Flight sgt. Gerald Oliver Bowen "Gob"

Hes not irish, hes welsh


caucasian (welsh) male 23 years old 5’8" 170lbs auburn hair and blue eyes.
hometown: Lllerwilslough DOB: 10/20/1867
fast hero 5
military occupation
luck: 16
wealth 11

1) Skill Focus; Gearhead; Heroic Surge
2) archaic wpn prof; fst2) Vehicle Exp
3) street ft
4) Gearhead; fst4) Quick Reload
5)2 wpn ft

1) Evasion/Opportunist
3) Born to Fly/Speed Demon
5) Offensive Piloting/Airship Battle Run


Gerald Oliver Bowen or “gob” as his friends and fellow soldiers call him, is a flight sgt in the royal ether fleet. in an attempt to escape his alcoholic father, prostitute mother and thug siblings and his poverty stricken little welsh excuse for a coaltown, he joined the royal ether fleet, where he learned to be a highly skilled alcoholic, who is overly fond of prostitutes and backstreet activities. he met Lord Percy when Percy was training with the 69th for their 1st duty station on mars, gerald was the pilot for their transport the H.M.S. Ferroway. when Percy began his tour he specifically requested that Gerald be his personal adventuring assistant. he continuously refers to Gerald as his faithful irish pilot…which chides gerald to no end, so hes constantly muttering “Im not Irish, im Welsh!” under his breath. but he truly is loyal to Percy as he affords him travel to exotic locations, fine alcohols, and the ability to do as he pleases without the everpresent eye of his military superiors on him. he has recently found a friend in martin o’malley and old will mclannoch.

Flight sgt. Gerald Oliver Bowen "Gob"

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