The Aether Travellers of Down Cthulhu

Fort Dickerson Adventure

Sept 26 thru 27

2 day flight, stop off in Gorlimpsk for a night.

Sept 28 thru 30
3 day trip down canal by barge, where the boats let us off in what seems the middle of the desert. We have 2 of the big martian pack animals Rruumet Breehr to pull huge wagons with gear and supplies, plus about 10 mules. We ride Gashants. Much has been prepared fur our arrival.

Sept 30 thru Oct 1

Get ready to go.

Oct 2 thru 11

10 day trek by foot with pack mule through the desert to the forty along the canal, the subterrainean water of which has plant growth, water holes, and therefore animal life as well. We follow foreign legion rules, constructing a quick temporary fort each night. Get up by 4, start moving at 5 each morning. Walking until 2pm each day, stopping for an hour in the middle.

On 3rd day, after fort built, we see a caravan of Ruuhmet Breehr’s coming toward us. 21 of them.
Percival “At least 60 people, I’m sure there is more.”
They stop at a medium rifle shot range. One of the animals rides forward. Percy rides out to meet them with Covey, Brutus, and Percival. All on Gaushants.
In trade lingo of Parhooni, one of them “Hail, fellow travellers. Fair winds and good weather.”
Percival extends the same to them, but May Seldan grant you such.
“The Ucha’ Ma welcomes you. The Travelling People, in Parhooni. Ah, you’re with the canal keepers.” They have not much use, they worship the gods of the sands and trade.
Percival speaks now to Percy in English, saying what they are.
Covey “Martian gypsies, essentially.”
We leave the Seldan subject alone for now, keeping it neutra. Percival tells them we make for Fort Dickerson.
They are going up canal for a bit, then to Sirtis Minor to trade, then on their way. Opposite direction we are going. This is part of an annual trek of theirs, ending in the Ausonia basin. Their people have a city there, though they are travellers. As there is safety in numbers, they ask to camp near us. Percy agrees.
For very fighting man, there are 4 to 5 women and kids, so they must be legit. They are well organized in their camps. The animals lie down, and they put plates over them forming a metal barricade. They set up maxim machine guns at each corner. They are not Hill, nor Canal, but seem to have traits of both and can breed with both. Are they genetically closer to the common ancestor.
We talk to the leader of the caravan: Mortorek
They say the have not passed Dickerson, nor heard anything of it form over a month.
The Seleti Hill Martians and the Fort were up in arms vs each other. A soldier had been found dead on patrol, Selleti dagger in him. Finding 2 Selleti’s in the desert, the Cpt. hung them. Each blames the other. Were rumors that some fo teh Hill Martian tribes were being united under a leader further out in the desert. They say he is the Merido. The Expected One. The Chosen of Soldan. A prophet. They believe Seldan will never appear in flesh. Could be only wild rumor, breed like flies in the desert.
Percy goes for the water bond, with the 4 leaders of the Ucha’ Ma. One is a woman. They draw back in disgust.
Mortorek “I assume no harm was intended.” Percy explains, but it seems their civilization is such that they can not accept water in such a way from anyone outside the clan. Only under special circumstances. This ritual to them is like becoming a blood brother. Percy also offers earth scotch or wine. They try the wine. He gives them a Seldan token, so that if they are ever over the way of the temple they will be welcome.
Otherwise all passes peacufully and we settle in for the night.

Halfway through the next day, a dark cloud is on the horizon. Turns out its a sandstorm! Then, a strong wind from the other direction puts it to an end before it reaches us. Whew.
5th day: Around noon, come across a lone man; staff in hand, parisol in other; wearing robes. It is an old Hill Martian, long flowing beard and unibrow. Same group rides out to meet him. Pervical greets him. He says “the blessings of all mighty Seldan be upon you”. His people have been first murdered then corrupted. They are the Selmachin, they spit on canal keepers, and worship the true Seldan. The Merido has destroyed his people. He agrees to travel with us. He is a holy man and patriarch of his tribe, who were defeated and forcibly converted to worship of Miljahaj, the Merido. Percy says he’s also a Seldanite, faithful follower. They have not heard about the new Seldan. They do believe he shall be reincarnated. They, the true believers, will know when. They call all other Canal Priest pretenders fools. They say he will have no Martian Father; shall unite the people, of all of the people and none of the people; he will be the Lord of a far land.
His troops are a vast as the sand, numberless. An unstoppable sandstorm of blasphemy.
Covey asks him of Fort Dickerson. He passed by there recently, saw smoke rising from it but didn’t go inside. Like burning smoke, but not like it was all in flames. He has heard open war has broken out tween Red Devils and Seleti.
Percy insists he will eliminate ‘the burrito’.

Make camp and next morning, a guard is missing.. Brutus searches the perimeter.
Covey “Nobody exits the camp until Brutus searches.”
He finds that someone slid over the wall where the man was guarding, silently slid over into the camp, then left again the same way. Hill Martian footwear, he’s certain. Came in from the lower left corner, crawled right next to the old man, then back out again. The old man has his throat slit from ear to ear.
Outside, he finds 2 people dragging a third. We figure the guard. We send the unit on as normal.
All PC’s go after the kidnapped soldier. About a half mile out, we find the boys dead body, stakes driven through hands and feet into the sand. Rifle and ammo gone. Gagged him with his own underpants, then peeled the skin off him and demasculated him. A Seleti dagger lies near. We nab it up.

We catch up to the caravan. The lead troop then gets ambushed (5 privates/cpl/sgt) by High Martians leaping up from the sand!!!!
We rush to help them after hearing the first volley. It drops 2 and they charge wielding short spears. The men do not start well in melee, killing only 1 in the first 2 rounds, via the Sgt.
By couple rounds later, only dropped. The bugler pvt is bleeding badly.
On the 4th round, the first 3 PC’s arrive.
Martin now appears, leaping off his tacking an enemy vs the bugler. Covey also appears, dismounts and fires his British Bulldog at one vs Sgt. Gerald is here as well but misses badly with his revolver, helping a private; as does No. 1 who spears 13.
Then the Sgt kills another! 2 pvt’s also crit and kill!!
Martin is attacked, the spear doing 0 “It’s the Guiness!”
They attack, our privates are weakening.
Brutus arrives and takes on the last enemy on the bugler. No. 1 kills and cleaves 11; Martin drops his; Gerald shoots to help Cpl 13 DEAD and stabs next to him to help a pvt; Percy joins the fight, taking on a pvt’s enemy. Covey fires a bullet through the head of the No. 1 cleaved enemy DEAD.
2 of the pvt’s get the opportunity and bow out.
Covey charges in and crits one, as Brutus kills the last that was on the bugler. Martin rabbit punches the cpl’s from behind DOWN.
The bugler fires and takes down the last on the Sgt. A 3rd pvt bows out.
Percival and Gawain have arrived, waiting for an opening to fire. Now they do, helping the pvt’s at the front still engaged, for 11 and 16 respectively. The 2nd falls dead.
They have only 4 left now. Covey drops his; the 2 privates flank and kill theirs. Martin finishes the cpl’s. No. 1 and Brutus team up on the last and kill it.

The medical man with the company gets to work on the wounded pvt’s. He’s an alcoholic. Perfect!! An older man.

Oct 11

We see the still smoldering fort in the distance! As we close in, a shot rings out striking the ground at the head of the column.
Covey “Nervous survivors.”:
“Who goes there!”
LP announces us in LP fashion.
They let us enter into the rubble strewn remnants. 22 survivors: 6 kids, 7 women, 7 civilians, and 2 soldier (both pvt).
Martin “So, 22 survivors, only 2 soldiers. Well, isn’t that just typical.”
Their leader is the reverend Jamison armed with a shotgun. “It’s good to see u gents, when will we be able to leave and return to civilization?”
He gives us the situation first:
The tribes have united under the burrito, preaching a holy war vs the red men and any sympathizers, and canal martians on general principle.
Covey “Where is he holed up.”
He sweeps his arm across the land ‘everywhere’. The martian wants the canals to run with the blood of the English.
Covey “Well, LP, we want the canals to run fresh with water, so we’ve on upped him on that count.”
MOst of the garrison died before they even attacked, water supply poisoned. Now its ok though. The attacking side numbered from hundreds to 20 or 30 depending on which survivor you ask. They have not been seed since the attack. First, high martians flew in and killed the men on the towers. Then, a musket line of canal martians gave cover fire while hill martians charged through a gap they blew in the wall witn placed gunpowder; set inside the wall!!
It was given up from the inside, using the magazine powder. Explosion happened at dawn. They took all women and weapons they could find, loaded on the backs of the pack animals like ours and left. These survivors climbed over the side and hid, but the 2 solders who were in the desert.

We check, they indeed cleared all weaponry out but for the ammo for the big guns. The 2 guns, 6 pounder rotating hodgkiss cannon, has been spiked. Covey gets to work fixing.
We sends scouts out to see if the enemy is anywhere in the vicinity still.
We read the outpost log. The only unusual thing was a John Wilson and Peter Hobbes, traders, purchases supplies and left with their wagon the evening before the attack.
LP gets about 20 men to begin building an earthwork at the blast site.

Also in the log, 2 Seleti got in an argument with a couple soldiers, and a gunner for a now missing nordenfelt fired and killed them. The rest of the clan left vowing revenge. Their home is withing 10 miles usually.
LP should hed out tomorrow morning to talk to them.

Barely 5 miles out, the scouts are ambushed by Seleti warriors. Brutus hails them in peace, saying we wish only to talk to them. They insist they do not work with the burrito. They live and fight in honorable war. So long as we stay out of their territory we are fine. They burrito hates the Sellati, we tell them they are being framed for the massacre!! He is astounded. Brutus tells him of the dagger we found with a dead soldier. Many Selleti spears at the fort massacre also.
He says the people we speak of attacking the fort were tall human brown coats!! THey’re leader was a white man, called himself Col. Hobbes. There was a 2nd white with him as well.
They confirm the death of their men by the nordenfelt. After, they spoke to the cpt at the fort, who punished the man responsible and paid recompense in english gold sovereigns.
Brutus says they are in trouble if the frame job works. We want to find these to white men and string them up. He insists Percy will do what it takes to get the tribe in the clear. He says he will be back in 2 days with the head of Col Hobbes. Finally, he agrees to find him w/o engaging, return and tell us where he is.
“The Selleti and the Red Devils will dip their blades in the blood of Hobbes regiment.” They disappear. We report back.

Covey inspects Dr. Whitehouse’s lab. He is an archaeologist and mad scientis. This is obvious to Covey. House is laid out like a museum work room
His head is a bit jumbled, but for artifact files. Lens of Torbash, and Lens of Fibash are noted in particular. He has not moved them yet, still in the dig. At the base of the cliff is a cave to the old martian ruins under the fort he has been excavating.

Oct 12

More work on wall. Hodgekiss is long done and ready to to. We get watchmen on towers and gunner with the Hodgekiss. No. 1 is on constant patrol around the area, so is Brutus.
Covey into the dig with Gob, Martin, Percival. Using the Dr.’s equipment. Ancient Martian writing through a couple rooms to a room that stinks of a dead body. Been decomposing for a couple weeks. Looks like the DR., bullet hole through the bridge of his nose. Lying beside him is a small open wood box, which have 2 fist sized insets in it. The lenses, whatever they are, gone! Perhaps he ran to keep them save during the attack but failed.
Brave attempt at least.
Covey takes records of all the writing and such.

Later, toward evening, 2 Selleti show up on mounts. One falls off. Soldiers rush out to help them with our Dr., and Martin. The one is dying, the other 2 minor wounds. The great war leader we talked to is dead. The str of the Selleti is broken, they weren’t ready for a gun “that fired many times quickly and rend the earth”.

The doctor will save them. The gun was the Nordenfelt. They were attacked by hill, high, and canal, as we warned. They say it was not the burrito, it was the white men, they ran the nordenfelt.
Around 1/3 of their strength were killed. They number the enemy at 50ish. They knew where they were the whole time, just wanted first blood. It failed, obviously.
Martin “Will you come meet with our leader now?”
They come to talk to LP.
LP wants to join forces to attack the enemy, he is stern with them, very stern. Assuring we are all dead if they do not follow him. They agree to be here tomorrow. The wounded stays with us.

Oct 13

Morning, 50 warriors ride up for the “Pelaver”, negotiations.
The Selleti apparently announced they were going to attack with a ceremonial war stick. Sigh. The cave is down a steep canyon, in which they were ambushed.
We notice lots of smoke in the distance, their village is being burned out. They brough half the warriors here.
They rush back home.
LP is on the way and runs into a running skirmish vs hundreds of hill martians. The men are fighting a delaying action so the women and kids can get here. LP rushes forward; he sees they fly flags of the burrito, plus several blood red flags meaning death jihad, everyone in their path dies, no surrender. LP returns fast, but along with Percival and Martin runs into a gang of hill martians.
We blow the horns at the fort to call in No. 1 and Brutus.

An arrow glances off Martin “I’ve had way too much Guiness to day for that to hurt.” One defects off Percy’s armor. Percy fires a musket shot crit DEAD.
We engage in melee.
We make short work of them, Martin carrying one back that he KO’d.
Some of the more eager try to follow, but are sent running with a volley from the fort.

Percy orders the flag of Seldan and the British flags to fly high.
Broadhurst says we have the advantage of the red devil’s way of war. No sign of the white traitors. This is a whole clan coalition, about 1000 warriors.

As far as Selleti warriors who made it in, 80, that’s it.
We talk strategy under guard, so no one who may be a potential traitor from the survivors can hear us.
LP does not trust the priest.
Broadhurst wants to take a team out, wipe out the faction there, and bring back the machine gun.
The enemy starts a siege. They are entirely camp at the foot of the hill at the rubble side. Easy for a small party to sneak out at night.
The burrito, an older prophet type, is surrounded by a blood guard all the time.
Broadhurst also says mount the hodgekiss on a wagon, soldiers in a double square around it, and give them hell.\
LP says that’ll be a great last stand tactic. We like his idea to go get the machine gun.
We hear a rifle shot. Gob runs to check it out. Hill Martians had snuck up a cliff, the guards saw and picked a few off, the rest ran away.
We decide to go tonight to get the gun. LP wants to insist the priest and the 2 surviving soldiers will join us.
The new Selleti leader will guide us there. All PC’s going, Broadhurst left in charge. Plus the priest, 2 surviving soldiers, and 4 of Broadhurst’s soldiers (3 pvt, 1 sgt).

We come from above the cave entrance, down the hillside. 10 hill martians sleep on a ledge, 2 are awake on guard. Brtus, Galahad, and Percival take out the guards but the others start waking up. We rush in and get the drop on them and the fighting becomes general.
We start slow, but kill 4 of the last 5 all in a single round so fast none can escape.

We begin to descend quickly during the distraction.
Their commander looks up as we arrive and gets a look of recognition in his eyes when he sees Gawain, our canal martian. Gawain says, “My cousin.” He signals down to him.
He slinks away and talks to Gawain. He has not seen Gawain in a long time and turncoats on the scum.

Brutus tosses a rock on another guy, which starts a fight with his buddy who he had just yelled at for stepping on him for a 3rd time.
Percival sneaks down to talk to the hill martians, who the cousin says are too honorable to harm the women. He plays on the fact the canal martians are the ones who got the machine gun, so they’re probably seen as expendable. They felt bad about the hill martian ambush.

We attack the canal martians from surprise. Our soldiers and the priest fire, as does Gawain as the rest rush in.
We make quick work of them, and hear men rushing from inside the cave toward us.
Gawain fires the Nordenelt inside, killing a gang of them. The entire group surrenders. They send the traitor English out with gusto.
We rescue the women first.

Quickly back to the fort before sun up and inside.

Oct 14

The rubble has been used to build an earthwork, with a gap in the middle. Both guns are at the front, outside the earthwork, one pointing on a left angle the other right. The front line troops are just ahead of the guns in a semicircle trench. Men line the walls and brits are at the gabe. In the middle as a command crew are a squad of brits, Sellati leader, Covey and Martin, Gerald and Brutus, as well as the Sellati leader.

We see the burrito, command stick in his hands, held aloft. Hundreds are behind him. He signals, and a squad moves forward. He points again, and another hundered come out behind them.
The charge.
The hodgkiss blows up gangs, but the Nordefeldt gunners fire like experts, blowing people into 2 all over the place.
After 3 rounds, their front line hits our trench. At the other end, on the path to the small gate, a large group climbs over from teh side of the slope, loading the path with almost 40 martians! Both side there volley.
A crew charge the gate strapped with explosives, only 1 makes it to the door and barely does anything to it as the explosion finishes him off.
Martin hears the explosion and rushes to investigate. Gerald follows.
Their rear ranks start bowfire vs our troops on the wall behind the guns.

At the foot of the cliff to the gates right, some 200 archers fire up the wall. Our men simply duck down and let the arrows fly over and by. The Sgt to be warry of climbers using the fire as cover. Another crew charges in with explosives. 4 martians from the walls fire bows at them.
Martin chugs the rest of his whiskey bottle and puts on his pair of brass knuckles.
The bombers set the explosives on the door and light them.
Martin yells to Gerald and Brutus that we should have the brits just open the door and we’ll go out and clear them.
Brutus “Let’s jump off the walls!”
Martin “It will take too long to get up there!”
We have lost 3 martians on the gate wall now. The 2nd explosion goes off. 2 of the brits open the gate and our men there rush out.
2 men flee at the sight of Brutus. Gerald bullrushes one right off the cliff, as does Brutus. Their leader yells for those in the front to stop us, as their commanders begin a retreat.
Brutus then disarms another.
They flee for their lives.
Martin “Run you curs!”
We call out the men at the gate and gather up 17 muskets and ammo from the dead!! Then rush back in. The martians behind us at the gate will reload these as we fire them, for a constant powerful musket fire.
Covington runs for the wall under fire from below to check on the situation, to be sure the men there are readying fire if anyone comes over the edge onto the wall.
Men from the right unattacked wall are sent to the front rifle line on the earthwork behind the guns to get ready to sub in for wounded.
We’ve got the enemy at the trench outnumbered now, but their 300 strong archer rank is still firing on our riflemen on the wall as the 2 guns blaze away together.

Percy tells No. 1 to get Brutus and go out and kill El Burrito. Our rifleman on the earthwork are wounded to hell and retreat into the complex.

The trench battle continues. We cant ell their archers are beginning to waver in the face of our guns, likely the fear struck by them has delayed a mass charge.
Their archers fire into the trench fight, careless of their own men!!
No. 1 reports Percy’s order on the way past.

The enemy turns and flees. Percival orders a quick countercharge into their fleeing backs, then a fallback. The hodgkiss fires again as well. It then has to reload anyway.
As our men move out of the way, the Nordenfeldt fires away and massacres them.
Percy fires his revolver and miraculously hits from that range, finishing off the last man from the trench attackers!

No. 1 reaches Brutus, and Martin says he’s going too if the plan is still a go.
It is, Gerald joins them as well. They leave while the enemy isn’t paying attention.

The enemy gather together, and reform positions, ready for another charge, this time cavalry riding gashants.

The bowfire which had stopped on side wall begins again. Only on that one side again.

100 musketmen begin to come up the gateway path. Our men on the walls get their heads down. Ready for anyone who climbs over.\
Our small reserve group in the courtyard is moved to the gateway wall. Covey rushes back, pasing out detonite sticks of his own making. They will be thrown over to create a diversion so their readied actions are disturbed, so that we can pop up with all of our new men and get the surprise attack.
Broadhurst says we should set some blasts at the sides of the earthwork gap to blow if necessary. Covey makes to do so after passing out the detonite in the rear. The muskets are passed out to the gate and walls, with a partner reloading another with each.

The detonite blows, our men rise and loose, surprising the enemy.
Gunports at the gate are reloading, so close the ports.
Their muskets fire.
We return fire.
Covey sets 5 sticks per side at the rubble.
They fire at the gate wall, 1 martian goes down, another badly wounded and retreats. Bob picked the dead guys musket.
Another martian takes the wounded’s musket place.
2 brits are killed instantly this round at the gate wall!
2 martians grab the British rifles from the 2 dead. 2 others severely wounded refuse to leave the line!
More brits are called in to reinforce them and if more men fall.
In the makeshift hospital, a box of 20 sticks of TNT is found!! Hidden before the fort fell!!!
A large force of 20ish martians appear, coming up the cliff to the right of the gate wall, at the slant!! A few in reserve on the ground by the hospital make their way over to assist, as does 6 brits who were on their way from the bowfire attacked wall to help.
2 brits running past from the unattcked wall to help grab the TNT from the Dr. 10 goes to the slant, 10 to the gate wall.

Volleys again.
1 severely wounded Brit is replaced by a fresh man. Plus another man.
The 2 men arrive with dynamite.
Cpl “Light them and throw them privates.”
Volleys, wounded and dead continue.
TNT as stick at a time is chucked over.

At the attack on the slant, the enemy fire bows upward, 2 attacks per round! More brits and martians arrive, 6 of the brits throw TNT into the bowmen.
They begin climbing ladders to the top!
A melee on the wall begins.

At the rubble, Covey is walking tween the 2 buildings, ordering the brits to string the detonator wires and sees the fight on the wall “Dear God, the wall’s been boarded!” He makes a break for the battle.

The cavalry has charged the front in the meantime, and are riding back and forth firing their bows at the trench while we return fire, including the Nordenfelt.
The men on the wall get back up and fire again as well.
We begin to massacre the mounted archers at the guns.
Covington as fast as possible arrives on the slant wall, powering on the saw sword.
After another volley and tnt at the gate, they pick up all rifles on the ground and flee as we hit one more time.
14 more muskets and ammo.

At the guns, they charge the trenchline now. During their charge we hit them hard. In the melee, the British show them what Hell On Mars is.
LP and the 2 gunners even join in.
Still, at the trench, no man has fallen!
The battle at the Slant is tough fighting, their men there are elite, trying to surely get over the wall and open the gate from the inside. Our Martians take a beating.
Even with the saw sword, it takes Covey 2 rounds or so to take one down w/o a crit.
Bob and a British Cpl, then 2 privates, from the gate wall just around the corner rush to help once their attackers flee. By the end, we fight them off. Our men, wog and brit, are messed up badly.

Martin, Gerald, Brutus, and No. 1 have donned garb from the enemy dead on their way. They get into the ranks, and up to the burrito.
He has 10 bodyguard, plus 2 generals and his Mouthpiece.
One asks "Where do you men want.:
Martin, in broken Parhooni bluffing “Trouble.”
“What kind?”
“This kind” brass knuckles to the face.
Brutus hurls his sling attack, and KO;s the burrito. Gerald dashes through their lines to the burrito as No. attacks another guard.
Before they can even react, Gerald levels his gun on the helpless burrito and fires, blowing his brains out.
Martin “Any other questions?”
We all press the attack.
They converge on us.
Fate was not on their side. Gerald blows one of the general’s faces off, the other’s sword breaks on the same round vs him. Martin punishes the tough guard leader he initially struck. No. 1 and Brutus make mince meat out of the so called ‘body guards’.
The general steps back from Gerald, deftly swings his munket off, and fires at Gerald.
We slaughter them, the camp is in disarray after we leave, its panic.

They don’t attack again the rest of the day. Lots of drums all night, and the next morning, they have deserted the field.

VICTORY!!! God and Queen over heathen wogs.

Oct 15 thru Oct 19

We stay here until all the wounded are transportable, Whitehead’s stuff is all packed up by Covey; Percy schmoozes with the wogs, etc.

It’s a 21 day total trip back to Sirtus Major, minus any extra visit time or problems. We stay in Karcharum only 2 days extra to meet with our compatriots there from the previous unrest.

31 muskets and ammo
20 TNT: 14 gone
40 Detonite: 10 gone, 10 placed in rubble

Bob (leader of allied hill martians from the cave)

Ord sm 5/fst 5
Fat 40/14 wnd
def 19
melee 4; rng 8
str 8, dex 15, con 14, int 16, 13, 12


21 fat/10 wnd
def 14
melee 2; rng 4
9 str
init 1
shotgun damage plus 4 with ‘Molly’ his specific shotgun; generally uses both barrels

Selleti Leader

fast ord 6
fat 39
14 wnd
melee 5, rng 8
Short bow; spear, saber
str 12
init 3
def 19 (6 class, 3 dex)

Hill Martians

50 Selleti x
fat 26 wnd 15
def 18
melee 3 range 7; saber, d8 spear; short bow
init 3

fat 34 wnd 16
def 14
melee 4 rng 4
init 1
50 Selleti

10 each of hill martian allies also

Our soldiers:
Total: 57/61
1 has 9 wnd dam; 1 has 6 wnd. dam, 1 has 12 wnd dam; 11;9;11;and 1 at neg. 31
Tough 2/Strong 1
+5 melee bayonet (d6 plus 3) and bolt action 6 round rifle; 21 fat/15wnd
Point Blank Shot
Svs 5/1/1
Def 14
Init 1

Tough 3/Str 1
+6 melee bayonet and rifle
Str mod 2
33 fat/16 wnd
Point Blank Shot; imp. dam. thr.
Svs 6/2/2
Def 14
Init 1

Tough 3/Str 3
+8 bayonet and 7 rifle
48 fat/16 wnd
Svs 7/3/3
Def 15
Wpn Focus bayonet and rifle; Point Blank Shot;

2nd Lt
Str 1/Tough 1/Ded 3
fat 21
wnd 18
Toughness, pt bl shot

Lt. Broadstone
Fst 3/Ded 4 Hero
fat 31
wnd 15
Imp. Dam. Thr; pt bl shot; Dodge
Def 20

Army Doctor

He’s an alcoholic. Perfect!!
An older man, 10th level. Ordinary Ded 5/Sm 5.

Seleti: Hill Martians at odds with Fort
Mortorek: leader of gypsies
Merido: prophet of Seldan, he says himself. Rumor he is uniting Hill Martian tribes
Ucha’ Ma: gypsy group


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