Professor Samuel Covington


Smart 2/Strong 2/Professor 1
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 23+
Str 18
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 18
Wis 13
Cha 11
Com 13
Luck 10
Occupation: Technician
Talents: Savant(repair); Melee Smash 1; Savant(craft-mech); Tech Weapon Prof; Tech Weapon Expert;
Feats: Brawl; Imp Dam Threshold; Great Fortitude; Builder; Toughness; Bookworm;Educated(Knowl:tech,arcane lore);Improved Brawl; Lightning Repair
Sanity: 64(65)
Advanced Class Features: Smart Defense
Wealth: 18
Reputation: 1
Languages: Russian 2r/w, French 2r/w, German 2r/w
Affiliations: Archimedes’ Inner Circle, The Oxford Boys, Adventurer’s Club
Weapons: dagger, Webley revolver, moon rifle,martian sniping air rifle,Martian Saw Sword aka Vibroblade


Welder: portable arc welder
5lbs; L8/$40
Reliability 5

Adaptive Conversion Dynamo

Dynamo (5, -1)
8lbs; L70/$350
Reliability 7: It will give 7 charges to the Martian Vibroblade battery per unit of time (this will depend on the strength of the power source; a solar boiler or Energy cells may be per round or minute while a homes electric line may be tens of minutes or hours)

Adapter (1, 2)
nil; L1; $5
Reliability 4
Reliability is the number of power sources that it can be adapted to before being imroved. Once adapted to a source that type is permanently one of them:
1) Grant’s ship
2) the extra electro magnetic moon pulse rifle

Space Suit

20lbs; L20/$100
Reliability 9: the number of hours usable without recharging oxygen system

LP’s Mobile Rooms

Reliability 5; 10mph. 20 gallon capacity, 1 gallon/mile.

Ranged Finder

L20 each

Quick Firing Gun

plus 50% cost of gun

Ballistic Computer

rel = 2 (N/A)
Covey’s ranged finder combined with Grant’s analytical engine.
L plus 10% of total price of both


rel = 5

LP Blaster (10,3) power production

rel: 5 (improved from 2) = charges per priming; full round action to prime
scope (15,3; optics): plus 1 att and dam in 1st range increment if aim for move action, or no pen to 2nd increment if aim full round action.
.50 cal steam buffered recoil mechanism, single shot ‘wheellock’ design. Does 2d10 damage

Magnetic Levitation

Rel = 5

In the works

5 shot revolving blaster, 2d8 damage
superluminal propeller
Theory only: teleportation device


Born and raised on the small estate south of an upperclass London family, Samuel Covington showed great intelligence from an early age, with a passion for science and technology, and spoke above his age from early on. Unfortunately he had a equal passion for quarrelsomeness and roughhousing. Far from being all brains, he was a known scrapper, often bullying the bullies in defense of the meeker kids.CoveyHat_1_.jpg

Wasting no time after high school, he went directly to Oxford. He made a name for himself amongst the intellectuals for his mind, and classmates for partying and fighting. He made many friends thanks to drinking and carousing and quickly soon enough ran into Roger Livingstone Lord Percy, another known rough and tumble partyer, by being pitted against him in a drunken fist fight by some mutual friends during a legendary party. The 2 were known as tough men on campus. The two bonded in bruises instantly, and immediately formed “The Oxford Boys”, an unofficial social fraternity standing for excitement, drink, and manly arts. A favorite pastime was Percy had been hurling balloons full of water or urine at passing pedestrians and carriages carrying professors, with Percy’s family pull always getting keeping them from being expelled. Covey upped the ante, with various gross but harmless concoctions.
Covey insists he won the brawl, but Percy does the same. Perhaps they fought to a standstill, but there is no doubt each earned more respect for the other than for any other person they had ever met, and have been inseparable companions ever since.
Trouble seems to find them, or is it their brashness finds trouble? Many wonder how a man as smart as Covington gets himself into such things. It seems like a total lack of common sense. The answer, if not that, may be quite simple and apparent from a quote from Covington himself many times at the end of such whims an outright antics: “Oh what fun we had”.
Though an underachiever in true studiousness, he was an outstanding student despite his hard partying ways thanks to sheer intelligence and natural talent for science, and graduated with a degree in Engineering. He was hired directly after graduation by Oxford as a part time science professor and part time laboratory scientist working on experiments. Percy insisted he not work fulltime so as to be ready to travel at a moments notice. And Covington is always more than willing.

He can be an unassuming man in general when not drinking and partying, but with excitement always igniting quick action. Sam has a foot in two different worlds: academia and fighting. Some scientists may be more studied and other men tougher, but perhaps no smart men can fight, nor no fighting man can think, on Covey’s level.

Professor Samuel Covington

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