Lunar 'Coil Gun'

An electro-magneteic powered burst-fire rifle

weapon (ranged)
  • Fires a 6-shot burst per attack. No attack penalty.
  • 4d6 damage.
  • Crit 19-20/max damage on each dart that hits. Each grouping counts as one attack to bypass Damage Threshold and against DR.
  • A magazine holds 100 darts
  • Reloading magazine is a standard action
  • Range 40’; max 5 increments
  • Exotic Weapon

Wielders: Covington has both


This gun uses an electric pulse, to fire magnetic darts. Darts are small slugs, but move very fast. Equivalent to a small caliber rifle. Battery is built into the clip, which can be recharged via Covington’s Conversion Dymano. Installing clip and flipping the gun’s system on immediately charges the system.
This gun is like a very high tech Coil Gun.

We brought 3 of these back from the moon. 2 to use and 1 to reverse engineer. Also 3 magazines.

  • We have not been able to recreate the battery itself, but Covington has found a reliable way to recharge the battery, including via his Conversion Dynamo, and Grant has now succesfully machined the ammunition with earthly/martian parts. Darts need to be made in the shop.
  • Have yet to understand the mechanism of firing, creating the field to project the dart,etc…

how long to make darts? Grant will fabricate what he can in Parhoon during our voyage to Gharyan.
how long to charge a battery?

Lunar 'Coil Gun'

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