The Aether Travellers of Down Cthulhu

The Temple of Gaaryan

Percy decides that, for this one specific instance, we will fly the flag of Seldon above the Brit flag.
Covington promptly spits his tea.
Met by another ship, half mile out, they only let one ship approach. We send Nimrod. 6 soldiers and several priests board. 1 priest walks up to Percy.
“You are the English visitors we were expecting?”
Percy “I AM.”


They want to place us under arrest for assassination in London and demand the amulet.
Covey elbows Dinoos to speak up for us now.
He wishes to speak to Keer, we tell him what happened and that Worm cultists have been dogging us.
Percy demands to be taken to temple, as he is Seldon. We show him the mathematics.
He is baffled, stumbling for words. Fine, we’ll take you to temple. Bring your retinue and come with me."
Lancelot on the Prince, Scotty on Nimrod, left in charge. Annabelle, Kip and Crammond there as well, though they are told they are in charge.

4 carriages take us all to our destination. 1st has 2 priests, Percy and wife. 2nd has 2 more priests (Lliis Hadfii) and Covey/Number 1. 3rd had Celts and Gawain.
Lliis in youngest of elders here. He’s in disfavor with high priests and is reason we are here. He developed the new form to pinpoint Seldon in place of the old astrology that didn’t work, the mathematics. He offers to show me how he achieved those results, Covey says sure and makes a friend for life.


Covey “Why in disfavor?”
“They don’t believe me. Most of the young believe me.”


Arrive temple. Offer to tour temple. Grounds are huge, fortress shaped, gun batteries at towers, giant domed chapel, stables, lots of other buildings like soldier barracks, dorms, servants divided tween married and not….
The religion is thriving only here, last bastion of strong faith. Perpetual motion machine waterwheel of liftwood is impressive.
Shown our quarters in a tower are very comfortable, good servants, but it basically shuts us in. Armed guards on roof and bottom are unobtrusive to us but always there.
1st night we just spend the night. We have freedom, but nothing much to do here. Martin suggests the celts set up in one of the courtyards for drink, music and dance. Gawain joins of course. They attract many servants, guards and young priests.

Next Day

Night is falling and Percy, with his humans, are called for audience with priests at temple, dress our best! Hundreds of priests chanting dolefully. We are weaponless for this. Kir’s death is announced and states the side of the prosecution.
present at both crimes
leader of elder council, oldest, asks us to make our statements.
Percy “Hello, I’m Seldon.”
Covey “We were with them because Keer believed Percy to be Seldan, so of course we were present at both occassions.”
Percy “Plus, everyone who follows me will attest to the Cult of the Worm’s attempts to kill me throughout my time on Mars.”
Our 5 civilized white PC’s each get to speak.
Old man totters forward "We have reached our decision. Suddenly, whips out the amulet and puts it around Percy’s neck “WELCOME HOME LORD SELDON!!!! We have sorely missed you.”
All cheer! The guards spears swing away from us and the congregation begins to sing. Guards have to stop some to rush stage. Motions for silence go unheeded. “As you all know, Lord Seldon is perpetually reborn to guide us as our high priest.” He declares us innocent of evil!
Announces that he is too old, so make Goovre the Chancellor, the one who didn’;t believe us at first. It was he who threw his weight behind us. Declares tomorrow they will take up the old works again.
We follow him upstairs and tells the story of last Seldon’s assassination. True we were deceived to lure us here. Says we must all remain here for the rest of our lives.
Percy insists planet needs fixed but can’t stay here forever. He says even if this is all superstition “You are Seldon to all now.”
Covey and Martin explains that the old Seldon didn’t sit around doing nothing, Seldon took care of things.
He does not agree, Seldon was always kept here safe. Covey speaks up strongly, say “I read about him, he did not stay here.”
“That was the first Seldon.”
Covey “Right, who went out into the world and united and conquered and fixed everything himself. That is what Mars is like now and what it needs now! That Seldon is who the circumstances require.”
He seems to be bending.

Next Day

Full of ceremony.
During one, outside, at new barracks construction that they are blessing, the priest restarts the ritual after a false start. Covey, Number 1 and Gerald are standing with Percy, others in crowd. Covey sees the glint of a rifle barrel out of a window above.
Brutus, in the crowd, and Gerald see 2 men on a wall 20’ up starting to tilt a broken section over so that it will fall on Percy.
Brutus races for the wall like shot out of a cannon (card) and makes it up the wall as well.
Covey raises the Martian sniping rifle he carried in case of assassination and hits 13 wound points, dropping the sniper to 0 wound points yelling “Percy get down”.
Gerald draws pistol and fires upward at the wall and hits 11.
Percival jumps tween Percy and Sniper, drawing sword.
LP fires at wall pusher with his new Covington pistol for 20 (now at neg). Falls off wall which kills him.
William draws vibro blade, Gawain makes for wall enemy.
Sniper misses badly and drops KO’d.
Martin makes for wall.
Number 1 guards Percy. As does Igrane.
Last guy left tries to bullrush Brutus off the wall but misses.
Gerald rushes up the wall. Brutus grapples for 5.
Villain fails to damage. Brutus pins him. Martin hits for 15 total, Gerald 4 both brawling.
The villain fails to escape. Gerald hits 11 KO’d.
Chancellor says take him away and question him. Group who protected Percy also grabs the priest who was leading the ceremony.
The priest false started, so he was waiting for a very specific time.
They take him away to question, Percy sends Percival to help.
The rest of the day passes uneventfully, but for faint cries from the treacherous priest.

Later, a yelling outside gate “Let me in!”
A creature driving it climbs off the wagon and says to a servant “Excuse me sir, will you take care of my beasts?”
“Of course sir.”
Asks to see the humans and the Seldan.
They show him to us, a wrapping at the door.
He says his name is Cecil Bumpo.
Covey is about to say who he is when Percy opens the door and there stands a bear man, bowler hat and umbrella. Percy shuts the door.
Covey says this is a famous Moreau mutant bear, from when Moreau worked at Chicago University. Experiments on 5 bear cubs, Chicago Ersine Modification Experiments. Could not adapt to life among humans well. So, Bumpo came to Mars figuring there were plenty of non humans here anyway. Brian is lost in South America, Douglas committed suicide. Adam is a broadway performer, Efram Teach is an evil air pirate on earth.
Each took a last name after someone they admired.
Cecil “I’m here on a secret mission.”
Martin “For who?”
“May I speak to you frankly and privately?”
Percy “All right, everybody clear off!”
Cecil “I meant all of you.”
Percy “Everyone, gather around.”
He’d like to go back to Sirtis Major as soon as we return, he has been stuck around here for a long time.
Second, “your ships are under guard by the military of Gaaryan. Your crews though still alive are in the dungeon.”
Martin “What!? Where?”
“I don’t know if any died. They sent barrels of wine to she ships, drugged. They all passed out. Then the troops boarded and the men were hauled off like animals.”
Percy is highly upset, threatening to burn the entire city down; if one drop of blood has been spilled he will kill everyone responsible.
Cecil says he was staying in the city when this happened but couldn’t get to us through the crowd. Stopped by soldiers. He saw a priest come to town the next morning and talk to the Prince of Garyan.
Brutus recommends seeing if Cecil can ID the priest from the ceremony as that priest.
Cecil “Whatever you intend on doing gentlemen, I am more than willing to help.”
Martin is super upset at a captured Annabelle.
Cecil had been going around as an entertainer on the streets. Once he got here he couldn’t get out again. Why? He was broke and it turned out it was against the law here for animals to perform. Passed after he arrived here. Since then got a job as a porter. So they passed a law against that. Finally, I became the prince’s jester."
Percy “I’m passing a law that you can do whatever you want.”
He says sometimes when he’s fighting he can go berserk.
He prefers brandy to whiskey.
He ID’s our prisoner as the priest who visited the Prince. Brutus recommends hanging him from the yardarm once we get to the ships.
Interrogator and Percival say he told nothing.
Cecil “Why is the priest torturing that man?”
Turns out Cecil was confused at who we were asking about, and confused us. Its the torturing priest who talked to the priest!
Percival burns him with the hot poker.
They let the captive free.
Percy sends Cecil to get some of his favorite priests. They look bewildered. Cecil says Percy, who calls the mathmetician Merlin, wants Merlin to come to him. They send Cecil to the astrology room. He finds Merlin slumped over the desk, knife in his back! He looks up, blood running from mouth, and is shocked. Cecil carries him out, some priests stop him. He asks for medical assistance. One young priest says get out of here, another older one calls of guards. Cecil makes a run for it and 2 guards block the doorway. Cecil overruns them and out the door.
We see him with the priest over his shoulder, rushing out to us.
Yells to us where he found him, guards tried to stop him.

We get him back to our quarters. Says he found calculations, they want to kill Percy at a specific time so that the next reincarnation will be born in Oenitria. Can’t try again for another week. Then, the moons will be at the correct alignment though not exact. He shows us the calculations from within his robes.
He says he knows his young pals are not a part of this.
It was Grouivr who stabbed him!!
It seems everyone over maybe 18 has to be taken out! Covington brings up “The question is, what about the guards? Are they all just in the middle of all this?”
Guard battalion has been called out, forming up outside the tower, Grouivr behind them. He yells we are heretics, he is not Seldon, we must all die but for capturing Percy.
Percy plays the Ah Love card, Col. of guards refuses to go against the great Seldon. The troops are torn. Percy yells back from window, backing the Captains words to stay put while Grouivr tries to get them to attack.
Most guards join the Col. and Percy, but some try to follow Grouivr and a fight commences won by our side. Grouivr rushes into temple.
Col. yells what should we do now and he is shot in the head. Troops turn on Percy’s word and fire a volley of arroes and muskets, killing the priest assassin on the near tower.
Next in command “What now.”
Covey “We have to raid the temple.”
Percy yells “We raid the temple!” and we rush down.
The temple doors open, and 10 bound priests are rushed out, all young ones, with older priests behind holding guns on them threatening to kill the rest of our loyal priests.
Percy “Everyone stand down. You can have me, let the priests go.”
They say “Deal”. The young priests try to say don’t to it but Percy says its ok, boys. They take Percy inside, where he sees about 15 to 20 priests dead inside. A sleeping cell crammed with wounded priests who obviously supported Seldon. So all left, about 15, are the enemy.
Percy draws his saber and yells a great warcry (deaf card) inside and rushes, firing the LP pistol for 11! Outside we hear it and charge.
Inside, Percy draws saber and misses. Grouivr hits 5. Rest of priests run to door ready to fire a volley.
We rush to the temple door as they fire. Cecil is hit 13, Brutus7, Number 1 hit 3 times 23, 14, 15 KO; Igrane hit 14, 9, 11 KO.
Note: with Karnake involved, this creates an international incident.
Will and Martin enter rages (cards).
Percy misses. Cecil hits with claw DEAD, cleaves DEAD, cleaves 18; Gerald stops short and shoots 10; Brutus misses.
Grouivr hits Percy 8.
Percival and Gawain miss, Will with vibro on hits 22 DEAD cleaves 18, surges next guy 23; Martin hits 8, Karnake stops short and fires but misses. Sigeus Cpt of Marines fires the double barrel flintlock 19. Covey first aids Number 1.
Priests: Cecil it for 6, keeps man grappled; Brutus 4; Pervical critted 7, Gawain is missed; 2 on Will miss/crit 11; Martin is missed; Karnake is hit 8; Marine Cpt is missed.
Percy attacks and hits 12; Brutus hits 8; Cecil bites his grappled priest 11 and drops him, claws him 19 and 20 DEAD. Cleaves 17; Gerald shoots 10; William hits 19; Percival misses; Gawain hits 5; Martin hits once 15. Karnake hits with saber 5; Marine cpt misses. Covey fails first aid on Igrain.
Grouivre hits Percy 3.
miss Gerald; hit Brutus 4; miss Percival; miss Gawain; miss/miss Will; hit Martin 8; hit Karnake crit 12; miss Marine cpt; hit Cecil 4.
Percy crits 18; Brutus hits 12; Percival misses; Gawain misses; Cecil claws 16 DEAD, cleaves Martin’s 19/bite 12 DEAD, cleaves Karnake’s miss/claw vs same 18 DEAD; Gerald shoots 12; Will hits 16 DEAD DEAD, cleaves his second attacker 20; Martin turns and helps Gawain 12/miss; Karnake helps Percival miss; Marine cpt crits 16.
Covey first aids Igrane.
hits Gerald 8; crits Brutus 12; misses Percival; misses Gawain; miss marine.
Percy crits 16 DEAD; Brutus misses; Gawain misses; Percival misses; Martin hits Gawain’s twice for 28 total; Karnake attacks Percival’s 3, marine Cpt hits 7, Cecil kills Gawain’s, cleaves 13 on Gerald’s. Covey brawls marine’s miss.
They surrender, the last 4.
Percy orders them all kneecapped or hamstrung as Percival suggests. The other priests want to essentially crucify them. Basically, by the next day they are executed. They offer to swear fealty to Seldon but we refuse. They do say getting the Oenitrians in was all a plan to crush Tossians, then use them to force humans off of Mars. They are Ground Cleansers.
Our Venusian wore his bowler as a sign of friendship with Cecil.

Questioning of survivors leads to our belief that Cult of the Worm has nothing to do with this. Just too long since no Seldan, priests just an institution now, in it for the power.

Percy says if any of our prisoners are harmed he will burn the city to the ground.
We have 100 infantry, 100 cavalry between Percy/Seldan loyalists and temple guards.

Next Day

Report of flyers crisscrossing desert between here and city. Search pattern! They are looking for someone or something else, not just watching for our potential approach.
We must assume priest loyalists got out of village and to town, informing them of our victory here.

Percy sends 10 groups of 10 cav to scout, Brutus with 1st, Will with 5, Gawain with 7.
Through a spyglass, Percival sees a ship flies over group 10 and one of the cav men climbs onto the ship for about 10 minutes, then climbs back down and ship flies away.
Martin says don’t ask him about it, let him talk freely first.
Says he was indeed stopped, asked what had happened at temple complex. They are looking for an escaped prisoner, a famous jewel thief. Asked if the cav is planning on coming to city now that temple overthrown by false Seldan. Officer said he needed to talk to captain as they were not aware the Seldan was false. The head Priest in town is now the head of the religion. Prince wants temple back, it is the state religion afterall. Does not want a lot of bloodshed. He’s worried about what the Red Devils are capable of.
Covey asks about prince to guards: father died of a strange wasting disease, brother in hunting accident before he could take the thrown. Same guy has been head priest through it all.

Then, one ship turns sharply, into wind, past temple straight into desert past. Percival says its a swiftwood, crew of 40 (20 marines and sailors each). It’s heading for something, suddenly.
Martin looks outward into desert via spyglass: 3 figures, one large hill martian, a medium hill martian, and a small hill martian on foot and staggering. About a mile and a half away. Small one starts to cling to largest, he embraces as if its a girl. Medium one wears a top hat and points indirection of the ship. Largest gets in front, clothes torn, wearing British officers uniform as he throws off his robes, woman cowering behind him and pulls pistol and starts firing though well out of range. Guy with the hat is a Venusian with a spear ready.
Martin says “It’s Crammond and Grommet, with Lillian!”
Percy leads Gawain, Brutus, Covey, Martin and 20 cavalry to meet them.

We get there and race for the temple Crammond “Jolly good to see you fellas.”
As we ride Crammond “We have big news!”
It’s a race back to the city, and they hit a bad wind cause we make it. They do fire the rogue at us. First shot misses badly from a sudden gust that tilts the ship. then a dust devil covers our entry (card).
Crammond comforts Lillian.

Crammond says they were arrested. Says our taking of temple is big news. Troops are split about 1/3 favoring the new Seldan, 1/3 the priest, 1/3 watch and wait attitude. More time that passes, more will favor the priest. He has some sort of hold over Prince, very scared of the priest.
Crammond speaks “a little bit of their gibberish,a nd Grommet quite a bit.”
Grommet made friends with a jailer, strong follower of canal keepers and told us of the new Seldan reborn as English “Made perfect sense to me”.
Told us yesterday there had been a brew ha ha at temple, most of priests dead. Seldan declaring himself ruler of Mars and only the priests could stop him. Crammond through Grommet convinced him Percy was true Seldan and he let them escape with Lillian. He climbed up tower where she was being kept, disguised self as a woman, killed the 2 guards and we escaped.
Percy “What is the condition of our friends?”
“3 have recanted, Bors, Lionel, and Dagonet and been set free, all former pirates.” They put them in black hole of Gaaryan w/o food or water until they recant. Many are still in there."
Then they ran into a roving band of hill Martians. He fought the leader, won but refused to kill the Martian. They explained they were escaping, and since the Martians aren’t kind to the city they let them go with 3 mounts. Crammond led them the wrong way again but they saw the smoke from the battle here. Left mounts where they tired to they would live and return to the tribe.
Then we saw them.

Percy holds war council in morning. Talk of using subterfuge, boldly marching up, simply announcing “I am Seldan, do as you will” Napolean style and see what the soldiers do.
Infantry will be left behind to guard temple, we will bring the cavalry with us.
Lillian stays at temple.

Next Day

18 miles to city. Arrive around noon.
In sight of city, airships are keeping a good distance. We fly a flag of truce with British and Seldan flag. Swiftwood fires its 2 light guns on either side of road. We halt our approach. Then a cry, and a man falls from another swiftwoods followed by the sound of the shot that killed him. It then attacks the others, firing its rogue gun across its bow. 2 others close in on the new one that seems to have turned for our side. Its a standoff. We keep moving.
Another ships raise a makeshift Seldan flag, then 2 others move in as well.

We reach range of walls, and a regiment comes out and meets us.
Officer “Come no closer or we will fire!”
Percy “I don’t believe you” and steps forward. “These priests are honorable men….” modifying Antony’s speech.
The officer is about to order fire, but sees many guns pointed at him. He stops and is willing to take us to prince if army stays outside.
Percy “This is not an army, this is my personal retinue.”
Percy agrees, telling cavalry leader to maintain safe distance and if anything happens don’t hesitate to charge.

Once inside the whole city reeks of a powder keg ready to explode. We see a hill martian merc cavalry regiment leaving the city. Percy tells Grommet to talk to them and tell them Seldan’s pockets are deep. He does, and they are from the same tribe as he and Crammond met. They tell him ‘“its about to be brother against brother here and we didn’t sign on for this."
Grommet tells them they can get the same salary if they form up with our cavalry outside and hold. They accept.
Grommet catches up.


Palace guard regiment is on high alert. We meet Prince on the throne. The room is some 3 stories high, huge windows in the back. “What’s the meaning of this, why have you brought the pretender Seldan here? Guards defend me!” and a line gets between us.
Percy says we’re not his enemy, only the priest. All bloodshed stops if you give me the priest.
“No, I can not do that.”
Covey says “We know you are scared of him.”
The priest steps out from behind the throne, a staff in his hand. He says to the Prince "Arrest them now, and execute him (to Percy).
The Prince says no.
Priest “Don’t forget how you became king.”
Prince “No, no!”
Percy “Don’t forget how you’ll remain king.” Draws his saber and charges to priest “Death to the usurper!”
The priest is surprised, an Percy swings mightily, but wildly for a miss (coin card). The priest backs into an alcove and opens a hidden doorway “Say hello to my friends” releasing a pack of ugly looking dog like things.
Covey says “I know those! He’s summoned Demons Dogs from Hell! They are great leapers.”
Percy leaps over a couple of the dogs for a tackle as the priest misses with a dagger, but Percy misses.
(Rt and Lf from throne point of view)
The dogs charge in. 3 on Percy hit twice 6/6; Prince is hit 4; Gawain is missed; Fr G 3 and 4 hit 5/7.
FrG 1 fire at dog who hit Prince 21 DEAD; FrG 2 fires at one of 2 on FrG4 and DEAD; FrG 3 misses one on Percy; FrG 4 misses one who attacked him. Lf G 3 hits for 3 other 2 miss; Gawain crits his 13; Bumpo runs to attack the 3 on LfG’s, biting LFg2’s for 12;Gerald hits dog on Lfg3 for 5; Covey misses Gawain’s; Martin runs around our left side to help Percy (picture taken); Kip, Crammond and Grommet guard our rear at the entry door; Will makes for Percy and hits one for 13; Percival helps Gawain and Covey hits 6; Brutus charges another behind Percy.
We hear screaming in hall outside. Door bursts open and 10 more Devil Dogs rush in. 7 pass by our 3 rear guard: AoO = Kip crit 16 DEAD, Crammond crit 11, Grommet 7. They all surround Bumpo.
(Picture taken)
Percy goes for the grapple again, hitting but failing the grapple.
Priest yells casts again.
On the lft, first 2 soldiers are hit 3/5; Dog on Gawain hit 2; 3 dogs around Percy: one hits Brutus 2, Will for 5, Percy 3; last on the princes G4 misses; Crammond is missed, Grommet is hit 7, Kip is missed; 6 on the bear (including original that turned from LfG3) = crit 6, hit 4, rest miss.
Crammond crits 11, Grommet hits 6, FrG3 and 4 double on theirs miss/5; Kip punches 4; William hits 10; Gerald crits saber 12 on the one that turned to Bumpo; RtG3 hits 3; Brutus hits 9; Covey hits 13; Martin misses the priest; Bumpo hits with 1st claw DEAD to a new; cleaves new 17; bite hits 15 same DEAD; cleaves a new 19 DEAD; gr cleave hits new 19 DEAD; gr cleave on new 13; 2nd claw hits same 22 DEAD; cleaves the original that turned on him Miss; Rt G’s guard prince still, FrG1 and 2 stay by throne guarding him as well.
Percy draws his LP blaster, AoO from priest misses, and crits 32 blowing his head off! 10 more dogs rush in through the hidden door now behind Martin. They all rush the Prince. the Rt3 Guards fire their readied shots 24/25/15; they rap around to the FrG 1 and 2 who miss their readied swords.
(picture taken)
FrG1 is hit 5/6 by 2, FrG2 is hit 2/6; LfG1 is missed, 2 is hit 6/3, 3 is hit 2/5. On RgG1 is critted 9, 2 is hit 7, 3 is missed. 1 on Percy hits 4; Will is hit 6, and Brutus 2; original dog on Fr4 misses; original who turned on bear misses; Kip is missed; Grommet is hit 3, Crammond is hit 2.
Will hits 10; Gerald crits with pistol 21 to new on from front door; then stabs 7 on one who turned on Bumpo 7; Kip steps back and fires Webley 10; RtG’s pull out sabers miss/crit 10/miss; Gawain steps to one on LfG2 4; Percival flanks with LfG1 4, All 3 LfG miss; Brutus hits 10; Prince spring attacks one on FrG1 for 8; Martin hits dog on Percy 14/8; Covey crits 21 on dog vs FrG3 and 4; Crammond misses; Grommet crits 18; Bumpo claws one who turned on him 21 DEAD; cleaves dog vs LfG2 20.
Percy quick reloads and hits 18 to dog Martin just punched twice DEAD; RtG’s miss/8 DEAD/miss ; FrG 1 adn 2 both miss; Prince misses.
Dogs: dog on RgG4 hit 3, RtG5 is missed; Will is missed; Brutus is missed; FrG 2 is hit 2; Kip hit for 3; Grommet is hit 2; Crammond is hit for 6; FrG 1 missed; FrG 2 hit 5 (each with 2 on them); RgG 1 hit 2/4; 2 hit 3; 3 hit for 7/5; LfG 1hits 8, Percival hits same 6 DEAD; LfG2 hits 6, Gawain hits same 4;Brutus hits 9; LfG 3 misses; Will hits DEAD cleaves to RtG3 miss; Gerald shoots guard on Crammond for miss; Kip misses; FrG 1 and 2 hit 3/miss; Crammond crits 12; Grommet misses; Covey helping Fr3 and 4 hits 13 DEAD; Martin hits Brutus’ 15 DEAD; Bumpo reaches the Prince’s area. Claws to dog on RtG1 18; claw same 20; bite same DEAD, cleaves other dog on same guard 16.
Percy fires again for 10 to dog on RtG3; FrG1 and 2 miss; Prince springs on 2nd on RtG1 crit 10 DEAD; RtG 3 hits same Percy shot for 15 DEAD; RtG 2 hits 12, RtG1 misses.
Dogs: Last of original dogs, on RgG’s misses; Kip is missed; Crammond is missed; Grommet is hit 7; RtG2 is hit 3; RtG 3 is hit 7; 2 on FrG1 miss/4; FrG2 missed/12.
Gerald shoots Grommet’s 12; Kip punches 11; Crammond hits 5; Grommet missed; LfG’s hit miss/9/7 on same one; Gawain hits same 8 DEAD; Percival moves to help FrG2 crit 10; Brutus helps RtG3 for 9; Bumpo flanks the 4 on Fr1 and 2 hitting same one Percival hit for 17; bite same 17 DEAD; cleave bite on next in line miss; 2nd claw hits 22; Covey misses same; Martin misses dog on RgG2.
FrG1 hits 6, FrG2 hits 4; Percy shoots on LfG2’s 10; Prince misses; LfG 1 hits 8; LfG3 misses.
Dogs: Grommet hit 4; Crammond hit 4; Kip is missed; FrG 1 missed/7; FrG2 hit 3; RtG 2 hit 3; Martin hits 12/11 on last vs RtG’s; Brutus hits same 14 DEAD; Crammond misses; Grommet hits 9 DEAD; Kip misses; Gawain charges Kip’s for crit 12; Percival vs dog on FrG2 hits 5; Lf1 crits Crammond’s on a charge 21 DEAD; RtG 5 hits Kip’s 9 DEAD; Bumpo claws same Percival hit 21 DEAD, cleaves crit 47 DEAD, gr cleaves last dog 21 DEAD.

Prince to Bumpo “You sir, will be a knight of the Realm.”
“Oh, thank you.”
Covington to Prince “Satisfied?”
He is, immediately ready to announce Seldan is truly Seldan.
Percy “Tell me truthfully, did you have anything to do with the death of your brother and father.”
“If you’re truly Seldan you know the answer to that. My father, no, that was all…him (nodding toward the priest). I had no idea about it. Not until the priest claimed to me that my brother had my father killed to become Prince, and offered me the crown.” So the priest lied to get the brother killed.
Announcement is made publicly, and its time to party. We go to let our men out of prison and find the guards at the black hole dead, our men not in there. All our NPC’s are freed, but the Martians are gone.
Percy is incensed and wants blood, asks for all known to be loyal to the priest to be rounded up immediately.
Martin insists on the officer from outside.

Back to throne room as the rounded up jailers are brought in. They don’t know what happened. They do know another was killed at the 1st door and another 2 on the path that leads to the Pit.
Suddenly, the huge stained glass windows shatter inward as…pirates….swing inward on ropes, cutting down 3 guards and wound in ga few others. It’s our pirates! Landing ready for action shouting “Up Seldan, down Gaaryan!”
Percy “Hold up, hold up!!”
Covey “Easy lads, everything is under control.”
“We came to rescue you, we recovered the ship.”
They had draws straws, the three losers pretended to reject Seldan to get out and given positions in the guard. From which they proceeded to sneak in and rescue everyone else et al.
Everything is quickly calmed down. They thought, while they were hiding on the ship, that when once the city calmed that meant we had lost.
Percy says to find his 3 best warriors to begin an elite corp to be called The Brotherhood of Seldan, and idea Percy has had brewing for several weeks now, with parts of the brotherhood all around Mars eventually. The Prince agrees.

The Party:

We are not in good state during this. Covey is drunk, and Percy is hammered, Martin is slobberingly plastered; the marines are drinking only lightly, Crammond and Kip 3 sheets to the wind, Brutus and Grommet are on guard, Bumpo also sober.
It’s a record breaking night, highest Oxford Boy water balloon drop ever!
Percy and the Prince are talking, as well as they can that is.
Bumpo smells something horrible, like bile or rotting meat. It’s getting stronger.
“My good fellows I believe there is something horrible coming.”
The pirates are mostly out for the count.
The Prince says “I’ll see what it is.”
Percy stops him so he says “Cpt, see if there is something out there.”
He opens the big doors into the hall, nothing but the stench rolls in. Percy calls him back in before he foolishly steps out. Some of the passed out drunk start to wake up and vomiting.
Then echoing footsteps. We have heard nothing of guards in hallway.
Covey “Brutus, close that door.”
He does and puts the bar across the door.
Something then starts to pound against the door but the beam is holding. After about a minute it turns and walks away.
So, what in the world was that.
Brutus offers to investigate. As he opens the door he hears screams and running within the palace. Cpt of guard says it sound like its coming from the kitchens.
Will “We need sandwiches anyway.”
Martin points to him in the affirmative.
They 3 and the cpt join him, Percy and Gerald and Covey following.
Prince orders the general alarm sounded.
The cpt makes for the barracks. Percy follows us to the kitchen. A pair of legs w/o a body lies on the ground, screaming inside. Brutus steps in.
Immensely fat man, almost 8’ tall, easily 8’ around with huge legs, not neck, nude, skin different colors and textures as if made from different grafts rather than sown. He holds in his huge hands a person thrashing and screaming until a crunch silences him. He turns to us, ans we see a mouth that is most of his head. When it opens his head practically disappears around it exposing 2 or 3 rows of teeth. He is eating the maid, half in the first bite! It disintegrates as we watch and it chews. It looks like there is some sort of supernatural void for a mouth.
It moves toward us slowly and deliberately.
“Me, Grendel.”
It stops, looking at us with bleary eyes. IT opens its mouth and sprays huge spray of stomach acid and bits 20’ long. 12 acid to Will, Martin, Sam and Percival, Gawain takes 0, Brutus, Gerald and Percy takes 6.
Brutus draws his Webley and hits 12. Round goes in, it starts to bleed green stuff. As it drops on the ground it burns like acid.
We start a strategic withdrawal, it appears he can’t go faster than a walk. Brutus keeps firing at it as we move, hitting for 7. Percy runs for the party to ready the marines’ muskets as we lead it there, Covey with him to get the detonite. They runs into a servant who asks for help, its bashing in to eat the women and children. After stopping to tell the marines to get ready they make for the servants quarters.
The think spits a gout of phlem and meat and acid hits Brutus with a splash for 6. We put more distance between us. The cpt runs up and says another ate some of the soldiers, the rest fled into the parade ground via the windows.
The ready marines hear a yell from behind, a stumbling servant moaning help me. He falls, and on his back is a huge mosquito like thing, its proboscis stuck in his back sucking. A buzzing now from that direction. The blob appears around the corner. Bumpo takes position toward the buzzing.
Brutus shoots the mosquito 10, Crammond misses it. Will hits 13 DEAD with a pop.
A swarm round the corner, about 6. Gerald hits one for 9, Martin 11.
Marines fire a volley, all 20. 9 hits: 21/14/15/13/15/19/18/15/14. It explodes in green acid splashing all surfaces and rolling down, leaving inch deep gouges in the rock. DEAD.

Percy and Covey find a soldier on his last gasp, mosquito monster attached. We pass. Covey hits with vibro 12. It detaches and strikes but misses. Covey swings 30 with vibro DEAD. Insect guts and soldier blood all over. They start reloading. Pirates are too passed out to be of any service.

At party, the mosquitos fly onto us. Brutus shoots his revolver 11; Gawain his musket for 21 DEAD; Percival misses; Gerald crits pistol 27 DEAD; Will pistol hits 12. Cecil is attacked by 2 of them miss/miss; Gawain is missed, Will is missed. Martin punches 6/10.
Merlin, in the party, says there must be a gate that the priest opened and never closed. We have to find it and destroy it.
A man comes running around corner through the acid filled corner, falling over as his feet disinigrate in it and burns to death after he yells another one is coming behind him.
At mosquito’s: Bumpo kills 2 we wound others. 2 remaining: Brutus is missed, Gawain is missed. We kill the other 2.
By the time the other blob comes, the marines are ready and kill it as well.

At servants: find the door seconds from giving way. Percy takes a longer fuse and charges it, ramming it into its butt crack! The pack disappears. That gets its attention. Percy flees around corner and it follows, it opens its mouth to spit. Butt bundle of 3 does 48, Covey hits his throw right in the mouth with another bundle of 3 for 40 but extra 25% for 50!!
DEAD!!!!!! in an explosion of gross!!! He breaths for another couple rounds before dying. Covey avoids the spash of its nastiness, Percy takes 31!!!! But nothing (card).
Percy “It’s barely a fleshwound.”

Whole palace now up and in an uproar. We use the hidden door to get to the chapel. We leave Gawain, Percival, and Brutus at party. Cpt and 6 guards lead us to chapel but they will wait at entrance. Beyond there its a maze that leads to the center of the chapel. He set it up this way several years ago. A swivel wall reveals the entrance. Immediate stench of brimstone.
Percy, Will, Gerald, Martin and Covey enter.
Giant frog appears behind us releasing a poisonous breath. All but Covey dodges, andhe makes save. It hits one soldier and almost saps all his strength. Vibro blades on!
Percy fires the LP blaster and hits 19 DEAD.
We move in and start to make our way through the maze. We go left first.
Hit a see saw trap floor but jump forward.
6spear trap out of wall at Percy and Covey in front. Covye hit 12, Percy 8/11. Dead End.
We have to try to jump the dropping half of the trap. Covey and Martin jump to other side and stand there to counter the weight and the rest walk across.
Back at entrance, we go left.
Covey has a brilliant idea, let’s go out, get the navy, and blow this place to hell!
We go out and do so, blowing the central roof open into the central main room. A huge demon stands in the rubble looking up and takes flight for us.
2 city navy ships: Both lobs miss, both rod guns hit 11 total. 2 heavy guns hit 21/6 and 1 crits 41. It definitely has good DR.
Nimrod: rogue hits 14; gattling hits for 15.
Prince of Parhoon: rod hits 4; 2 heavies hit 6/8. They did no damage.
Covey “I say, that was terrible men!”
It is coming through roof.
Nimrod heavies hit 4/22; quick firing rogue hits 22; gattling gun hits for 10
Prince’s heavies hit 19/21
4 heavies from navy miss/jam/15/miss.
10 marines fire from their navy: 2 hits for 14/10. He lands among the marines. We fly to board the ship.
It kills 2 on our approach. We board.
The marines fight back with swords but they are useless against it.
Annabelle’s shot misses. Covey with air sniping rifle misses. Gerald hits pistol 14, Percy 18 with the blaster. Gawain and Percival miss with muskets.
The cpt orders all to back away now! It strikes quicker, killing another and almost a second. Covey hits 23 directly to wound points! Percy crits for 32 with blaster!!Gerald shoots for 13. William charges with vibro blade as the troops retreat and a heavy gun fires at point blank for 14. Will misses. Annabelle misses.
He begins to fly away. 3 of all our heavies hit 14/13/20; gattling hits 18; Annabelle hits 11; Percy blaster 20; rogue from Nimrod hits 8; 2 navy rod guns miss/14; 20 marines fire secondary muskets and DESTROY IT!!!!!!
We find that the rubble destroyed the gate which was a mirror!!!!


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