The Heart and Soul: Roger Livingston, Lord Percy
The Brains: Professor Sam Covington
The ‘Celts’: Martin O’Malley, Gerald Bowen, William McLannoch
The Wogs of Percy: Thyman ‘Brutus’ Sl’kst’ak, Parsfaal (aka Percival), Gaawani (aka Gawain), No. 1

8978_ac40.jpgLord Percy does nothing small, he never has. He walks large, talks large, and takes action large. Once, when walking into his first Adventurer’s Club meeting, he bellowed “Watch out men, I take BIG steps!!” When the time came for Percy to take the grand tour, a voyage to Egypt or a transcontinental trip across Europe to Turkey was not enough. Only one environment was large enough for this larger than life English Noble: Aether Space! So when his old friend Cyrus offered him the chance, he assembled his most trusted friends. Those who’ve seen them in action call them reckless and foolhardy: ‘How could such otherwise smart men be such idiots?’ But its not that they aren’t smart enough to show caution and careful planning. They simply choose not to!
So, Luna Ho! they went, but this was only the beginning. A small amulet is only the first sign of the surprising horrors still lurking in dark recesses of the solar system.
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

The Aether Travellers of Down Cthulhu

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