twice 2/3 (armor blocked); Gerald hit 7; William missed; wife hit 6; merry men all missed.
Martin hits 13/5; Grommet misses; Crammond hits 4; Jerry hits 5; Annabelle crit DEAD; Covey misses, Kip misses.


1 marine at 7 wound pts.
Sagrimore at neg 5
Lohengrin at neg 6
Brutus: I see something on the horizon. Martin climbs up the rigging with a spyglass "A small kite. Don’t recognize it. Brutus meets him and takes the glass “It’s a little bird of passage. Black Sails.”

They seemed to have been watching and are now high tailing it. Every once in a while we see it dogging us along our way.

Day 8: Port at Deucalonis, part of Tossian Empire, in the morning,
One of the Emperor class ships comes out to meet us. It’s…big. It sails above us, casting an intimidating shadow. Has us land at a airfield. The Tossians have a quality air force. Nice shipyard. There is a ship being built right now but covered with huge canvas.
We land.
Canal Martian meets us with a scribe and 2 ceremonial guards. He approaches the Nimrod, flying a flag of Seldan under the British flag.


Friendly or not, we can’t leave the ship until he gets things sorted out. By mid afternoon a crowd has gathered outside the gates of the airfield “kill the red devils!” There has been another warcrime by nearby Belgians. Signs they have read “kill the Belgians”. Percy orders Percival and Gawain to go to them and join in their chanting to try to show them we aren’t the same as Belgians. He gets Covey to show the Brit flag to symbolize the Brits on their side.
One old man breaks arm through fence as if reaching for us “death to the red Belgian!” The are frantic.
Percival tries to tell them in Martian that these red devils aren’t Belgian, but English. How offensive!
Belgians recently wiped out a village nearby, raped women and put babies on bayonets; brought one of their Congo regiments here, cannibals, who ate the dead and cut the hands off of their kills to prove to their command. They call them Black Devils.
“You brought the black devils!!! You!!!
Percival can’t reason with him at first, but after several minutes of Percy aiding Percival the leader and his crowd grow indifferent. Percy invites the man to talk in private on the ship.
Percy “Martin, ready some of your finest brandy.”
“You mean Guinness?”
“Yes, Guinness.”
The man has tatoos on arms, ID’d by one of our Martians as Canal Keeper tatoos!
Covey recommends being careful with this guy, in terms of how you present yourself to him. Not too brazen, though difficult for Percy. One of our martrians says he was an air captain.
They walk aboard, inviting the man into the cabin and pooring brandy. The guy tells one of his 2 men accompanying him to follow him in, the other stay outside. Covey and Percival join.
The man removes his cloak, revealing seamens attire. He has mannerisms and earrings of earth, specifically cloud captains. He is therefore fairly widely travelled. Probably knows well the difference tween Belgian and English.
Percy of course decked out in his Sigius Portus breastplate, English tassels….A handful of Seldan’s symbols.
Percy “What are you the captain of?”


They agree to let us port here and give us the what we need to work on our ship equipment. Covey and Scotty are going to add mods to the guns and add turrets to the guns as well.
The Prince agrees to an audience with Percy day after our arrival.
Martin, Brutus, Number 1 and Percival join Percy at palace.
Chancellor takes us into throne room. Prince is maybe 40 yrs old, 1 arm over back of chair, one leg up, very relaxed. He talks to his advisers who look more like freebooters and soldiers.
Seems weak prince, but probably cause he can afford to be. These guys all his friends and classmates from the military academy.
They study a map of the Tossian Empire and west into half of Caprates Valley. Obviously they are trying to hurt the Belgians w/o open war. Most of their troops in royal army, they discuss how to manipulate some of them to be sent back here to strike Belgian interests. As we approach they cease talking and put on fancier cloaks.
Prince “Ah, our visitors from Earth.” As the map is covered with a drape.
“Come over here.” He introduces all of his advisers.
They are like fancy men as in ‘charmed, I’m sure’.
As Covey told Percy as he left the ship, and Martin reminds him, Percy thanks him for his hospitality and use of airfield. Percy is invited back for a royal dinner the following night. Then audience is over.
As we leave, Percival kind of ducks out while no one is really watching and slips behind a tapestry. We easily noticed that security is highly lax here.
They start talking again of the plan as the map is revealed.
They talk of needed a couple ships that can’t be traced back to us “Those guys looked pretty soft to me”.
Another “Don’t be so sure, I think there is a toughness to these red men you didn’t see. We may not want to try to take their ships from them.”
“You thing they could defeat the army?”
“NO, but I do think some ships could get damaged in the attempt. I think we should ask for their assistance.”
Prince “Too late for that, they already think we’re fancy men.”
“Maybe we can make it worth their while.”
“Well, tomorrow night they’ll all be ehre, we could take care of htem then/”
“I don’t like the idea of killing these Englishmen.”
Prince “Then what do we do?”
“I think we make them an offer.”
Prince “What if they refues?”
“There will be more of us than there will be them. We capture them, put them in prison, and use their ships. Then let them go when we are through with them.”
Other guy “Or just kill them.”
They are planning a strike under pirate flags into the Caprates to kill or capture the governor!!
Percival then sneaks along the wall of tapestries to the nearby servant door. At first opportunity, but not until late evening as they are drinking heavily, he sneaks out when Prince’s wife breaks things up. The ladies in waiting come in, the girlfriends of the advisers.
He relays all the info back at the ship.
So, what to do.
Percival suggests attending the dinner with a preemptive strike, killing entire leadership. 2nd plan, volunteer our services but not actually do it, just leave.
Covey suggests working around the clock to finish the work and leave before dawn OR attend the meeting, say no, assume we can fight our way out and leave fast if they do try to take us (If we do that, we should then send out a sabotage crew to disable the rudders on the ships that would likely chase us).
We decide on that idea until we hear what they have to say, so Covey and his engineers successfully do the disabling.
All PC’s will go to the party, plus Igrane; we decide to just say no thanks and see what happens. Brutus wears the Abe Lincoln top hat, 7 1/2".
Prince “Do I have any traitors here, anyone unfaithful? Good, then let’s talk strategy.”
“Good, Major Lord Percy, we have a proposition for you.” He lays out their plan to kidnap the Gov. of New Amsterdam and hand him over to Nektar. They will likely use him to force a treaty to keep Belgians from moving out of Caprates. They ask us to do the raid as we can not be traced back to them.
Percy “Well, here’s the issue…” Cannon fire!
Prince “Are you attacking the city?”
PErcy “Why would we do that?”
Percival “Oh, boy, their ships are disabled.”
The prince orders all to the air. We rush to our ships.
A false Tossian ship snuck in, blew up a small patrol ship, and now head for the shipyard.
We RUN. The Black Avenger rises to meet us, with only about a quarter of its crew.
It then drops a load of bombs across yard going for our ships but miss, one right next to the Prince of Parhoon and damages the side.
Emperor starts rising with a half crew but then starts to list back and forth thanks to our sabotage.
Covey “They must have sabotaged it.”
Prince “You’re right, its the Cult of the Worm” as they raise a cult flag.
Martin “Why would they attack you (ahem).”
Prince “They are going after you!”
The Prince of Parhoon can’t get up because of damage to steering mechanism. The crew says its not repairable quickly. Percy orders the Nimrod into battle. The Avenger trades shots with the enemy ship, a cruiser of the Tossians or made to look like one, Sword Class Screw Galley! It’s huge!

Black Avenger limps back, another scout ship lands and leaps aboard, gives orders, and leaps off. His 2nd in command gets on and takes off. The cult ship is leaving before the city wall guns start to fire upon it.
Prince says he sent his scout ship to tail it. He apologizes, promises our ship will be repaired tomorrow. As soon as we repair the sabotage we’ll be chasing after it. Now he’s not sure they were real worm, as most are High Martians.
Captain Karnake reports to Prince: Ship had Canal Martians with some Hill Martians. Says damage to the ship will take a week to repair around the clock.
They also need to find the Emperor’s sabotage. Percy recommends his chief science officer Covington, who gladly takes the job.
Prince then suggests to go and handle our business at Garyan, since it will take at least a week for them to be ready, and come back if we can.
Percy asks if Karnake and a couple of his men want to join us to Garyan since his ship is down. He agrees, taking 5 men.

So, our ship is ready by next morning and we leave late morning.

Day 1: 360 miles
Day 2: 600
We arrive!!!

Sigeus Portis
The High Martians Attack!

April 2

Arrive Sigeus Portis.

Escorted in by 2 sweeper scouts who intercept us about 40 miles outside. We tow the ship to the naval yard where we dock.
Fairly large amount of freedom here, for instance starting a business is easy here if you have a merchant protector/benefactor/promoter.
Take our wounded to medical facilities.
Our audience with Prince in 3 days, after Percy’s hospital stay where the Prince, upon hearing of the reason for our delay, sends his personal physician.
Covey, Grant and Scottie make the small repairs to the NImrod necessary.Covey also spends time in invention research.

April 5

Dinner with Prince, lots of merchants and army officers, who hit on Annabelle. Luckily Percy puts Covington in charge of her ‘protection’ so the advances stop soon enough. Percy notices many of the merchants, especially a particular skinny one, don’t seem to like us much.
Percy of course talks about his future tin, and they are extremely interested. Tin is rare here. Percy butters them with the possibilities of this being his tin import hub on Mars.
Hamonius Bilba and M. Glavius Silva really probe the possibilities of cornering the market. A woman objects to their scheming.
All do a simple bow to prince out of reverence. We find out he is not allowed by law to enter into business ventures, but he owns large tracks of land from which he makes great cash from. Taxes are used for civic and military upkeep.
Royal family stays out of the businesses, both sides are happy here.
Prince shows us his ‘collection’: table that is a topographic map, with tiny airships made with real liftwood floating above it tethered to fine wire. The models he builds himself, very very impressive. All the rigging and liftwood panels move. Its genius.
We’re invited to sit at upper table with him.
A bell rings in the distance, High Martians moving on Sevonus Lacis in force! One of their towns south on the canal. Prince becomes all action. We say the Nimrod is coming with them, they are all for it.

They get 2 hullcutter fleets, 2 merchant ships packed with troops, and us under way.

First a victory in the air pg 17; bottom 0:4:00

Land at palace after aerial victory.

Large Land Battle the next morning. Bottom pg 17; Restart

Our side is victorious. Over 4000 enemy are killed. Over 400 of our side killed! It is a heavily lopsided victory.

April 6

Back to Sigeus Portis and palace for a visit with the Prince. Oenetrians, we find, used the Hill Martians to attack. There was a small attack on the capitol but it failed while we were gone, but even got as far as street to street. Some people were kidnapped.
There is a celebration, and they give us their gratitude.
Percy is given a quality suit of armor. Percy assures they will go down as great allies of us, and slyly brings up how great it would be if some marines from here would travel with us.
That night, we go out for a night on the town! There is a very small human population here, but there is a single human pub. We hit that first. About a dozen humans and the same of Martians in human like dress. We walk in like our usual boisterous selves. One human is wearing a martian desert attire like he just walked in from the wilds. Non military boots, more explorer type, but also a pair of green rifle regiment pants, drinking a snifter of brandy.
Not many women in this bar. We joke about leaving soon.
A 3 man Martian band starts to play, some traditional Martian dance starts by some patrons. Percy and Covey with Percival approach the desert man and sit with him. His name is Aristotle. He’s a scout, spy, general agent for England, has been in the Martian Guides out of Sirtus Major but knows Archimedes. Was sent a heliograph message by Archie to seek us out. Finally found us by accident, but a few friends of his have disappeared to the north in the desert.
Shows us 2 Sirtis Star clippings: a tremor in Moab Desert on Feb. 16, felt as far away as Sigius Portis; geological survey team dispatched; then, team is missing, led by Dr. Fairbanks and Lillian DeWitt. Reward offered. 50L reward by paper for info and 300L reward for their return to Sigius Portis. We get the info on their destination and inform the Prince of our plans.

April 7

Spend the day working on ship, and provisioning for the short land expedition. The Prince provides everything after our help in the attack, and the businesses we need supplies from put all other matters on hold in order to get us ready to leave by tomorrow morning! They are so thankful for our assistance. It would have taken us days or more to prepare otherwise.
Percival and Gawain will stay here with the pirates, spreading the word of Seldan to try to get some more men.
All the 5 PC’s will go, 6 handlers and such, and 5 Guides with Aristotle, plus Kipper, Crammond and Grommet.

April 8

Depart first thing in morning for ethge earthquake epicenter. First couple days or so is through settled territory, all disguised in Martian garb. Once an Oenetrian scout ship flies over and by but nothing results from it.

April 9

A strange buzzing noise. Dirge flies! Covey red all about them on the aether voyage to Mars, knows their commonality so we came prepared. Named after first earthling ever eaten alive by them, appearing in swarms. They hate smoke, so we set light out smoke pots and burn liquid fire to make it smoke fast to turn them off of us and light nearby scrub. As we are at work, Percy sits heroically atop a gaushaunt, barking orders but really repeating everything he sees Covington doing. His mount, however, is scared to death of the sound the dirges make and bolts. He slips off, haning on by one hand as it gallops! One of our guides rushes to and saves him. As they turn around, the gaushaunt kicks a skull out of the desert as it turns.

A quick dig reveals remains of a camp, no equimpent but for broken camera and broken surveyors tripod, also more bones. Otherwise well looted. The clothing are those usually worn by earthlings, and some foreign legion uniforms! We are a long way from any foreign legion garrison. Hmm. On one skull, we find a bullet wound. The round is still sitting in the skull. Its a rifle round to be sure, not musket ball. We then find some brass casings, we think its from a mauser round. We immediately blame the Belgians.

Further we find more soldier remains, and a journal of a German Sgt, and that of a French scholar or doctor. Covey knows of him, this Dr. Charles. Bellaire: historian, military analyst, cartographer. There are references to ‘the mission’ but no specifics on what that was.
Met with Gen. Henri, commander of all French forces on Mars. Important that neither Brits nor Belgians discovered what they were up to; not confident of finding location on their map; scouts reported Belgians in are. Then nothing after that.
A Col. Pierre LeBeauf was in charge, his journal starts pleasantly, then gets depressing as they had been searching for months and months with no success, many skirmishes with bandits and hiding from airships, defeating high martian attack, killed a Belgian force, and on.
From journan entries, seemed to have been zigzagging the area, but there map is no where to be found.

All bodies stripped by flies. Nomads must have then looted what was left. We move on.

April 10


April 11


April 12

A scout rides back warning of sandstorm. We see it in distance so we start orgainizing and hunker down. Wagons and large animals in tight circle, tents and blankets to cover them and us up against and behind them, etc.
By the size, Aristotle estimated to last about 3 hours.
Soon after it hits, our watchmen think they see vague figures moving in the sand but figure its an illusion.
In 3rd hour of storm as it is lessening, they see it more assuredly. A guide with Covey tries to take a peak at the news, but Covey pulls him back just as a huge claw misses his head! We are under attack by something! Covey dubs it an abominable sandman! There’s more than 1! Aristotle fires his shotgun at the nearest foe; then into the fray charges Lord Percy under where we almost lose track of him, as the guides fire following Aristotle’s lead. Covey runs for the gattling gun and starts loading in case we can bring it to bear. Martin starts looking for the nearest movement. Percy orders all non fighters to stay under cover. Crammond, Kip, and Grommet get ready to to help us.
The gattling gun roars into action!
The rest of the PC’s and friends engage now.
Martin leaps off a wagon as the last one comes into view and closes in, brass knuckled fists going to work to the shock of our guides. They don’t realize an Irishman is always armed.
One of the beasts goes after a mount, Crammond fires upon it drawing as it attacks the gashaunt.
We kill the attackers and move on, losing 1 gashaunt and a few guide casualties. After skinning the one Martin did the most damage to. LP wants to let it dry out and taxidermy it.

April 13

late afternoon come to a temporary Moab hill martian settlement, desert nomads. Rarely for Martians, they have cut down shrubbery and created an impromptu barrier with wagons and such around the village.

LP carries a spear with the head of one of the abominable sandmen, standared of Seldan flying. Aristotle speaks their language, though some do speak a little Parhooni. At first they only want us to go away. Aristotle explains to the chief’s son, and warleader, we search for a lost party of redmen.
Aristotle makes a remark to LP about “it’s not like you’re going to marry a local any time soon.”
Covey “Don’t give him any ideas.”

They’re animals have been stolen by marauding redmen. Several nights in a row now they have attacked from north straight down the dried up canal, but have stopped them from getting in the compound since they stole the animals. If we killed any, they took the dead with them.
LP first thinks to let them as close to breaking in front gate as possible, then let them have it with the gattling gun.
Aristotle questions further: they come literally down the canal to shelter their advance upon the village, which is tall enough on each side to be a big disadvantage vs our gunfire and gattling gun. He also finds fire marks in the fence and ground outside. They may a a flame weapon.
Chief “Its a great spear, flashes like the lightning of a sky god!”
Aristotle finds their entry point about half mile away, and their exit point nearby. So, we set up an ambush upon them while they march sneak down the canal just when they get to their exit point, native warriors fully in the assault, LP on the gatling gun.
The things are humanoid but hunched over, large eyes glowing like a night hunter’s. We unleash hell, and lights are lit for our vision. The enemy are short, pale skin and hair, reddish accents like an albino, webs tween fingers. We have never seen these before.
The glare into their large eyes bewilders them, very sensitive to light, and their assault is chaotic especially at first.
Then a bolt of lightning streaks into the fight just missing our men.
We throttle them like they never thought they’d be throttled and the remaining flee into the dark and try to sneak away. As we mop up the remainder that can’t escape our midst, Aristotle gives chase, tailing them. He he finds them out there as they start running again once they figure they are ahead enougg. He rushes back, several of us moung gashaunts and he leads us too them easily. Then, we start shooting and trampling into them.
One of them unleashes the lightning bolt upon Aristotle but he dodges it!
Once we finish them off, we find the metal spear that must be what unleashes the lt. bolt, but absolutely no means of activation upon its surface. We take it.

Back at the settlement, LP talks with the chief, offering his abominable sandman heads as gifts. The chief’s daugher falls for LP hard.
LP talls Covey later he wants to write a ‘disentary’ on martian women eventually!
Covey “I think you mean a disertation.”
Kip “What did you learn in years of college?”
LP “Artillery, tactics!”
The chief offers LP the daugher in marriage. LP agrees! Marriage is consumated overnight!
He declares he is on the path to reveal himself as the next Seldan ‘a foretold by the canal martian priests’. He makes an eloquent speech to the Chief ‘any that chooses to join him on his epic quest will, names will be sung in legend for generations and written in the annals of all races of Mars in all languages, and will be known as peers of Seldan. And shall be named after knights of the round table, perhaps’. His speech is rousing, basically turning these Moabs into Seldan loyalists!
He feels the canals will lack the passion of the high martians, who lack in technique. Covey offers to create a bar or other type of graph for his presentation.

April 14

The chief helps provision us for any losses. LP’s new wife will travel with us. He’s really going native.
5 natives are ready in the morning to travel with us permanently!
We continue on our way, Aristotle finding a blindign white spire sticking partially out of the sand, as if a large building or city is completely buried here! a 4’ high, 2’ wide opening leads in. The floor is 1’ lower. In we go. The sand is very fine and loose, LP’s foot sinks several inches with more sand underneath. Ceiling is about 8’ above. We have entered via a window.
On the other side the sand slopes down forming a ramp, so we descend under the desert. This is a nervous proposition. All we can thing is ‘what if we get stuck in here forever. We wonder how Rathbone makes a living at this. All the characters and 3 guides go, the others stay up to make and guard camp and LP’s wife and our supplies/mounts. Quickly, we need plenty of artificial light.

We pass ancient writings on the walls, indecipherable not surprisingly. Stained glass windows. Covey guesses this place is at least hundreds of years old.
We come across recently disturbed sand, tracks. Aristotle can’t be sure of whom exactly, but they’re humanoid.
We come across 2 of the pigmy albinos wielding martian blades who attack. We dispose of them, finding a rack with 6 of the lightning rod staff things on them!
Continuing on, we find other but different writings. Aristotle thinks they are of arcane nature in some way, in honor of a Martian god, as is the room we find them in. Ancient Martian magic he figures. Not Mythos however. Likely a retreat for priests.
He finds what may be evidence of small attempt to carve it out. The expedition may have gotten this far.
We come to another room with ceiling glowing in blue of breathtaking abstract art, also providing light for the room.
Next is a slight red hue lit, something unsettling about it. We leave it for now.
We come to another spire less visible from the ground level.

We have to go through the red room to go further, so we risk it, finding below a forest of giant mushrooms, stream running through it, and doorways.
Covey “Absolutely bazaar.”
Aristotle is amazed, giant underground city he exclaims!
The fungis has a green phosphoresence. Similar to the moon, stuff, naturally occuring.
The whole place shudders slightly, a crash behind us. One of the windows in a side room cracked in with sand pooring in blocking our path out. A small crack in one of the walls leaks some but stops soon enough.
From above we hear then yell they will start digging us out.

Down further we continue to explore.
Aristotle still sees sporadic passage of people, this is the main trail for certain.

We take out more albino pigmy guards. A female shows herself briefly from the room they watch over. We found the expedition!

00:50:00 top pg 18


Willy leads us into sewer to rescue Lillian. Parceval and Gawain join us as Will is taken to hospital.
Gawain say “watch out for Galag Po. A sewer creature, 6’ long, long teeth, reptilian, always hungry. Eat anything that moves.”
Martin “How common are they?”
“Not too many cause they eat each other too. Usually you only run into 1. But at times a whole colony. Especially during breeding season.”
Covey “How can you tell if they’re coming?”
“You don’t until their right on top of you. And they hide under the filth and wait. Martian sewer rats, sometimes come into the streets and steal the occasional dog.”
Willy “We must hurry before doctor tortures young lady.”
Martin “He tortures them eh.”
“No, most he just changes. But he say he teach her who is master and who is grovelling slave.”
A splash ahead. Willy looks around nervously “We must go back, its an eater, its an eater.”
Gerald hears it coming and warns Martin as it is about to attack. It spashes out at him and Martin jumps to the other side over its gaping maw landing on the other side. Gerald slashes at it 10. End surprise round.
Gerald hits 6/dagger miss, Martin jumps on its back and punches it in the neck for 6; Gerald makes opportunist attack 10; Tail misses Gawain, imprinting in the stone; Covington hits with sword 10 DEAD.
Covey “That’s easy!”
Keep going, and at T intersection Willy forgets way.
Bangs head on wall “Willy just so stupid!” We stop him from hurting himself. A few moments later “Me know, this way” to right. Just then we hear a female scream from left “That way”.
We rush, and suddenly he stop “Here we are.”
Nothing is there.
Covey “Is the door secret?”
Willy “NO, WIlly know.” There is, he opens it. “See, no secret, Willy knows.”
Down a corridor there are electric lights. We rush on.
Row of cages along the wall, with animals in them. Couple are ape like, maybe earth. Most are Martian creatures. Inside the Baron is standing in his pseudo german uniform, puffing on big cigar. In front of him Lillians tied up semi nude (ripped and torn), legs tied by ankles and knees stapled to floor, rope tied to waste from above her so she is sitting back. Another rope on shoulders to wall behind her so she can;t move, hands tied above her head holding a rope that goes through a pulley and back down to a hatch on a metal bucket suspended above her chest. The door on it will open if a lever is pulled out. The lever has a rope on it running to another pulley to a tray with large metal weights at other end of rope. So, she is holding the weight up so that it does not open.
He yanks on it a bit and a couple hot coals drop onto her. Then he puts another weight on.


Ape attack:

Covey “Save the girl.”
“Oh, let me take care of one thng first.” Takes the cigar from his mouth and puts it on her nipple and puts another weight on the tray."
Covey moves for the ape as the unaffected ape attacks the other. Martin and Gerald rush to free the girl.
Percival and Gawain follow Covey; Saw Sword turned on; Baron misses LP;
Covey hits 20. Our martians miss, LP crit 13, Baron crits Percy 16. Martin rushes to girl.
Other 2 apes go at it. Ape hits covey 13 total.
Martin and Gerald get weights off and coals from above her.
Percy hits 9; Gerald gives her her jacket; Baron hits LP 7 (card halved it); Percival hits 1; Martin cuts girl free; Gawain hits 4; Ape attacks Covey and misses with all 3.
The apes kill each other.
LP misses; Covey misses the ape; Baron hits 8, steps and opens an individual cage “My feral Moon Man will kill you.”
It picks up its spear and stabs at the Baron “That spear doesn’t work on me!” and hits 12;
Percival hits ape 4; Gawain misses; Ape attacks Covey ("I say, there’s 1 2 3 of us, can’t you count). It hits both claws. Martin and Gerald get the girl out into the hallway.
Percy, with 1 fatigue left, pulls the revolver and shoots Baron 20 (makes save); Sam kills the ape “Thanks men” to our Martians ‘A valiant effort". Gerald re enters room; Baron opens 2 more cages, AoO by Moon Man misses. One is a croc Gulag Po like thing from earlier, the other is a bear like creature but with a glint of intelligence. Baron yells to it “Get the woman, my pretty!”
Percival and Gawain rush the Gulag Po crit 12/10; Gulag Po attacks Gawain miss; the Bear thing charges to hall after women. Sam’s AoO 17; Bear reaches Martin and Gerald, claws Martin 9 and grapples Martin. Percy fires at Baron miss/surge 11; Gerald hits bear 12 cutlass/7 dagger; Covey charges bear 19; moon man stabs Baron 14; Baron, badly hurt, opens one last cage "Now face my greatest creation and die!!); Percival hits G Po 7, Gawain hits it 8; Martin “I’ve got him right where I want him” 25 and a gout of blood spews from its mouth. G Po attacks Gawain miss and catches his teeth in a workbench (fumble); The bear drops Martin and full attacks him: 1 claw hits 13, other misses as does bite.
New creature like some kind of giant squid, but a land creature. Only found in deepest desert on Mars. They are horrible opponents but his serum actually backfired and weakened it. Its tentacles hit the Baron twice 9/7 miss as 2 others miss!! DEAD!! It attacks moon man with 4 other tentacles hitting three times for 21, and grapples #1 as it sloshes out of the cage. Percy shoots it 8. Gerald hits bear 12; Lillian appears with her derringer 7; Sam takes it down DEAD. Against Gulag Po, Percival misses, Gawain crits 16; moon man escapes grapple! Martin pulls revolver on the move and fires at squid but misses, its AoO with reach hits 6 and grapples Martin; Lillian reloads; Willy who had been lurking around stuff leaps upon the crocodile with an iron bar from the furniture the croc bit and hits 10.
Gulag Po clears its mouth of debris; squid constricts Martin 11; #1 hit once 6 and grapples him; Percy is missed twice; Gerald is missed; 4 tentacles on crocodile all hit 30 total and it grapples croc; it bites the squid 23.
Percy shoots squid 14, its AoO hits 8 fails grapple; Lillian fires 4; Sam rushes at the squid and hits 15, Gerald follows and hits 10 DEAD!! #1 performs a power lunge for 15; Percical crits 10 DEAD!!
Lilian puts bullet in the groin of the dead Baron, then through the roof of his mouth.

End adventure.

We go back to surface and tell cops what happened.
Medical attention for Percy now as well as Will. We have to make our report to police, making a medical examination of Lillian.

Back at ship, Scotty meets us “Lord Percy, there is a lizard man here to see you, from Venus.”
LP “Right, bring him to my office” which is right next to that sail.
It is Thyman from our adventures there.
Percy “I shall call you Brutus.”
We are happy to see him and he is welcomed with open arms.
“Had a jolly good time in the swamps with you in my homeland. I craved a bit more of it, and was afraid I’d never get off the planet to see you. Then the British agent there sent me by courier ship with a message for you.”
There are 2: They believe that the poison gas that we uncovered in north Africa is not from Mars, but on Venus! They would like us to look into it. See if there is a group of Cult of the Worm or Ground Cleansers operating off of Venus.
Second is from someone in England named Archimedes: an agent of his has uncovered a possible cult worshiping old one on Venus, he is sending a group to investigate. We are the backup if anything happens to them.
He joins us permanently.

Voyage to Gharyan Begins

Gerald decides to sail not coal. Grant decides to come with Annabelle after all, this is too important to abandon us for the sake of repairs.
Cleaning continues as we fly.
First day travel, 25th: 300 miles
Second day travel, 26th: 300 miles

Something hits the sails, a tether mine probably lost from another ship who knows when. Will gets there and cuts it loose with 2 sailors.

3rd day travel, 27th: 360 miles

Pirate attack, ship to ship fight! Through spyglass, Percy sees that dastardly woman who led the attacking force at the hotel! Percy calls for a full frontal charge and boarding. It’s a whisper death. Rod forward, 2 heavy guns aft and 1 on each side, 2 torpedoes and 2 fire wracks.

Insert Battle, pg 17, 2nd session listed

Fight ends with a bunch of the pirates joining with us. The chic escapes in a fast launch after initiating a self destruct explosive. Covington races below to try to stop it but it blows and crashes, Covey none the worse for ware (card). It only blows hole and cracks the hull enough that it goes down fairly hard. There is a lot of liftwood to salvage as well as the guns in tact.

It takes long into the next day for Sam an Scottie to patch up enough so that it floats well enough to tow.

morning 29th

We fly on, a 5 day trip to Sigeus Portis.

Parhoon! Our introduction to Martian city life.
needs expanding

March 16

Arrive Parhoon

We stay at the Prince Albert hotel, a European place obviously.
We need to find out about Gharyan.
It’s a known city, hundreds of miles away. It’s the base of the canal keepers.

We get things straightened out with the salvage and all, passengers safety seen to and generally settle in. Grant’s ship is not quite as bad as he first thought, a week or 2 of repairs so we get that set up. Grant and I get to work on that throughout the day. :Percy argues for the surrendered enemy, as promised, but to no avail. The Martian governor will hang them all within days.
We bury poor Benson.
We are invited by Dr. Grace at dinner, and our allied passengers, to the Grand Opening of the Parhoon Cricket Club.
We go out site seeing at night. Grant arranges a late dinner for he and Annabelle so he can keep her from going out with Martin. Several taverns/pubs catering to humans is where we start for now. Kip joins us of course. As well as Crammond.
Some martian women are quite attractive.
Inter species breeding is not possible.

At tavern, Percy is noticeably gone at one point, upstairs to as bartender says “enjoy the garden of heavenly delights”.
Covington “A martian woman then?”
“He desired to experience them both…at once.”
We leave him to it. Kip is experiencing his own Martian ecstasy. Just a martian woman for him.
The rest of us keep partying and drinking.
A Martian introduces himself to us, knowing who we are and claims to know why we came, that he “shares the interests” of the canal keepers. Asks to speak with us privately.
Covey “I’d rather wait for our fearless leader.”
He claims to not have much time, and Martin says he smells a trap. Covey offers to fetch Percy, but he says not to bother him “I will be back.”
Martin “What’s your name?”
Upstairs, Percy is attacked by a martian thug and a chase ensues through the streets, ending at an old vacant building.
They kidnap Kip.

top 17; 20:00 (see notes for a few missed attacks)
They yell something about ‘the worm that walks’.
They have Kip, and they want to trade him for the amulet. It’s Cramsib. Notice tatoos on his neck.
We rescue Kip; await and capture Cramsib the ringleader;

Authorities take Cramsib away. We go to the hotel to get a few hours sleep, its dawn by now.
Recognize Moriarty/O’Reilly at the hotel bar as we walk in! Percy and Covey sit with him. It’s as if he doesn’t even know us.
Percy “Moriarty?:”
“Father Moriarty, yes.”
Percy “Don’t play games with me, Irish?”
“I am Irish, what are you talking about? Do I know yoiu gentlemen?”
Percy “How did you get out of jail? I just turned you in.”
“I haven’t been to jail.”
Percy “Were you on the Alexandria?”
Percy “Oh bloody hell.”
Covey “How long have you been on Mars?”
“8 years. Last time I was on Earth was 3 years ago.”
Covey “And you’re a Minister here.”
“Yes. I run the Parhoon mission for the church of England. I know what this is about though, gentlemen.”
Percy “Have you ever had anyone impersonating you?”
“Not uintil recently. Evidently some rascal, possibly a Fennian, impersonated me adn did who knows what nefarious business on Earth and then returned on the Alexandria.”
Covey “He did, we were aboard as well.”
Percy “Don’t play games with me, O’Reilly.”
“Ah, I see.”
“I assure you my good man, I am not O’ Reilly.”
We believe he is telling the truth.
Covey “Sorry to mistake you for that horrible fiend, an enemy of the crown and all.”
“I’m glad we could get that straightened out.
Covey “Seems that way.”
Moriarty “If I or anyone in my flock can assist you while you are on Mars, just ask.”
Covey “Where is your mission?”
Moriarty “Just down the canal.”

March 17

Martan goes to the police station, since he’s a drunk and use to no or little sleep, to make sure O’ Reilly is there, though he’s not O ‘Reilly either. His name is Dennis Doogan, a Lt. of O ’Reilly.
He finds out the tatoo is common among the Worm cult. The cult is not illegal on Mars. They and Canal priests do hate each other, but like many faction of different religions do. No violence here on Mars, though they did in London.
In Shapstash uprising, the Canal Priests were killed as Ground Cleansers sided with anti human side as did Worm cult.
Questioning of Cramsib shows that the cult of the worm want us all dead, that “It is important for all Mars we are not allowed to live.” Claims we were “brought here under a ruse by the Canal Keepers. The rest of mars wants us dead. Something about bringing a red death back to save Mars and kill us.” He gives a sign, but we have never seen it before.
He goes back to report to the others. We rest the day away until the cricket match. Boarding a cab we make our way there.
Riff raf begins to surround us and we tell the driver to make haste but nothing happens.
Cricket club is brand new, the first on Mars. Some Martians have taken to learning the game and some are quite good.
Match is between Army and Nave, but first Grace “takes on the cream of both teams in a virtuoso display”. 1st regiment of Parhooni rifles play the opening music.
Governor reveals a plaque commemorating the occasion.
Young martian woman says she sent by Father Moriarty to help us. Her name is Spoolin Danoos. She’s a Christian convert.
Grace’s score rapidly mounts as we talk.
A screaming out of the sky, High Martian going for the Dr. who smashes the next ball right into the flying creature. KO’d. Authorities take it away. Grace continues his exhibition.
Percy assumes the High Martian could not be acting alone. Spoolin says the cult of the worm originated among High Martians. We got to police who have it in custody.
Some HM in Parhoon are mercs serving on ships. Very unusual seeing a naked high martian here. He only sneers at the translator. He’ll only say “All those who came aboard the Alexandria must die, for the great worm as a need of its own.”
Covey “They just want to kill this special person, whoever he is. Since they don’t know his or her ID, they plan to just kill everyone.”
They throw him into a cell.
Cops say the cult hasn’t side with anyone in the war vs Enetrians. If they do, it’ll make things that much more difficult.
The high martian dies in a pool of his own blood in his cell, ripping himself open. We check it out:
Covey sees its old tatoos, worm cult all over. But, one on arm looks much fresher. Looking closer, its not a tatoo but painted on. A picture of the amulet of Seldan.
Grant “We had better keep that amulet hidden from sight.”
We are asked to visit the governor after the match and we agree.

He says great deal of unrest, after Canal Keeper’s assassination. Warns us to stay out of trouble or he’ll throw us in jail. Worried that Moriarty’s conversions will upset some factions, Fennians and anarchists….
He knows about the amulet, and says do not let anyone know we have it. The cult of the worm will kill you for it. He can’t spare a ship for us to fly to Gharyan
“We’ll try to keep a low profile.” That’s laughable.
“You want to help? Get that amulet out of the city as soon as possible, find out who killed that priest, watch out for Moriarty, and keep the factions from killing each other.”
Basically, everything that is his job.
Spoolin will stay with us as local aid and guide.
Martin “Percy and Kip’s would be kidnappers need to be questioned. Rigorously.”
Covey to Percy “Let the Irish do it. That’s not the work of proper British gentlemen.”
The Gov gives us the go ahead and all the leeway we need.

The Celts go to work. 2 of them die in the interrogation.
They are members of the Cult of the Worm
Have been actively working agains the Canal Keepers
They know we have the amulet and they want it
For some reason they want us dead.
Hill Martian attack on Grace part of same thing

Governor desires us out even moreso now with the worm cult organizing against us. It’ll be bad for the colony if they turn overtly anti British. He makes the repairs on the ship a priority.
Back to the hotel after dinner and meet Hiriam Pressburger (he’s an American), difference expert from the voyage, and his wife Anne at the bar. We sit for cigars and brandy to his toast"To our health, our president, and you’re Queen". He tells us of Martian priests who visited his offices in Parhoon 2 years ago with a great quantity of scrolls and complicated equations to be solved. Paid in gold and supervised every step. This was under my predicessor. One martian was an old man who carried an abacus with him. Like a very complex navigation but strangely different.
Final result 3 or 4 numbers of 10 to 12 digits. The priests insisted on the burning of all evidence but for what they took away.
Guys at the office remember the head priests name a Zinker or something similar.
Covey “Could it have been Zeen Kir?”
“Could have been. They seemed satisfied but disturbed by whatever answers they saw in the results.
So, Johnny, was this 2 or ‘10 or 12’ years ago?? You say both within minutes.
They say they have no material left.

He suddenly yells “Anne” and he races up the ramp. We follow and hear shots. An officer appears at the top of the ramp, firing. Then 3 shots hit him and he falls dead. Rounding the corner, patrons are screaming and running. Suddenly a hill martian steps out of a room following a panicked woman, grabs her and cuts her throat. More are coming down from the floor above! Crammond rushes out of his room, sword in one hand and pistol in the other, and shoots that hill martian dead “I saw out the window, they have a ship on the roof!” Seeing us “It’s my jolly partners!” On the other side, Kip comes out of his room and engages one, disarming it and stabbing it down with its own blade.

Battle; schematic pg 17; start

Grant unveils his aether ray energy rifle with tank on back and helmet: effect is as an old sci fiction ray, like they scratched up the film for the special effect. DC 16 to make it work.
We save Pressburger’s wife from being taken alive.
A woman is recognized aboard the Hill Martian ship as it escapes: a martian translator from the Alexandria voyage. Canal martian who worked at British Museum, travelled here to claim inheritance from uncle who died. She seems to be captain of the ship. Probably who killed Zeen Kir with the hatpin!
Percy hacks on the Marquesse’s son, and his effeminate nature, so the Marq challenges Percy to a hand to hand brawl the next night!
The hotel gives us our bill and apologetically asks us to vacate the premises. Too much danger to patrons with us around. A couple other hotels politely decline our stays as well. We meet back up with Spoolin at the British embassy, Cramden and Kip have been thrown in with us.
Cov “Well Kip, you;re thrown in with us now. Everyone is out to kill you.”
The regency makes room in the barracks forus. Grant’s ship is in the Parhoon naval yard being repaired. Security is very tight already considering recent troubles.

March 18

Spoolin takes us to Father Moriarty’s mission 16 miles up the canal via canal boat. We make it there by the end of the day. We sleep a lot along the way.
Grant stays behind, insisting niece does the same to supervise repair of the ship. Percy hires a solicitor to begin supervising the financial aspect. The officials give us a few months to pay the entire thing back.

Moriarty’s looks like a fort, like a walled mission in Mexico but stronger. There are bullet marks. There is a watch tower, 2 cannons on swivels, and a dock. Huge veg garden, flower garden, a sweeping lawn all around the place. Cultivation, huts. Moriarty greets us at dock. He’s an Anglican. We are invited in for Martian Coffee (bitter and spicey). It’ll be acquired for most of us.
Says worm cult definately out for us, that by itself is serious. He has met Zeen Kir, he was THE head of the canal priests even though he didn’t let on. He asks what he was doing on Earth and we tell him. He finds it ridiculous as they have no use for our religion at tall. Says the center of their worship is in Garyan. 4000 mile journey.
Right where Kir told us to go.
Percy “We shall do it.”
Said we must go to temple and said the word ‘Seldan’.
Moriarty says he’s regarded as a god hero, built temples.
We show him the amulet. Say Kir also talked to his companion of getting someone there safe.
Moriarty calls for his servants and he holds it up. They all bow and murmer ‘Seldan’.
Moriarty says its blessing was a dupe, the amulet is 100000 years old. Most sacred artifact on Mars. Should never leave temple. Not long ago half of Mars were worshipers of Canal religion. They don’t hate the red man. Word has leaked that they have made some kind of change to their dogma, that red men are brothers of the Martians.
Some time ago, a group of canal priests went to IBM for calculations. Brit gov’t considered the tech to be protected tech, so priests came to me since I respect all, but for cult of the worm. He interceded with them and convinced IBM to let them. The did all of this to come up with a date and place by their calculations. For what they didn’t say.
Covey “Maybe they succeeded.”
M “Perhaps they did.” He shows us the calculation!
The place is London, 412 Grand Regency Hotel. The date, Covington realizes quickly and matter of factly,
“Percy, this is the year before we were born.”
“Looks like 9 months before I was born.”
“Its your conception, old man!”
“My parents had regular rooms at the Grand!”
Any one else wouldn’t believe its true, but we do. They think Percy is the reincarnation of Seldan.
M says go home, don’t do it. You can’t go there. Who knows what they’ll do if they think you’re the reincarnation. Its one of the few religiously ruled cities. The prince defers to the high priest, who would defer to Seldan. If they every discover you aren’t Seldan, they’ll kill you.
The priests probably all are in the know about this. The worm cult surely knows someone on the Alexandria is supposed to be Seldan. We need to stamp them out.
He offers for us to stay here since Parhoon is too hot for us. Insists we should really think this through (going to Garyan). Its 4000 miles!
Think, HA!
We decide to stay for the night, he gives Covey access to his library. Covey spends all his time there.

  • A few years before Edison came here, local canal keepers withdrew from society. That’s why they have lost favor. They don’t keep the canals anymore hence the drying and silting. Just recently the effects are hitting big.
    Seldan killed a couple of years before Edison came. That terrible blow sent them packing and hiding.

Looks like they need their Seldan back!
We discuss sending an envoy, but its a long and dangerous trip.
M says “if you are determined to go on this journey, let me give you a gift.”

Covey starts plotting our trip assuming we can fly.

March 20

We go back to Parhoon. Going through Market, Percy is having a big Seldan complex. Covey says he’s going to see Grant and work on the ship.
Percy feels a tug at his clothes as someone tries to pilfer him. Luckily, he gave Covey the amulet to keep!
Percy grabs the arm of a 3 or 4 year old Martian boy. He goes to point out who made him do it when he is shot in the back. Percy and the celts give chase immediately. Through the markets, we get strung out.

pg 17, schematic, 3:43:00

We catch him and beat the tar out of him. 4 thugs start approaching. Martin takes the assassins nasty dagger. They don’t like Red Devils, so another brawl. They are taken to jail after a drubbing at our hand.
We check in with our friends to let them know we are back.
Crammond insists on joining us on our voyage! Kip will come as well.
Back to our military quarters.

March 21

Percy shows up to fight Marq but is a bit beat up thanks to Kip’s antics so Marq, as a gentleman, agrees to put the fight off.

Find a rust bucket ship that needs a lot of work. Covey loves it immediately, sees it as a challenge, and wants it badly. It’s 1000 pounds for the Nimrod and repairs. We pay out of our L8000 salvage pay for the anarchist ship. They insist 2 weeks or more to clean up. Covington gets to work with a crew aided by Grant who takes break from repairs on his ship. 3 days, though still dirty, its ready to fly! We schedule to leave on the 25th. Get to work immediately.

Will notices a Martian who turns out to be a bomber, while work is going on. Cops shoot him dead. Its defused by beer.
We definitely have to get out of here quick.
During repairs, the others get supplies together.
Crammond and valet, and Kip all join us. Next, we need at least a minimum crew, which Percy, Will and Gerald interview and hire, interviewing while working on ship and breaking for tea/food. Covey insists only on interviewing the engineer.

March 23

Spoolin shows up this day before we are to leave, says Moriarty killed at the mission by an assassin in their midst disguised as a convert. He was going to recommend a couple guides for you but now she’s going. And he has gifts for me to give you.
Remember, religious artifacts of all kind are sacrosanct on Mars. If you are ever taken captive they will not take these: crucifixes, 1 for each NPC.
They contain hidden within:
1)Knife blade sticks out of bottom like a straight switchblade; compass; glass vial of acid, skeleton key and lock picks.
2)Switchblade, compass, turns into a gun with 4 shots with a full round action.
3) switchblade; compass; with 50 gold sovereigns
4) blade; compass; 2 metal cylinders: grenades with 10 second detonation time
5) blade; compassl striker on bottom for a flare

Night of 24th, 3rd and last full day of repairs/interviews

We leave late at night, before the announced time the next afternoon in order to try to sneak out.
If we use coal the whole way, it would be 12 days.


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