Grant's Ship

Atmospheric Speed= 600 miles/day(25 miles/hr)
See Space 1889 core rules and

  • Telescope = +2 navigate
  • Orrery = +2 navigate
  • Analytical engine = +2 navigate

Still to install:
-Hodkins needs 10 ton turret
-machine gun from French Foreign Legion fort, perhaps along the lines of the Millenium Falcon’s guns
-possibility of an overhaul to add a deck for being outside in atmosphere

1 astronomical unit = 92,955,807.3
DC 20 Navigate check to determine travel time

New Version:
Small ships: Control room is 1 ton of space, $0
5000L/100 tons of hull aka 50L/ton
No Armor on the ship
1st 20 tons of H free, then 50L/ton
need pilot and engineer/2 power levels of power plant
need 2.5 tons of mass for every person on board (1 for personal and 1 for greenhouse space an .5 for common area). 30L per perrson. So 20 tons for 10 people, and 300L.
Laboratory: every ton of space can research 2 research areas out of the 10 there. 5 tons and 5000L for all 10.
Cargo hold: 0 cost. Choose your tons of space. Maybe 10?
Galley: 1 ton and 50L
Say 20mph? every point of pwr of screw/motor combo gives 600. We need 1 point which is 5 tons.
Forced Draught boiler for in atmosphereis 600L; 5 ton coal bunker can run ship in atmosphere for 5 days.
screw/motor combo is 400L.
Grant’s Propellors(4): rolled a 4. Effciency is 29. Pwr level 4 (rolled a 4). 4 tons each (1 ton/pwr value).
Solar Boiler for space travel: pwr 9 (must be 1 higher than propellor’s, to power rest of ship). 500L/value. Weighs 2xvalue in tons. So 18 tons.
Battery for emergency pwr: weight is pwr value x endurance in days. We have 1 battery x 9 (boiler’s value). Cost is 10L x power value x efficiency(6). Weight is pwr x eff / 6. We have 8 days so about 10 tons.
3 tons/turret. 1 for gun and mount etal, 1 for ammo, 1 for space

Speed is 3.552 million miles/day.

125 Tons

Grant's Ship

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