The Aether Travellers of Down Cthulhu

Insurrection in Karkarham

5 days out, a steamram, or steam powered metal ramming ship, flying pirate colors.
It’s well armed for light damage. The crew knows it as the Penelope piloted by Frederik Gustavus Burnaby. This guy is a hero of ours!!! He was like an LP before its time.
Percy to the Cpt “That bricky dog Burnaby has a ship that is bang up to the elephant, and its time for a parlay.”

Burnaby and entourage take a launch to us. THey draw weapons, and demand to talk to Cpt. LP introduces Cpt. then himself, including next incarnation of Sendon.
“But, are you really Lord Percy?”
Covington backs up his word. Burnaby says a person in Carcharum can verify, but wont tell us who. We tell him he’s a personal hero of ours.
LP gives him his card.
Burnaby is out looking for plunder and patrolling vs Oenetrians. “If you’re in Carcharum when I return, I hope we meet again.”
He’ll be there in a couple days hence.
LP introduces Percival and Galahad.
He sails away.

We are met by another screw ram w/in sight of the city, with a red pirate flag. It has 3 heavy guns; wooden ship of Oenitrian lines. As it gets closer, unusually most of the crew are human.
Trumpets a message to us when w/in gunshot suggesting we surrender.
He respects no pass. We call that we surrender “pull up alongside!” He thinks we are full of loot.
He is about to come across and yells ‘Halt’ in Spanish “No cross!” Trumpets to us “You humans over there, do you own the cargo!?”
Our former pirates have no idea why he may be asking this.
LP “Passengers.”
“In that case, please remove yourselves from the line of fire. We don’t kill or steal from humans. Get out of the way while we kill the wogs.
LP “Anyone who is not a Spaniard may give up now, and I will not kill you like the rest. Besides, I prefer wogs to a spick.”
He starts to back off “Tell them in hell you were killed by Cpt. Artoro Diego de la Mora!” He’s going to shoot us down.
Covey “Gerald take the controls! Soldiers on deck!”
Percival and Galahad start working the rigging.
Only Gerald can possibly out maneuver him briefly enough to board him.
Gerald “Grab onto something hard and hold on!”
He gets one round of firing, injuring 3 crew, before Gerald manages to hit him and we board!!
The Spaniard sees our troops and yells “Parlay, parlay!”
We are ready. Percy accepts parlay.
He is an English privateer, if he would have known we were Brits he would not have attacked. Unfortunately, we were flying our white flag.
He proves with papers he is indeed a privateer, signed by Lord Dundee.
Percy apologizes for him being Spanish, which he accepts (HA! His English isn’t very good).
He has no idea about anything going on at Dickinson.
We go our own ways, he escorts us to the city.
Percy gives him his card.

Valley is almost 2 miles wide, Carcharum on far side. 2 grand canals come together at the city. Where they should run off as one, the canal is filled with rubble.
Over a dozen ships are anchored on the landing ground.
The slums are below, on the plateau is the city, on the smaller plateau a palace.
We land.
Ruled by Prince Toomani, 23rd of family to rule. A pudgy man, easily distracted. Friendly but lacks enthusiasm. Has a large fleet of model ships and enjoys playing with it. Very content with his station.
This city rose to trade center under his dad, who ruled with an iron hand, though efficient and honest. Has slid into decadence since. Standards lacked. Spends his revenue on pleasure; reputed to have 50 wives. Upper class are therefore corrupt. Poor are driven to crime to survive.
Most important other nobles include Chancellor Sabat, Toomai’s younger sister and his uncle. Language is Parhooni.
Our ship is coming to pick up goods, deliver them to Sirtis Manor. It is up to us to get back on our own.
The skymaster meets us.
LP asks our Cpt. to take us to the fort instead. He is owner operator of this ship, he contracts with the British. We don’t want to put him in danger though, if possible. So we hope the Spaniard, or Burnaby when he arrives, will escort us or simply take us themselves.

Martin, Gerald, LP, and Covey go out drinking with the Spaniard, who takes us to his usual haunts. He takes us to the slums, to a most rotten filthy row of whore houses and taverns one can find even on the Barbary Coast.
Within minutes, a fight breaks out, knocking our table over and spilling Diego’s drink. He breaks his mug on the guys head and tosses him back into the fight.
He says this is a favorite haunt of the Red Captains. One of the reasons is Belle, a English serving girl.
Once drunk, he says how he hates the Brits, but Belle could make me love them. Then door opens and half a dozen or so guys enter. Leader looks aristocratic dandy wearing a pith helmet, human and British.
Asks Artoro to introduce us, he does.
Sir MIchael Pagent Smith is his name. Sounds bored with us already but wanted to be a gentleman to other Brits.
Martin “What brings you here, to Mars, this city, this tavern.”
Laughs. He is one of the 5 big privateer captains.
He sits with us afterall.
We notice, everything bores him. Carries a double barrel shotgun. He only tolerates the company of gentleman. Only approached Artoro because we were with him.
LP asks him what he really likes to do. Profit and the Empire!
Covey “How long until you sail? What’s your ship?”
He does not sail for at least a week. His ship is a gun kite; large and bunch of armament.
However, when Prince of Wales and subject of royalty comes up, he says he would never hang out with him “hardly a gentleman”.
He does not speak to, but nor does he degrade, our Celts.
Another of the Captains arrives later: large, heavy set man; dark hair; serious and honest countenance.
Sees us “Ah, newcomers. And who might you be?”
“I am Roger Livingston, Lord Percy. This is my friend Samuel Covington.”
He is Alonzo Freemerchant. “A Lord eh? I’m not so crazy about lords.” Finds mos the the aristocracy to be pampered young gentleman.
That’s 2 for 2!! Both of these guys could be right up our alley.
Smith says “Alonzo here is our local royalty lover.” He respects the Queen and the Prince of Wales.
That brings them to words a bit.
Alonzo feels the Queen is the greatest monarch of the country with the greatest kings and queens in history.
Martin relates the tale of us landing on the front laws, and LP speaks of meeting the Queen personally.
Freemerchant has his main house in Sirtis Major, but spends 2/3 of his time at his house here. He’s not sure when he is leaving to raid, but he’ll be here for the next 2 months. His ship is a steel hulled force draught boiler screw ship. Built at shipyards in Sirtis Major.
Does not usually come to places like this, but heard we were here. His best friend is out of town: Burnaby!! “He always thinks I know every bit of aristocracy in the Empire.”
We tell him we met him on the way here, and he said just that.
Talks of the scandals and disorder of this city.
Invites us to stop by his manor for dinner tomorrow. We accept!

Smith is amiable to taking us to Fort, but he can’t leave until end of the week. Says to try to find someone else, but he can be our last resort.
Says best whore house is next door. We are all up for it.
It is indeed a beautifully decorated place.
He makes a joke about how it has fairly high standards “no Irishman”, just a joke.
He even points out individual girls and what their specialties are. We are here the rest of the night until we stumble to our hotel late.
Our soldiers are staying in a large warehouse.
The cpt. starts his business dealings the next day.

The night before we leave, we make sure the soldiers are well fed with good food before we leave.
A Lt’s are in charge of the company, and 2 sublt’s for each platoon.

Next Day

Percy gets invite to visit palace this afternoon. He takes Covey.
There are guards everywhere. Prince sits on his throne, surrounded by young nobles and scantily clad Martian women. His chancellor stands behind him, lean and hungry look.
The courtiers look down their noses at us.
A stunning Martian girl walks in, about 5’10". Princess Iteebu, his sister, making quite an entrance. Hair flows below her waste. “The Little Princess” she is called.
Her brother shows interest for the first time at her appearance and conversation.
She enjoys talking to us about Earth and Europe, has lots of smart questions. ‘She keeps trying to get her brother to care more, but he is more interested in pleasure’. The few times she has gotten him to, the results have been worse. He has poor judgement.
One man ignores the nobles around him. By his look he works for a living. She says that’s Prince Samaam, her uncle (father’s younger half brother). Left the city at 18, got job as canal sailor for 10 years. Returned when brother died to help Tumaani. Has no interest in politics himself and still dresses like a tradesmen. He is honorary commander of the army though, dresses as a company commander. Refuses rank badges. The army is underpaid and has spent much of his fortune on it himself.
Army has 4 legions, his is best unit by far.
Merc Hill Martian untits are loyal to him as well.
When he walks up to him, the Prince says exasperated “Oh, what are you going to bother me with now?”
Salaam explains their precarious position between Brits and Oenitrians, and housing pirates. Explains the need to get serious and improve the army.
Noble Guard looks great, but their lack of discipline and formal training is obvious to us.
Also a civic guard, to put out fires and such. Do not act really as a police force.
Royal family is related to that of Gorlimsk.
She asks us to come back for lunch.

When we return to our hotel, all our rooms but Percy’s have been taken over by archaeologists and their artifacts from the ancient parts of the city.
Covey thinks nothing they have is earth shattering. Equivalent of finding semi looted tomb in Egypt. Some good stuff, but nothing big. A few pieces do have fragmentary writing that is probably mostly unknown.
They ask us, if we can, to take them back with us and their artifacts. We agree to let them be, as our beds are at least clear.

Go back and meet Princess. She is dressed drably. Goes out amongst commoners for lunch, she overpays for stuff. She really thinks they have no idea, but they do. They just love her so much they enjoy it.
This is just LP and Covey. She separates from us for a bit.
A basket is suddenly thrown over her head. A kidnapping! We give chase to the Martians!
3 others jump out to block us, with fisticuffs.
Covey “I’ll take them.”
LP keeps running.
On round 5, Covey takes out the leader. 2 rounds later he KO’s one of the lackeys. The other flees. Covey has taken 1 wound point of nonlethal.
LP calls out “8th share, 8th share” which is a local call to the pseudo fuzz. 2 of them appear and tackle them. When Percy arrives, they have just knocked out the 2 fuzz. One of them is banged up. The basket with the Princess is a dozen feet away, no movement from it.
Percy brawls them for a couple rounds. Takes a bit of the worse of it, so pulls his revolver and cutlass.
Next round, 2 bullets and a cut take one of them down. The other pulls out a Martian pistol. Percy’s AoO misses, the shot hits 6.
Percy’s next shot crits 18, cuts 7. He drops his pistol, draws his saber and hits Percy 5.
Percy’s shot hits 10, but he is hit by AoO 4 finishing his fatigue, then cuts 13. The kidnapper misses.
Covey shows up.
Percy power attacks with the cutlass crit 23 DEAD.
Covey gets to the Princess. She’s there but KO’d, lump on her head.
The 2 men Covey KO’d are missing.
Percy searches the 2 dead. Each has 5 brand new silver pieces. He pockets it.
We take the Princess to the palace. Guards rush out to assist. Her ladies take her to the palace doctor.
We wait, she comes to and calls us in soon. Thanks us greatly. LP breaks it to her that all know who she is.
The Chancellor arrives, needs to find out who did this. She says it’s fine that we leave. As we do, her uncle meets us “We hear the British are always good at such things.”
Covey “Yes, we are wonderful at fixing the problems of others.”
He offers to pay us in newly minted silver. Hmm.

Next, to dinner with Alonzo. Martin and Gerald are invited to. Burnaby is there.
Burnaby asks Alonzo to confirm this is Lord Percy. He does.
We tell him of our afternoon action.
They doubt a serious plot, just some young buck probably. As far as the coins, that could be any of the nobles.
They both say the Prince is of such little consequence, he wouldn’t have the head or heart for it.
Burnaby does not get subtlety, we have to convince him of the Chancellor’s potential guilt. Always there to whisper in the Prince’s ear.
We regale each other with our great pranks.
Then Alonzo says another guest is coming. A piratess walks in, pretty hot. Lady Violet Mae O’Brien. Cpt of the Dark Venture. Dark Irish.
Martin, of course, tries to put the moves on her. They talk much of the old country.
She tries to put the moves on Martin; she has a boy in every port. He loves Annabelle though.
We convince them there is a concern at the palace.
Burnaby “If so, what do we do?”
He thinks the Frenchman privateer is behind it. The authorities took the dead men, we know nothing yet.
The 2 privateers volunteer to go and see if they recognize them.
It’s cigars and drinks all around.

Next Day

To morgue, and all is in an uproar. Someone stole the bodies, which means they could have been ID’d most likely.
We send a request to check in on the Princess.
She is doing well.
The 5 that fought us were dressed like sailors. Had that look to them as well.
Covington is the only one who could recognize them, stars with the canal ports but finds nothing.
Martin and Gerald go out carousing again, taking Gawain and Percival. They teach the taverns Irish tunes.
Suddenly he feels a feing burning pain in his side. Attacked with a nasty poison, but his DR saved him. Then the 3 sailors take out cutlasses and attack the other 3.
3 other men in the bar do the same! It’s an ambush!
Martin pushes her off of him and onto the floor and stands up.
We go after the 3 at the table first, as the woman runs away.
Gerald draws sword and dagger, Martin uses fists, Percival draws cutlass, Gawain cutlass.
Martin is the first to drop his, then Gerald does the same killing his right after.
Percival then drops, with 3 wound points left.
It’s a few more rounds of fighting. Gerald takes another down, hamstrung and alive.
Soon after, Martin KO’s another. Gerald kills immediately after.
Last one holds out to the death, we cut him down.
That’s 3 captives. Unfortunately, Percival slit the throats of the 2 Martin KO’d.

We quickly get him to squeal: he’s from the crew of the Black Dagger pirate ship. Captain Quatlatlani. Most successful of non Red Cpt pirates. A canal martian. Very tough, big crew. Has a local fortified villa. He sent them after us, but no reason why. Received 5 silvers each from someone in the palace who bought Lani.
We take their cash.
He knows nothing about the attack on the Princess. But, a few of the crew came back beat up yesterday. Percival proceeds to stick the hot wire in his eyeball anyway.
Gawain finishes him off.

Next Morning

Now we have a lead. We go to Freemerchant’s house and wake him up. He says Quat is a nice guy, great leader. Men would follow him into hell. But, he hates the British Empire, wants to destroy its power on Mars.
To the shipyard.
His crew says he’s at his villa, so we go there next.
It’s a walled villa.
He sees us, but he denies any involvement. He is open on his politics as expected.
The Lt. wants to leave a few soldiers to keep an eye, incognito, on the villa. Their shorter men so might fit in more. We say no to that.
LP gets a few trustworthy crew to watch the house. We will pay them 2 of the silvers each/night.

LP leads us back to the palace. Her uncle stops us and asks what we have found. We tell him all so far.
He says a young noble name Tootan Frutan was seen leaving Quat’s house, is trying to covince the Princess to marry him. Recently withdrew 100 brand new silvers.
The Prince plans on having him arrested. He’s a young, arrogant, cowardly pipsqueak.
LP does not think it was him, too convenient.
“We’re arresting him anyway.”
They bring him in and he insists on his innocence. They take him away for interrogation. He thinks it’s the Prince himself, and that the uncle is in danger. As LP and Covey are readying to leave, the Chancellor greets us. Thanks us for saving the Princess.
“I do have a question though? What exactly did you hope to achieve by kidnapping her in the first place?”
Quat appears, saying it was his men that attempted to kidnap the princess, then found that the red devils had payed them so as to ingratiate themselves here in the palace.
“I’m sorry, I’m going have to place you both under arrest until this is sorted out.”
He orders them to place us under arrest. The approach and the first one reaches for Covey.
“Unhand me you Wog!!” and rages (card) and KO’s the filth.
Percy shows his Seldan amulet and charges through the lines at the leader of the guard behind the 6 who came up to us and hits 13.
5 now come to close in on Covey, who hits 9 then moves to an alcove so only 3 can get on him at once. LP hits ldr 13.
LP is surrounded by 5 more, the leader stepping back.
Ldr “Pummel him!”
Covey is hit 4; LP 6/3/6.
Covey hits 14, the wog is weary. LP ripostes (card) crits 27 KO’d, steps and hits leader 15 KO’d, heroic surges 12. The leader steps back in.
One of Coveys in the back moves to Percy. They all miss Covey; LP is hit 3 times 7/0/6 (has his breastplate on).
Covey crits 19 KO’d. LP hits 11. Cries out to Quat we are innocent and have nothing against him.
3 still on Covey hit once 6. LP is hit 4 times 7/7/3/5.
Covey hits 9. LP misses.
They hit Covey 4; LP is hit 3.
Covey hits 11; LP hits 11 KO.
A big Martian is still hanging back with the Chancellor and Quat. They miss altogether.
Covey 9 KO’d; LP hits 10.
Covey is missed, LP is hit once 5. His armor is saving him. LP hits 16 KO; Covey hits 12.
Covey is missed; They go to gang grapple LP but fail.
Covey hits 13; LP hits 10.
Covey is hit 3/7; LP is missed.
Covey misses; LP hits 11.
Covey is hit once 3; all miss LP.
Covey hits 13 KO, one left on him. The big man moves to Covey.
LP hits KO. 2 left on him.
LP “SHot the blighter what for. He’s not from Oxford!”
Covey “I doubt he even went to University!”
Covey hits 11; LP hits 21 crit KO.
1 left on each.
They both miss.
Covey hits 13; LP hits 10.
Covey is midded; LP is hit 5.
Covey hits 13 KO; LP hits 10.
The big man moves in on Covey with the truncheon, flips it up in the air, cathes it, snaps it in half and tosses it. Takes a Martian stance of fistfighting.
LP is hit 0.
LP hits 11 KO. Covey misses the big man.
He backs up, motion to both of us to come at him.
LP tells Covey to get him, “I’ve got bigger fish to fry.” The Chancellor is gone.
He runs for the throne room, throws open the doors to the Prince dead. The Chancellor yells that the Red Devils have killed the Prince. Half a dozen guards stand in front of him.
Quatl lies on the floor in the room, wounded.
LP runs to Quatl, who pulls himself up with LP “It’s a lie, the Red Devils haven’t killed the Prince” as a musket ball hits him. Still alive though!
Covey hits the big man 14.
He swings at Covey and hits 4.
3 Pirates come running in, seeing Percy with the Cpt, wounded.
Covey hits big man 12.

Meanwhile, back at the rest of the group at the house, there are troops from the Chancellor’s legion on all of the pirate ships. Hear shooting, sword play. The ships of the navy are above the pirate ships, ready to fire on any that try to leave.

Percy quickly gets the pirates to see he is trying to rescue Quat; and intimidates the musketeers who freeze just long enough for a run for it.

Covey is missed. Covey retaliates 15, going for the kidneys.
He misses Covey, who crits him maximum damage KO’d. Permanent brain damage.
LP arrives with pirates in tow. He tosses Quatl off to the pirates. LP goes to Princess, Covey for the uncle.
Covey cuts off from the group first.
A guard blocks LP and the pirates, killing a pirate with a musket.
LP shoots 12.
Covey gets to the uncles room, in a pool of his blood. He is not dead. Covey first aids. A slug had grazed his head. With bandage around his head now he says “quick, we have to get to the Princess, she’s the key to this whole thing! We have to keep the Chancellor from her. He’s behind this!”
Covey gives him the lowdown. They run for LP.
The Princess’ room is empty when LP arrives. Covey arrives with the uncle.
Guards arrive, bullets splinter walls. 20 guards trap us in the room.
The Cpt of guard orders our surrender.
The door is closed and locked. Few moments, a knock and “parlay”.
Percy cracks the door open, Covey ready with his British Bulldog.
The guard enters “There need be no bloodshed”. They want Prince….
LP blasts him DEAD.
Door is closed and locked. Bullets riddle the door.
LP “I thought we were parlaying!”
We plan to try to climb down the face outside the window, but 5 guards show up there with rifles below us.
Covey volunteers to leap the 15 or so feet down upon them.
LP fires through the door and crits 20 DEAD.
The 2 pirates kill another. A Pirate is killed as they fire below.
Covey leaps down suddenly, landing right upon 2 of them, them and Covey on the ground. We fire on the last one standing from above, and the guard fires backup.
Covey hits a man on the ground 9.
The 2 on the ground draw blades. The other fires his pistol but misses Covey. The blades hit 7/3.
Covey misses.
Firing from above again kills both men on the ground. LP fires again through the door DEAD.
Bullets are swiss cheesing the door.
Covey “Get down here!”
As they come through the door, the last pirate is shot in the back DEAD through the door.
Below, Covey KO’s the last guard.
Everybody gets down, and we run for the main city.

Back at our place:
The uncle sends for people he can trust. This evening, we have a council of war. Almost all of the Red Captains have been arrested. The Chancellor’s and King’s legion are actively supporting this insurrection. The Princess’s and Uncle’s are locked and guarded in their barracks. Our soldiers are under house arrest in the warehouse.
It’s only a matter of time before they have the time and manpower to come here.
Brutus, Percival, and Galahad watch the walls. But is at the gate.
Pirate crews are held in their own ship. There are riflemen watching our building.
The merc’s are waiting to see who is going to pay them.
Covey “Well, we have the glibbest man in the Empire! I say it’s time for a spot of tea, to celebrate our impending victory.”
A knock at the gate. It’s Burnaby!! “Let me in you swabs”. He has half dozen men with him. They tried to arrest him too, but they overpowered them.
He says certainly 3 gentlemen can take care of this.
An agent of the uncle arrives. The marriage is tomorrow at 10am. Perfect time, all the rapscallions will be at the same place at the same time.

400 noble guard; each legion is 600; artillery have dug themselves in to protect the city from outer threats during this internal uproar; 1200 inf/200 cav mercs. Loyalty is to the Prince.
There is a secret passage in the sub basement of our place into the sewer. We take it to speak to the mercs, Uncle in tow.
200 men guard each of the locked in legions.

All the PC’s, the Uncle, and Burnaby, and the Lt. Broadstone (as the officer, was staying with us).
So, out via the sewer top make for the mercs. We come out near the steps down to the lower city. The city is very quiet. People are too scared of what is going on. We make it to the bridge to the old city. There, 10 guards are watching our path.
We drub them easily.
Down Bridge St. to our destination. Hill Martians guard the outside. This is the place.
Percy and the Uncle go up to them, Percy intimidates these low station guards onto practically cowering. We enter.
5 main officers are wenching and drinking. The Cpt. questions why we were allowed in.
Percy and the Uncle talk them down quickly, calming the situation so that they can then explain our goal in detail.
They understand, but a messenger from Chancellor just offered them double pay. Percy says they can loot the palace.
2 of the 5 refuse to risk an assault on the palace. Percy tells them their men can free the barracks and warehouse.
They agree 1 company will free each of the 3 places.
Leaving a company of inf. and company of dismounted cav.
Infantry will siege, faux assault, the citadel. Just keep them penned up.
The hill martian dismounted cav. will take us to the palace to ‘turn us in’.

Next Morning

Noble Guard pulled back. Probably 300 in the palace.
Just after 8:30, we start hitting the places.
50 cav. bring us to palace. Other 150 are lying in striking distance.
They say “We’ll take it from her”.
Captain insists they go in to get the reward.
They allow 10 of our men to bring us in. Order them to take us to dungeon.
LP whispers to Covey “That’s where the Red Captains are.”

10 palace guard take us down the final steps, including the Guard Cpt. We all have our hands tied.
Cpt. says “one of us, we don’t need.” Pulls out his pistol and is ready to cap the uncle.
Our bonds are for show, they are not truly secure.
He’s about to shoot Uncle, when Martin headbutts him crit 17. The shot misses. Fighting becomes general. He pulls his saber and stabs at Martin. He misses. Martin hits 13/9.
He misses misses Martin again. Martin hits 9/11. Finally, he stabs Martin 4. Martin hits 5/miss staggering him. He misses. Martin misses twice. He misses and Martin KO’s him.
We clean the clocks of the rest. The Chancellor is put in a cell alone.
Martin gets keys off the Cpt. and gives them to LP and Burnaby. The Cpt’s and 30 crew of theirs are now free. Upstairs we meet our 10 Hill Martian cav. and we run into 10 Noble Guard and we trounce them.
The great ceremony is going on already.
To the throne room!

A priest is marrying Chancellor and Princess, who is chained. 2 guards stand with her. About a dozen or so aristocrats look on. 20 Noble Guard, looking better thatn the others we have fought, stand tween us and them. A swath of palace guard even before them are taken on by the pirates et al.
They make a gap for us to get through the door into the chamber. Percy and Parcival Coordinate and Inspiration active. It’s the PC’s only now, with the Uncle.
The nobles gasp! Priest "Let none interfere with this ceremony.
LP fires his LP blaster 11.
The guards start to form up. We charge. They all wield cutlass. Sam turns on the Saw Sword, Martin puts on 2 brass knuckles, But his spear, Gerald cutlass and revolver; the rest cutlasses.
In a couple rounds, a few of the nobles start taking the place of dead NG.
Another round or 2, Parcival has to bow out. Martin and Uncle each get one of his men on them.
After the next round, Parcival has his musket ready and fires at the NG who almost took him down 21 DEAD.
By now, Covey in the middle has dropped a handful of men, Uncle and Brutus on the right a few. On the left, No. 1 has killed a couple. Percy and Gerald are having a rougher time.
Once Gerald is out of rounds, he draws his dagger for his off hand.
Finally, our center and right has one guy only, on Martin. The 2 guards are sent in vs Uncle and Brutus.
The priest steps forward “No one may profane my chappel!”
The Chancellor is holding a knife to Princess.
Covey, free, charges the priest 18 DEAD. Bug stabs a man up through the jaw, pulls him forward, and chews his face off.
Percy then crit kills as well.
Brutus kills one.
Chancellor gets behind the girl “Leave my throne room or the ?>(#$ gets it!”
They do little in return.
LP and Gerald finish Percy’s last man.
Brutus helps Uncle, and they finish their last off.
Covey tells Chancellor to surrender. He demands we promise he can leave the city before he gives up the Princes.
Martin, Uncle, Brutus move in on Chancellor. LP joins them
The enemy are finished.
LP denies any airship to escape in, and no money. Word will be spread of your betrayal “so surrender.”
He demands Percy’s word as Seldon he will be exiled with 100000 coin.
LP “So its a parlay…..Princess duck!”
Martin dives in to get her down and cover her as Parcival fires his musket! It’s a hit 17! Covey hits 18; Gawain 21. Brutus’ webley goes off 17. All those shots take him DOWN to neg. 9.
LP “Good job diplomatic core. A fine parlay.”

Word spreads, but there was a lot of fighting going on in town. Amnesty for the legions who were confused by the Chancellor’s lies. It’s a great confusion to sort out.

Next Day

Helping sort things out.

Next Day

The Princess is announced to be taking the throne.
We have started wheels in motion for this city to become a British ally. There could even be a consulate here and a regiment to the city.
Canal priests and engineers for the canals WILL arrive asap.


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