Martin O' Malley

Hard drinking, dancing and fighting Irish street-tough


Charismatic 2/Tough 2
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 15+
Str 16
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 16
Occupation: Criminal
Talents: Fast Talk; Intimidating Presence; Dr2/-;
Feats: Brawl; Confident; Toughness; Improved Init; Imp Dam Threshold; Dodga; Carouser; Streetfighting; 2 wpn ft; Improved Brawl
Sanity: 48 (50)
Wealth: 13
Reputation: 2
Languages: English 3r/w;
Affiliations: potentially seeking admission to Adventurer’s Club
Weapons: dagger, remington double action .38, moon rifle


An Irish orphan who practically raised himself in the East End slums of London, this tough but charismatic young man grew up drinking, dancing, chasing the lassies, gambling, fighting and boxing in the seedy parts of London. Martin is tough as nails, afraid of no man, able to take quite a punch, and much prefers a bout of fisticuffs to gunplay or blades.
Not long ago he ‘came into some money’ and headed to a more prosperous district for some carousing. There, after purchasing some high-end attire, he ran into Lord Percy and Covington by fighting on their side in a pub brawl, the three of them being the last left standing. They were arrested and released in one night after the authorities realized who Percy was, but their time spent together on this occasion spawned a fast and lasting friendship between Martin and the 2 Oxford Boys. Percy acts as a sort of patron for the irishman, keeping him free to head off on Percy’s next lark at any time. He continues spending his time in pubs and amatuer underground bare knuckle boxing fights. After a couple trips to the aether with Percy, he hopes to be inducted into the Adventurer’s Club. Quite a rise to success from his grimey, hopeless beginnings.

Bit of trivia: Martin believes he caught a fleeting glimpse of Jack the Ripper. On a night of one of his famous murders, the killer disappeared into the fog before Martin could catch up, finding onlthe the bloody washbin and rag.

Martin O' Malley

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