Brotherhood of Seldan


Spread word and deeds and honoring/worship of Seldan Cult
Repair and restore canals
Conquer Mars spiritually
Political Stability on Mars and between Mars and Earth
Foster brotherhood tween Martian subraces

Immediate Future:
Begin science of the canals
Send travelling diplomat priests to tell city states Seldan is here for them. Feeling out the different cultures.

Dan’s Venusian and Selenite stay at temple to train recruits in melee weapon fighting.
Martin training in fisticuffs.
Rifle training in real English carbines, which we will have to acquire eventually. Annabelle could help with this. Previous generation rifles, maybe some better ones to elites. After that, build our own here; so we will need manufacturers at the temple/city.
Buy first rounds of weapons from Earth.

At it’s heart, it’s a religious order. The priests are the backbone. The military is protective for the other 2 groups. And to bock enemies who do not want the spread of Seldan nor the opening of the canals.
We need to begin with missionaries spreading the word to the other places.
ASAP feel out all the existing canal priests in the world, where do they stand?
Military arm; Science division; priesthood.
LP at the top.
Head Priest/Head Scientist/Head General
Priest at the head of dogma for consistency
Grand Inquisitor: like a hybrid soldier/priest: internal issues, Covey thinks. Spies, disguised as priests in teach city to work vs any cult of the worm activity and other outside aggressors.
Apostles/Disciples = the PC’s

Science: Technical side a small group of very intelligent and well trained; and the larger manpower side.

Water Bond Ritual after which each an not harm the other for a certain period of time.
Baptism as well, makes sense here. Especially in a canal. Or with canal water.

Hierarchy like the Enterprise, so for example even the head of security has to listen to Spock.

Science Military Priests

3 types of missionaries:

To Hill Martian tribes are the warriors, to inspire through deed:

Priests to cities and canal priests, convincing them Seldan is here; evangelizing:

Scientists to begin working on dead canals: Covington and Grant.

Emissaries to Judaism, Christianity…..


A man shows up, wearing a medallion of Seldan outwardly. He challenges Percy to a duel. Percy, being not stupid and ballsy, accepts but insists on fisticuffs. He does not know this man, nor his motivations so would rather try to beat him and make friend/ally than be dead or kill him. Percy wins, and the man swears fealty. This is all stemming from Percy and Covey’s first meeting, a fist fight, leading to a specific issue of Seldan Knight Honor:
Never fight someone to the death who you may become friends with afterward.

Brotherhood of Seldan

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