"old" will McLannoch

a dirty old irish pirate reacued from the moon


strong2/fast2 hd 8/8
occupation criminal
36 yo male 5’9" 180lbs brown hair brown eyes
born in kilkenny ireland
dob 8/27/1851
str: 18 +4
dex: 18 +4
con: 15 +2 hp: 18/36
int: 16 +3
wis: 15 +2
cha: 10
com: 10
sanity (75)
vibroblade 2d8

feats: melee smash, opportunist, quick, quicker, brawl, mobility, spring attack, skill focus navigate, heroic surge, guide, toughness, quick draw, power attack, cleave

fluent in martian and selenite and english


Old will was an ether pirate who ended up stranded on the moon with the remaining crew of a shipwrecked aether flyer and its Russian captain. He teamed with the party when he realized his captain was going to maroon him and the rest on the moon and Percy and his crew were his last hope to get off the moon. He is now fiercely loyal to Percy and admires his new captain for his bravery and unending luck. But has found a new family in martin and gob. Though he will never admit that he has such feelings he would without question give his life for his new family as he realizes he owes every minute of the remainder of his life to them.

"old" will McLannoch

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