Martian Saw Sword

Dubbed by good ol' Will 'Vibro-blade'

weapon (melee)
  • One handed archaic but high tech weapon
  • 1d8 like a longsword when off, 2d8 damage when powered on.
  • Requires battery to run the rotating teeth-action. Each came with a small about 6″ × 4″ battery than is easily attached to ones belt

Each full charge lasts 100 rounds of combat.

  • Covington and Will each have one
  • Covington’s is one that was damaged and he repaired.

Covington has figured out a way to charge the existing batteries, by plugging them into a custom dynamo which creates an electric ‘jump’. This is easily plugged into many possible things, such as a solar boiler on a ship with a custom small portable jack and wiring made for this purpse, which he can take with him anywhere.
He is also figuring out a way to plug it into the electromagnetic pulse rifle to use that to charge them, ‘on the road’ so to speak. There is no obvious charging mechanism on those rifles. Somehow they create their own or the have a super advanced and unidentifiable storage system that lasts an unknown amount of time.


One of these was gained on the night attack in Percy’s hotel room, another from the would-be assassin of ZeenKeer at the Martian bazaar in London at Whiteley’s.

These weapons are of an ancient and forgotten technology on Mars. Power packs are known from ruins, and their shelf life is astonishing, still working when found centuries later. But the charge while in use does not last for a long time. How long, Johnny? A number of rounds maybe?

With current earth tech, it would take a battery of backpack size, rather than the small box able to be clipped on ones belt that they came with. The tech must be researched and invented by Grant and Covington.

Martian Saw Sword

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