The Aether Travellers of Down Cthulhu

Voyage Continues over the Mts


Now travelling all day and night.
Day 1: 360 miles
Day 2: 300
Day 3: 180
Day 4: 360
Day 5: 300
Day 6: 180

Over mountains with no problem into sea bed near town of Aram.

As we come out over mts, 2 ships appear on an intercept course.
Through our spyglass, they are high martians on sky lords. Crew of over 60; each mounts 12 guns (6 per side) and 2 aft. Their guns can only fire from sides but for aft guns.
An emissary flies for us, a single High Martian. Annabelle has her rifle trained on him, but Percy says let him come.


Kip hits for 9, Gerald 10, Percy 11, wife 6, Martin 7, Robin Hood 6, Merrry men miss, Davenport 8, #1 13, Brutus 12, Crammond and Grommet miss, Will misses.
Martin missed/crit 13 ;Crommet hit 5; #1 hit for 8; Percy hit twice 2/3 (armor blocked); Gerald hit 7; William missed; wife hit 6; merry men all missed.
Martin hits 13/5; Grommet misses; Crammond hits 4; Jerry hits 5; Annabelle crit DEAD; Covey misses, Kip misses.


1 marine at 7 wound pts.
Sagrimore at neg 5
Lohengrin at neg 6
Brutus: I see something on the horizon. Martin climbs up the rigging with a spyglass "A small kite. Don’t recognize it. Brutus meets him and takes the glass “It’s a little bird of passage. Black Sails.”

They seemed to have been watching and are now high tailing it. Every once in a while we see it dogging us along our way.

Day 8: Port at Deucalonis, part of Tossian Empire, in the morning,
One of the Emperor class ships comes out to meet us. It’s…big. It sails above us, casting an intimidating shadow. Has us land at a airfield. The Tossians have a quality air force. Nice shipyard. There is a ship being built right now but covered with huge canvas.
We land.
Canal Martian meets us with a scribe and 2 ceremonial guards. He approaches the Nimrod, flying a flag of Seldan under the British flag.


Friendly or not, we can’t leave the ship until he gets things sorted out. By mid afternoon a crowd has gathered outside the gates of the airfield “kill the red devils!” There has been another warcrime by nearby Belgians. Signs they have read “kill the Belgians”. Percy orders Percival and Gawain to go to them and join in their chanting to try to show them we aren’t the same as Belgians. He gets Covey to show the Brit flag to symbolize the Brits on their side.
One old man breaks arm through fence as if reaching for us “death to the red Belgian!” The are frantic.
Percival tries to tell them in Martian that these red devils aren’t Belgian, but English. How offensive!
Belgians recently wiped out a village nearby, raped women and put babies on bayonets; brought one of their Congo regiments here, cannibals, who ate the dead and cut the hands off of their kills to prove to their command. They call them Black Devils.
“You brought the black devils!!! You!!!
Percival can’t reason with him at first, but after several minutes of Percy aiding Percival the leader and his crowd grow indifferent. Percy invites the man to talk in private on the ship.
Percy “Martin, ready some of your finest brandy.”
“You mean Guinness?”
“Yes, Guinness.”
The man has tatoos on arms, ID’d by one of our Martians as Canal Keeper tatoos!
Covey recommends being careful with this guy, in terms of how you present yourself to him. Not too brazen, though difficult for Percy. One of our martrians says he was an air captain.
They walk aboard, inviting the man into the cabin and pooring brandy. The guy tells one of his 2 men accompanying him to follow him in, the other stay outside. Covey and Percival join.
The man removes his cloak, revealing seamens attire. He has mannerisms and earrings of earth, specifically cloud captains. He is therefore fairly widely travelled. Probably knows well the difference tween Belgian and English.
Percy of course decked out in his Sigius Portus breastplate, English tassels….A handful of Seldan’s symbols.
Percy “What are you the captain of?”


They agree to let us port here and give us the what we need to work on our ship equipment. Covey and Scotty are going to add mods to the guns and add turrets to the guns as well.
The Prince agrees to an audience with Percy day after our arrival.
Martin, Brutus, Number 1 and Percival join Percy at palace.
Chancellor takes us into throne room. Prince is maybe 40 yrs old, 1 arm over back of chair, one leg up, very relaxed. He talks to his advisers who look more like freebooters and soldiers.
Seems weak prince, but probably cause he can afford to be. These guys all his friends and classmates from the military academy.
They study a map of the Tossian Empire and west into half of Caprates Valley. Obviously they are trying to hurt the Belgians w/o open war. Most of their troops in royal army, they discuss how to manipulate some of them to be sent back here to strike Belgian interests. As we approach they cease talking and put on fancier cloaks.
Prince “Ah, our visitors from Earth.” As the map is covered with a drape.
“Come over here.” He introduces all of his advisers.
They are like fancy men as in ‘charmed, I’m sure’.
As Covey told Percy as he left the ship, and Martin reminds him, Percy thanks him for his hospitality and use of airfield. Percy is invited back for a royal dinner the following night. Then audience is over.
As we leave, Percival kind of ducks out while no one is really watching and slips behind a tapestry. We easily noticed that security is highly lax here.
They start talking again of the plan as the map is revealed.
They talk of needed a couple ships that can’t be traced back to us “Those guys looked pretty soft to me”.
Another “Don’t be so sure, I think there is a toughness to these red men you didn’t see. We may not want to try to take their ships from them.”
“You thing they could defeat the army?”
“NO, but I do think some ships could get damaged in the attempt. I think we should ask for their assistance.”
Prince “Too late for that, they already think we’re fancy men.”
“Maybe we can make it worth their while.”
“Well, tomorrow night they’ll all be ehre, we could take care of htem then/”
“I don’t like the idea of killing these Englishmen.”
Prince “Then what do we do?”
“I think we make them an offer.”
Prince “What if they refues?”
“There will be more of us than there will be them. We capture them, put them in prison, and use their ships. Then let them go when we are through with them.”
Other guy “Or just kill them.”
They are planning a strike under pirate flags into the Caprates to kill or capture the governor!!
Percival then sneaks along the wall of tapestries to the nearby servant door. At first opportunity, but not until late evening as they are drinking heavily, he sneaks out when Prince’s wife breaks things up. The ladies in waiting come in, the girlfriends of the advisers.
He relays all the info back at the ship.
So, what to do.
Percival suggests attending the dinner with a preemptive strike, killing entire leadership. 2nd plan, volunteer our services but not actually do it, just leave.
Covey suggests working around the clock to finish the work and leave before dawn OR attend the meeting, say no, assume we can fight our way out and leave fast if they do try to take us (If we do that, we should then send out a sabotage crew to disable the rudders on the ships that would likely chase us).
We decide on that idea until we hear what they have to say, so Covey and his engineers successfully do the disabling.
All PC’s will go to the party, plus Igrane; we decide to just say no thanks and see what happens. Brutus wears the Abe Lincoln top hat, 7 1/2".
Prince “Do I have any traitors here, anyone unfaithful? Good, then let’s talk strategy.”
“Good, Major Lord Percy, we have a proposition for you.” He lays out their plan to kidnap the Gov. of New Amsterdam and hand him over to Nektar. They will likely use him to force a treaty to keep Belgians from moving out of Caprates. They ask us to do the raid as we can not be traced back to them.
Percy “Well, here’s the issue…” Cannon fire!
Prince “Are you attacking the city?”
PErcy “Why would we do that?”
Percival “Oh, boy, their ships are disabled.”
The prince orders all to the air. We rush to our ships.
A false Tossian ship snuck in, blew up a small patrol ship, and now head for the shipyard.
We RUN. The Black Avenger rises to meet us, with only about a quarter of its crew.
It then drops a load of bombs across yard going for our ships but miss, one right next to the Prince of Parhoon and damages the side.
Emperor starts rising with a half crew but then starts to list back and forth thanks to our sabotage.
Covey “They must have sabotaged it.”
Prince “You’re right, its the Cult of the Worm” as they raise a cult flag.
Martin “Why would they attack you (ahem).”
Prince “They are going after you!”
The Prince of Parhoon can’t get up because of damage to steering mechanism. The crew says its not repairable quickly. Percy orders the Nimrod into battle. The Avenger trades shots with the enemy ship, a cruiser of the Tossians or made to look like one, Sword Class Screw Galley! It’s huge!

Black Avenger limps back, another scout ship lands and leaps aboard, gives orders, and leaps off. His 2nd in command gets on and takes off. The cult ship is leaving before the city wall guns start to fire upon it.
Prince says he sent his scout ship to tail it. He apologizes, promises our ship will be repaired tomorrow. As soon as we repair the sabotage we’ll be chasing after it. Now he’s not sure they were real worm, as most are High Martians.
Captain Karnake reports to Prince: Ship had Canal Martians with some Hill Martians. Says damage to the ship will take a week to repair around the clock.
They also need to find the Emperor’s sabotage. Percy recommends his chief science officer Covington, who gladly takes the job.
Prince then suggests to go and handle our business at Garyan, since it will take at least a week for them to be ready, and come back if we can.
Percy asks if Karnake and a couple of his men want to join us to Garyan since his ship is down. He agrees, taking 5 men.

So, our ship is ready by next morning and we leave late morning.

Day 1: 360 miles
Day 2: 600
We arrive!!!


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