Covington "LP" Ratchet Lock Pistol

A large caliber sidearm for a large personality


30’ range increment
2d10 + 2 damage
Single shot, breech loading

custom scope with 2 settings, must aim with move action:
Short = +1 attack and damage w/in first range increment
long = eliminate penalty for second range increment

large caliber rounds, typically .50

Ratchet lock hammer is a safety mechanism: the gun can be kept cocked on belt/bandoleer and will not go off accidentally if jarred, dropped, struck, etc…
On a roll of 1, user gets a +2 bonus to subsequent fumble check Keeping it cocked grants a +1 to fast draw initiative.

Steam buffered recoil mechanism softens kick to that of perhaps a modern 44 Magnum or Desert Eagle, maybe even a little more so. Requires 16 str to use properly w/o penalty.12 str or lower will likely get injured or knocked on their rear end. A single prime of the buffer mech will last for 2 (equal to reliability) shots before needing primed again (this may be improved upon later).


This is the pistol made for Percy by Sam.
One day, on the voyage to Gaharyan, Percy mentioned how he needed .50 pistol to really do some ranged damage. Little did he know that this item was in Covington’s possession already as a surprise, and was soon to be completed.

The gun was simply crafted, as was the ratchet lock, with Craft (mech) and (struct).
The scope (optics) and recoil buffering (power production) were Inventions, a la Space 1889.

Covington "LP" Ratchet Lock Pistol

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